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disable touchpad while typing

Help and support for Ultimate Edition 2.4

disable touchpad while typing

Postby Fyra » Sun Mar 28, 2010 12:39 am

In the Touchpad tab of Preferences>Mouse Preferences, there is the option to disable the touchpad while typing. A really useful feature if you're like me and bump the touchpad while typing, thereby repositioning the cursor somewhere else, mid sentence.

Unfortunately, the timeout is too fast. I type pretty quickly, but unless I'm typing at absolute maximum pace, the touchpad isn't disabled. I assume that the feature works by disabling the touchpad for X milliseconds after a key is pressed. There is no GUI option to change X.

I would really like to experiment with increasing X slightly. I don't know where I can find this value though. It isn't in the GUI, but maybe it could be done from the terminal?

Alternatively, if there is nothing I can tweak from the terminal, maybe I could find the figure in the source somewhere? I'm not a coder, but I've tinkered a little bit with C and Lua so I understand the basic concepts - maybe enough that if someone pointed me in the right direction I could figure out where and what to change, and experiment.
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U.E. Newbie
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