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Asrock p4i45gv + karmic 9.10

Help and support for Ultimate Edition 2.4

Re: Asrock p4i45gv + karmic 9.10

Postby krakc » Sun Mar 28, 2010 12:26 pm

Hello everyone

A little late but here I am again.

I found the solution to my problem and then you designate a step by step as it was.

Motherboard: Asrock P4i45GV
Accelerator: nVidia GeForce FX5200

Symptoms: UUE2.4 (9.10 Karmic koala) does not start when I connected the monitor to the video output of my accelerator, because it appears a black screen with white vertical BARRR and the system hangs.

Solution: (step by step)
1 - Entering the BIOS and change the graphics to VGA port.
2 - Boot from the Live-CD, once inside it appear that drivers are using restrictive, giving Click to download and install, if they do not appear that internet is not accessible to the address: http://us.archive.ubuntu .com / ubuntu / pool/main/n/nvidia-settings/nvidia-settings_180.25-0ubuntu1_i386. then store that address to download the file from another location. We then install our operating system.
3 - Once installed reboot, then install the previously arvhivo was downloaded, open the console and write the following:

sudo gedit / etc / modprobe.d / blacklist-intel.conf
add the following lines
blacklist 845G
intel_agp blacklist

save and close
then write to the console

sudo gedit / etc / bin / compiz
look for the lines:
T = "$ T 8086:3577 8086:2562" # Intel 830MG, 845G (LP: # 259385)
and changed to read as follows:
T # = "$ T 8086:3577 8086:2562" # Intel 830MG, 845G (LP: # 259385)

4 - Reboot the system, the BIOS ANTRAM again and change the output port of graphics, but this time the port AGI is our accelerator.

That's it! ubuntu we can enter without problems, activate compiz and effects, using tvtime and all those requiring graphics accelerator.

Thanks to everyone for their assistance and hope this helps other people, like me, did not know what to do.

Some pictures that prove the operation

one last question:

in 2.3 when the system starts a voice said: "all systems operatings" then entered my username and password, and a voice said: "system activated" ... now in 2.4 does not come out the same and I can not change the logon screen ... how do I change it? I have to install?

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