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Color scheme makes BOINC unreadable

PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2016 9:10 am
by seasoned_geek
I recently installed Ultimate Edition 5.0 onto a 6-core AMD box with 24Gig of RAM and a GeoForce NVIDIA card having 384 CUDA core. The machine has an SSD as well. Yes, I activated the NVIDIA drivers. I always test out a new release with BOINC to see if it can use the CUDA. That is all fine and good. The color scheme/theme really trashes the BOINC display though. Makes the thing unreadable.


That image looks a lot better in the screen shot than it does on the screen. Theme needs to be tested with VGA only and an older monitor. My pile of BOINC machines all share keyboard/mouse/monitor via a PS/2 KVM switch. The monitor is a ViewSonic Va800 flat panel. In its day it was the leading edge now it is old.