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Does things exist?

PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2016 12:18 am
by TheeMahn
I started dropping O/S's with the quickness (actually TMOSB did). Did Ultimate Edition 4.5 exist yes, it was a internal testing product (you can build it yourself with TMOSB). When you see me skip O/S's by version it is with good reason. I do have to say I probably should not have skipped Ultimate Edition 4.8. It was tight, however when the updates started rolling in completely stopped functioning. I try not to fly by night here in Ultimate Edition land.

The Ultimate Edition 5.0 that is available in alpha form I have installed and ran, however once again is not a final product & issues present themselves same as Ultimate Edition 4.8. I highly suggest you do not install it at the alpha stage. It was phenomenally faster then the Ultimate Edition 4.2.3 I currently run. We are here to advance the operating system are we not? I have things in works to protect your privacy as others give it away. I feel you should be able to browse the internet UN-encumbered & mean that across the board. Ultimate Edition does not monitor anything you do on the internet.

I am not here to give away trade "secrets", however my intentions are to build an O/S I am happy with in hopes that you too will. I love new toys, soon to be a part of the Ultimate Edition Family. A developers edition?
Ultimate Edition Repository is being re-built. The Storm will take care of that.

I have moved thousands of posts on the forum, archived them as we move forward. I noticed as I did so, a single post has been viewed 1/2 a million times, crazy is it not? Feel free to give me feedback, Happy New Years!!!


Re: Does things exist?

PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2016 8:25 pm
by goldencomet
Hi, TMann.
I'm trying Ultimate Edition 5, and having problems with Linux Kernel ( runs fine ).
Many thanks.
Marcos Antonio - Brasil

Re: Does things exist?

PostPosted: Tue May 10, 2016 8:38 pm
by OlDrunk
I know TheeMahn is a busy guy, so sorry to ask but wondering if UE5.0 is still alpha state as 16.04LTS has released now cuz looking to upgrade from UE3.4 which still serves me well but it's showing it's age, I'm a fire and forget kinda guy so skipped out on 14.04 as 12.04 was still good at the time but gaming is a thing now on linux and I miss gaming since ditching windoze years ago.
And one more question is there any where else one can download from that is not sourceforge? Can't download any thing from there just get super slow speeds(few k/s) and the download always times out or is corrupted.
Thanks for your time