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Great way to install Ultimate Edition with preloaded ccsm profile and more

Help and support for Ultimate Edition 2.5

Great way to install Ultimate Edition with preloaded ccsm profile and more

Postby hariks0 » Sat Dec 19, 2009 6:26 pm

After installing Ultimate Edition 2.5 I created a USB Startup Disk and rebooted to it. while In USB Ubuntu, I had made some changes such as ccsm coniguration, saving a file in the Documents folder etc. They were available after another reboot.

My question is, if the files and modifications could be retained/saved in the live Ubuntu in the USB, is not it possible to install applications into it. My idea is to have an Ultimate Edition startup disk that has my ccsm profile preloaded and Ubuntu pocket guide saved in Documents etc. The same could be used to install the Complete Ubuntu to many PCs.

Please confirm whether it is possible ? If yes tell me how to create an .iso image of this USB.

AptOncd is not an answer as it only backs up the .deb files. Remastersys has proved to be a bit complicated.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Great way to install Ultimate Edition with preloaded ccsm pr

Postby JOHNNYG » Sat Dec 19, 2009 7:05 pm

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Re: Great way to install Ultimate Edition with preloaded ccs

Postby geppettvs » Thu Sep 16, 2010 10:20 pm

Hi, sorry if I am writing to an old (probably closed) thread. // Hola, lamento si estoy escribiendo en un tema viejo (probablemente cerrado)

I have the same question: As I did the same as hariks0 and customized my usb hard disk drive which I use for installing Ultimate Edition (well, I haven't used for a few months) but my intention was to have such a "portable version" of Ultimate Edition which I was about to run as a test for plugging into a few computers in order to see what happens and how possible can be to work with this "live hard disk" when out from my main system. I really hate arriving home and getting in these Windows OS based computers that makes me feel useless at all.

Tengo la misma pregunta: Como yo hice lo mismo que hariks0 y personalize mi disco duro usb, el cual yo uso para instalar Ultimate Edition (bien, no lo he usado for algunos meses) pero mi intencion era tener tal "version portatil" de Ultimate Edition la cual iba a correr como prueba para conectarla en algunas computadoras y ver que pasaba y que tan posible puede ser trabajar con este "live hard disk" cuando estoy fuera de mi sistema principal. De veras aborrezco llegar a casa y encontrarme con esas computadoras con sistemas operativos basados en windows que me hacen sentir de veras inutil.

I have also seen that the ccsm profile is kept after the reboot, documents and I was about to check for propietary drivers but I ran out of disk space (only a 6GB hard disk drive for this time's test :lol: haha)

Tambien he visto que el perfil ccsm se mantiene despues de la reiniciada, los documentos tambien y lo que yo iba a checar eran los drivers propietarios pero me quede sin espacio en disco duro (es solo un disco duro de 6GB para la prueba de esta ocasion :lol: haha)

If possible I would also want to override the initial options selector of the install disk (that place where you are asked for language, keyboard layout and offers options for the installation)

Si es posible, tambien me gustaria evadir el selector de opciones iniciales del disco de instalacion (ese lugar donde se te pregunta el lenguaje, disposicion de teclado y te ofrece opciones para la instalacion)

If install disk customization isn't the choice I would like to know if Ultimate Edition 2.5 (or any other version) can be installed in a usb hard disk drive or a usb pendrive, memory or something. I haven't find the usb disk, pendrive nor the usb memory when trying to partition the disks in the install process.

Si la personalizacion del disco de instalacion no es la opcion me gustaria saber si Ultimate Edition 2.5 (o cualquier otra version) puede ser instalado en un disco duro usb o un pendrive, memoria o algo. No he encontrado el disco usb, pendrive ni la memoria usb cuando trato de particionar los discos en el proceso de instalacion.

I have read the ubuntu forums thread suggested by JOHNNYG on December 19, 2009, but it looks like someting different as what I want to do. Just let me know. Or you tell me in order to open a new thread if necessary.

Ya lei el tema en ubuntu forums sugerido por JOHNNYG el 19 de Diciembre de 2009, pero se asemeja a algo diferente de lo que yo quiero hacer. Dejenme saber o diganme para abrir un nuevo tema si es necesario.

Thanks in advance. // Gracias anticipadas.
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