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A few programs that might be nice!

PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 3:44 pm
by BBOSAK2143
Well I got Ultimate to blame for all this!!! I love it here and just saw a couple programs that might be nice for an upcoming release. Kazam and Team Viewer. Might be nice with Kazam as is supposed to record the sound also! Record my desktop never seems to do that. Don't think is intended to? Am going to install it in my wacked out version, so thought would mention it! Might come in handy as all these online exercises seem to have audio and am missing out on them! Team View is for remote desktop sharing and file transfer between 2 computers. Will come in handy when the "ole lady" asks me for a file I have! Get tired of burning disks!!!! None of these bluetooth devices around here seem compatible with each other!!! Am just mentioning as to me they seem like worthy programs. Of course as have not tried them personally, yet I have no clue! Guess will be able to say how they work when this contraption of an OS am creating is done! Hey maybe that is a good name for it? "Contraption Linux" Kazam is supposed to be able to play in VLC which is standard for Ultimate. As I am not well versed on these programs and if someone else has knowledge, then please let me know. Would really appreciate it, or I will do likewise! Take care, just hoping helps as Ultimate has done more for me than anyone has in a very very long time!!!! All I will ever do is support it 110%! Love it here has been the greatest experience of my life and can never thank enough for it!