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Dependency Issues

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Problems caused by missing dependencies and How to solve!

Postby BBOSAK2143 » Thu Jun 13, 2013 9:20 am

Not everyone will experience the "Ubuntu has experienced and internal error" screen, but for those that do here is a solution. First off what you need to do is let the error message complete as it is only telling you where the fault is. Second when you get your list where the problems exist, you then can open up a terminal window.
Inside the terminal window is best to start out with sudo -s as to keep root permission til you make sure you have downloaded all dependencies. From your list on the crash message, you can either keep the window open or do screenshot, which is a suggestion in case you are experiencing any black screens. Now with your list of problems enter the command line apt-get build-dep <package>. Package of course equals from the list supplied of problems. Not all items in the list will need dependencies, but for those that do you will get downloads/installs. Generally size wise these downloads are under a meg! This solution also holds true for problems when updating. The same occurrence of missing dependencies can happen and prevent you from updating. Unfortunately, most times it is hard to distinguish exactly which program is missing dependencies on updates and may take time to find. Most times can be found through remembering which programs frequently update. As we all know, not everything downloads all the time and generally is what causes these missing dependencies. This information has been learned through personal experience. Recently, upon embarking on 13.04, I discovered not all programs downloaded and installed properly. A few posts will give complete documentation of the occurrence. This issue is not just one that exists for inexperienced builders as myself. This is an issue that exists for everyone using the Linux OS. We are fortunate there are solutions minus uninstallation/re-installation! Most times other OS's are not as fortunate to a quick fix and even at times are mistaken for viruses! Hope this helps and as always best wishes on your Linux OS!
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