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My current reconstructor

Re: My current reconstructor

Postby DaddyX3 » Sat Sep 06, 2008 12:30 am

triniclemist90 wrote:Does this come installed on Ultimate Edition 1.9? I knew he said that he uses scripts, but i have no idea how to make or implement them. I would like to learn though. I don't even know what programs you use to write scripts. and, Could you maybe explain how i would go about adding it to the applications menu's even if i don't use it, i am having trouble figuring it out for other programs aswell.

Thanks for the help,

OK, what or why would you want to use reconstructor or remastersys anyways? Are you trying to create your own version of Ubuntu or Ultimate Edition? This is what these programs are made for. I don't know if you are actually wanting to do this or not, it sounds like you might be a little fuzzy on what you want to achieve. Are you new with Linux? I just ask, because I'm a little fuzzy on what your wanting to do exactly. Remastersys and reconstructor are used to basically take a snap-shot of your operating system and put it to a DVD and enable you to run a live session or install your custom snap-shot of a operating system.

To answer your question, NO. Ultimate Edition does not come with remastersys. If you would like to install it you will need to add a repository to your list and then install it. I don't think that TheeMahn has it in his repository.
Open up your sources.list and add the repo to the list:
Code: Select all
sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

Once the list is open, add the following to the bottom of the list and then save your sources.list and exit gedit:
Code: Select all
deb remastersys/

Now, in a terminal type in the following two commands:
Code: Select all
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get remastersys

You should now have remastersys listed under: Applications>>System Tools>> remastersys
For information on how to use it- LOOK HERE
If you need any additional info on how to create your own distro, feel free to post any additional questions you might have right back here.
Good Luck! ;)
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Re: My current reconstructor

Postby triniclemist90 » Mon Sep 08, 2008 9:09 am

Thanks for the help. I am relatively new to Ubuntu. I want to try to create my own distribution just to try it out. I am trying to learn how to do everything. Over the past week i have learned a lot of things in the terminal which i can now use in ubuntu and OS X. My next step is to learn scripting and to try to make my own distro for fun. I will keep ultimate installed but still, for whatever reason, have a desire to make my own.

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Re: My current reconstructor

Postby TheeMahn » Mon Oct 27, 2008 4:28 pm

triniclemist90 wrote:Hi. I am very relatively new to Ubuntu and even newer to Ultimate Edition. I am still confused about how to install this file. it is a .tar.gz. so, in terminal, i type
Code: Select all
tar -xzvf /home/alex/Desktop/reconstructor.tar.gz
to unarchive it. I then type
Code: Select all
cd ~/reconstructor/bin
and type
Code: Select all
sudo python
. This runs the program, but i am wondering how i can move it somewhere or do something to get it to show up under the "Applications" drop down menu. All tar.gz tutorials i can find involve a "./configure" folder, which this does not have. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the help,

You would have to build it into a custom deb, I do plan on droping a post in the programming section on how to build a deb, I have done so in the admin section, but do not currently have time, maybe I can copy a majority over, give me a few.

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