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4K Display Requirements.

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4K Display Requirements.

Postby pam » Mon Nov 18, 2013 1:26 am ... Usage-492/ ... ,3620.html

DisplayPort(DP) is the official replacement to VGA port a.k.a D-sub port.

VGA has ruled and is ruling the roost now and serving many people who thought they could never afford a computer.
Displays have yet to implement DisplayPort connectors on them. HDMI already comes as a standard on most displays and the price difference versus an only VGA connector monitor is negligible. Infact buying/upgrading to an only VGA enabled display is an absolute waste of money today.

HDMI has taken over D-sub.
DP is yet to make an entry.

Whats shocking is that current technology does not address standards or adoption strategies for DP and 4K displays which according to me both go hand in hand. A 4K display sells at newegg at $3500. Thats not to say it wont be anything more than $200 4-5 years from now.

A 4K display resolution is 3840x2160 pixels.
A 1080p display is 1920x1080 pixels.

The basic memory requirements(GPU only) for a 4K display to operate is ~1.2 Gigabytes.
That is the amount the display requires for cruising for desktop usage.

So how much do you think games or movies will use up?

A GTX 690/Titan/780Ti and Radeon 290x/7990 do not directly address or have any relation to 4K displays.
Driver support is strong for all cards but consumer grade displays do not yet exist.

The PS4 has 8GB GDDR5.
The Xbox-one has 8GB GDDR3.

Both have a target in the future for 4k displays. AMD APU's depend on main memory. Accordingly I think, they will be the first cheap hardware to trounce all the 'yet to come'.

It doesn't matter how powerful a graphics card is, the standards today do not address mainstream use of such high resolution displays. That being said even CPU's are heavily limited and even though memory is ample, a true system designed for 4K displays is sitting somewhere in the future. For eg: How long do you think a 4K display wallpaper will require to apply filters in Gimp or the render time required in Blender and the memory used for the same?

The CPU requires a far stronger memory controller along with more memory channels, if speed is anything to go by.

The CPU and memory are the least of the problems. The graphics card is still all it depends on.

Unless Graphics cards for 4k displays are directly designed for, along with 6GB+ native memory at a cheap rate, 4K displays are nothing more than owning a jewel.

I admit I'm quite shocked with 4K. Especially a whole bunch of people( the majority of the world) wont require and cant afford a card more powerful than a radeon 7750/7770 or cheaper GT 430/GT 620 and just to be able to run a 1600x1200 TV or monitor with the money they saved for it. All this running either on HDMI and definitely still using the old D-sub connector.

Display Port with a 4/6/8GB GDDR3/5/6 GPU for mainstream consumer along with a 4K display?
For now ROFLMFAO. :lol:
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