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Hardening Network Security.

Help and support for Ultimate Edition Server

Hardening Network Security.

Postby TheeMahn » Fri Jun 29, 2018 9:10 am

Up to and including Ultimate Edition 5.7 Server, hardening server security was very lax. I am not saying it does not do a good job, but opens tons of doors for those connected to your network. Most people want exactly that. If I give you permission to my network you have access to Terabytes of information at your fingertips and I do not care if it is with a phone. I want my Roku 4K TV to access movies, the list goes on.

I do NOT however want Billy Bob whom I have never met from Romania accessing that data. Ultimate Edition 5.7 Server is for the most part a closed home server. Things are about to change in Ultimate Edition Land. If I want to access data from work (I do this now securely). I have set up Ultimate Edition 5.9's Apache2 to use https, TLS as well internal proxy to be able to provide me the data I request securely locally or even remotely. I can access data via Secure FTP, actually I can securely SSH into the server remotely. If you have no intentions of using resources in your home from afar or remote data access I highly suggest you stick with Ultimate Edition 5.7 Server at least for now.

Even with heightened security, why open a door if you do not have to? I dropped the Hacker challenge to see where I was at in setting external security, evidently I did well & the server remains unblemished. There is nothing like throwing yourself under the bus ladies & gentlemen.

I am now hardening the server against DOS (Denial of service) attacks. This is probably 10 times harder to do then what I accomplished above. Most hackers (actual term is crackers) are interested more in ripping a server offline. I have done this in the past, I have rendered servers off line permanently in the past. This has been at least 10 or 15 years ago, when I was immature & did give me solid feeling of accomplishment. This is a false feeling your brain sends you. Your brain sends Endorphins rushing through your body. I am smart enough to look back and understand.

Why did I do it to begin with? I get banned from a server & just shut them down, HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT [email protected]? I used to write software with that sole purpose in mind. I used my talents for bad, not good. Realization has since sunk in. That individual that banned me was doing their job when I rendered their entire server offline. The reality is that I wiped thousands of users from using their service. That is why they call it denial of service. I now have to sit on the other side of that leaf and use my skills for the good to stop that.

I understand the drive.

Give me a minute to get things fully under control,

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