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AMD Open Sourcing GPU Projects/Compiler

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AMD Open Sourcing GPU Projects/Compiler

Postby Xanayoshi » Tue Dec 15, 2015 12:19 pm

AMD has open-sourced many of their projects to assist in console ports to PC, not suck so much, etc.. ... ix-and-hpc

And now, the completely true facts, as told by an anonymous man hiding behind a screen name:

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Re: AMD Open Sourcing GPU Projects/Compiler

Postby pam » Mon Dec 21, 2015 1:15 pm

In 2005 C coders were like "IF Only".

What's happening after Doom3 becoming open-sourced....Nothing.
By the time it becomes playable on high settings with multi-player mode, you and me will have lost half our hair....or fallout 4 might get opensourced or one plus ten might work as backup memory for your brain.

Microsoft has been 2015's biggest contributor to Linux, not to forget, Azure platform is linux. They will be opensourcing the javascript engine for their
Edge browser.

There is only so much money that can be made with fossilised technology and code, all the major players including Microsoft see a future with linux.

Will Microsoft make their own linux 'gaming' platform?

A Microsoft gaming PC of the Future if Steam fails--- A windows platform(linux based) with 8GB DDR4 or some other form of future memory, ARM
Octa-core CPU and GPU pumping a locked 30fps on a 4K panel.

OR ...

A Blender rig being powered by an Octa-core HSA enabled, ARM solution. :roll:

Where is HSA for Blender, AMD? Although 2.76 has OpenCL support, its flimsy and requires Ubuntu.

A C coder can make a decent living submitting patches for the Kernel and getting paid for it by major companies. Linaro is already making strides and
hiring 18 year old kids, something corporate organized, good behaviour, degree boasting halo of brightness could never make anyone productive, the 80's have passed and the train has left the station. Microsoft and Apple know this very well.

Companies are realizing, Code needs to be optimized, AMD understands this as does any other brand. Did you know you can run
a full game on a CPU if compiled properly using LLVM and OpenCL, apart from the fact a buffer overflow is imminent...debugging could take a year. Compilers are really dumb, until the day arrives you could just emulate everything instead of risking real time faults....well LLVM does that, kind of.

Octa-core desktops processors really mean NOTHING and if your code paths for multithreaded are still emulating processing patterns from an initial code
base. Its serious work that takes YEARS. The proof of the pudding is in your modern laptop/ desktop.....ask yourself if you own an Intel 2500k or an FX6300 and if they are worth upgrading? The fastest chip of the last 2 generations are twice as fast as a medium segment chip of the current generation.

How hard do you think rewriting the GPU code for future pipelines in an optimized fashion will take? No x86 company can afford 2 years writing code when they have to release silicon every 2 years. ARM chips on the other hand are built around software technology(content/code/multimedia) standards.

This is clearly evident with ARM devices that run crude code like java stuff on GPU and instructions on CPU that can leverage instead of bottlenecking, with IPC boasting and Clock speeds on desktop parts.

Running multiple chrome browsers on a 1080 mobile device having only 2GB Ram! :lol:

Today a new compiler is like new hardware... comparing a dual core with an octa-core.
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Re: AMD Open Sourcing GPU Projects/Compiler

Postby TheeMahn » Mon Dec 21, 2015 10:11 pm

I have learned a ton in a second by the standards preached and thusly so does Mr. Breeg. I have an 8 core media box sitting in the bedroom hooked to a touch screen monitor (was hooked to the 3D monitor downstairs). Yes, it does have have miracast, dlna a remote control, AC dual band wireless & a true sense of nastiness right out of the box sporting Kodi. Does a fantastic job streaming movies from my main rig or a million streams off the internet (high speed internet is a requirement to cut the cable TV bill). I do have an advantage over many with a once again nasty router (Nighthawk X6 r8000 - can toss Linux on it as well) that can shove 3.2 Gigabits per sec through the air.

The unit boots in 8 secs, Plays the best of Droid based games w/o a hitch, plays 4k content, 64 Bit etc. That is where things begin to fall down hill. Shoving an O/S on a basic computer with what was intended to be ran on your phone. If I were to drop a 64 GB sim on it (already ordered & treated as ram) and drop a Linux Based O/S on it, things begin to change. I will post how to do so as soon after the sim arrives here. I will most likely have to buy another unit maybe 2 as the wife has became attached to it, even tough I bought her a laptop for Xmas (Don't you dare tell her that)!!! Will be buying a 52" for downstairs and dragging the 3D up to the bedroom. I am going to be looking into IR programming as well, I have 4 ceiling fans that are remote controlled and a programmable furnace as well. I hope to avoid the entire X11 system. I can at work see when someone knocks on my door.

I have alot going on on the technological front, Arm based technology seen the Ultimate Edition side yesterday lol:

I honestly find it funny 4.9 getting beat on like a red headed stepchild, arm fairly ignored. I do have a Ultimate Edition 5.0 that will be LTS, amazes me how fast people climb on board. Surely 4.9 must be better then 4.2.3 a LTS??? I have not officially announced it, any of it. Toss stability out the door, I have had beta testers tell me 4.2 series is old news, no sir it is supported. Your 4.9 (a beta tester made it with tmosb) will be gone in 6 months, 4.2 will be around until 2019.
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Servers in the basement.
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