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Adventures in 10 Gigabit Networking.

Help and support for Ultimate Edition Server

Adventures in 10 Gigabit Networking.

Postby TheeMahn » Thu Jul 04, 2019 11:52 pm

What is 10 Gigabit? To understand the speed we are playing with, it is essential to understand what a single Gigabit is.

When your buddy brags he is sitting on Gigabit Internet, it is no Joke. He / she can typically download faster then most servers can send the information to him / her. I have pulled only from a few places where I can max out Gigabit without downloading 10 files at a time from multiple sources for example. I can count on one hand. server wise that can send to me that fast. Microsoft, Sourceforge, our Server; I have seen 117MB/s yes Megabytes per second. Crazy is it not? Click a multi-gigabyte file and in a few seconds it is setting in your downloads folder. I am not talking the servers in the basement yet!

As of Yesterday, most motherboards as well as servers max out at Gigabit Network Connectivity. The X570 motherboards released 07/07/19 most start at 2.5 Gigabit. What good is connectivity of that speed if 99% of anything I download CAN NOT send me the data that fast?

You have just learned what a BottleNeck is. If the above did not sink in. A Bottleneck is the slowest thing in your Computer System. In this case will be the Internet. Then why 2.5 Gigabit, I did say 10 Gigabit right?

2.5 Gigabit, would allow you to sit on Gigabit internet, pull Windows 10 from Microsoft & snatch a file from any other computer in your house simultaneously. Funny, I pulled 20 files at a time 10 each coming from 10 Gigabit servers in the basement, yanking off the internet too at Gigabit. And maxed out at about 400 to 500 Megabytes per second, about as fast as a SSD (less then 1/2 of 10 Gigabit). Write speed on NVME is spit compared to read. My next Bottleneck? The Single NVME drive at the time. Let's keep jacking things up. Ordered a Quad NVME Raid Card from ASUS from The United Kingdom, was not available in the USA yet. Do you feel the Conundrum?
Asus Hyper M.2

This has been an expensive project, I have undertaken with my own Capitol. My goal was to sit on 10 Gigabit networking, end resolve to sit on 20 Gigabit (this was a accident). I will explain this at the end of the article, when I am done.

Let's take a step back. My main rigs motherboard currently a Ryzen 1700X (YES , I will upgrade to a 3950X with PCIE 4.0 in Sept - delayed via AMD - pricks), nor do either of my servers in the basement have 10 Gigabit. They had dual Gigabit I have disabled both of them in the BIOS (Basic Input Output System).

Purchased initially 3 X PCIE 2.0 X 8 dual 10 Gigabit Network cards, all very capable of 20 Gigabit a piece off Ebay. I purchased a 4 port 10 Gigabit Router / switch, a Fiber Optic Cable from Amazon and ran it down through the register to the basement for my main rig upstairs. 1 X Copper 3 Foot 10 Gigabit cable & 2 transceivers (CISCO). Only one of the PCIE cards worked in one of the servers, bought 2 more & 2 more transceivers (this time Compatible MikroTik & paid out the ass). I thought I had bent the fiber optic running it to the basement & purchased another 50 Meter Fiber Optic Cable - here comes the 20 Gigabit). One for the other server and 1 for my main rig. Bought a second Copper 3 Foot 10 Gigabit cable for the other server. Was only getting Laser light through one of the dual cables. Thought it was a broken fiber Optic Cable.

I can now assure you, knowing What I know now. I will soon be on 20 Gigagbit.

This will Blow your mind. What does it take to see 20 Gigabit? I have since purchased a 8 Port Sata III X 8 PCI card, be here tomorrow (was Junk). Will Jack in initially 6 X 8TB drives in raid 0 into a single 32 core server & dual copper 10 Gigabit. I bought a 4 port NVME card from the Unitied Kingdom was not available in the USA yet. And 4 NVME cards that can pull 3.4 GB a sec a piece and raided them. I have not got the 2nd set of transceivers yet. I ordered them from China, they are in the USA now, but not at my door.

I have dropped posts on the internet pulling over 400MB/s (That is less then 1/2 of 10Gigabit) Remember, our servers are Sata II, this is raid 3 across the network that is 3 X 8TB drives as a source. That will change tomorrow. I am still only on 10 Gigabit. As soon at those transceivers arrive? The router BTW supports merging / bridging ports. 20 Out 20 in. That is roughly 2000 megabits per second. I have been looking at PXE. Boot from a network device fast as a NVME drive. Do you feel me?
2 X Dual Port 10 GBe Melanox PCIE X 8 adapters

10 GBE Transciever

At Sata 2 a 24TB drive capable of roughly 800MB/S faster then a SSD. Now lets open that up? Do they make a 8TB Sata II? No, they are much faster. Let's Say double, I can promise you much faster. Cost me $13.00 for the card & $4.00 for the cable. The network side was expensive.

07/08/19: That card did not work, ordered another one that is SuperMicro 8 Channel Sata III, be here Friday. I do not care I will keep ordering stuff until I am sitting on 20 Gigabit & tell you how I did it. My loss is your gain.

I did leave a few things out, even though the server has dual 700 Watt PSU's (Power Supply Unit) I have pulled redundancy, don't need them, ordered a 4 pin Molex splitter & 4 port Sata power adapter. Once it is up and running, I will discuss that as well. I am prepared. I have completely shut down the second server. Don't need it. Eventually, I may shut it down as well & replace it with my 1700X. Can you imagine that? Replace a 32 Core?

I bet PCIE3.0, Eliminate the greedy 3.0 16X video card, I could drop multiple NVME raid cards in. It is a server now on 20 Gigabit. I promise you that was not AMD's intentions.

You do know they make PCIE 4.0? A single NVME card that pushes 5.0 GB a sec, don't @$#! around make a raid card. You have the bandwidth use it.

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! ;) I have seen 9GB a sec, but took me 3 cards to do it on PCIE 3.0 & 2 buses. I should not have told you that. I have screenies on facebook, I am sure they have seen it. Wait until I am sitting on 4.0. I will change the entire game. I do want to wait until Sept, no I do not want free hardware. I do not want my mind to change because they want to hand me free hardware, I am sure they want to now.

I think I called it the "Quest for speed", that is really funny I have written software that does exactly that:
In case you think I Lie. I have 2 of them. 128 GB now and running 6.5 Server. Things change.

I am going to be honest with you, I do not think there is anything that 32 core does faster then my 1700X other then build the Squash Filesystem (using 32 cores) right now. I only currently have a 8 core first gen Ryzen. Can you imagine a 16 core 32 thread Gen 3 Ryzen? Thank you Linux for supporting Parallelism in processing. Yes, I remember when Microsoft said Linux is a cancer. Today I seen they are asking Linux to help them, yes that was today. They love Linux. I will chuckle when I take a nap.

Built a new Server today 09/26/19 a 4U Rack mount the APU opens an additional PCIE 4.0 X 16 slot:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 3400G 4-core, 8-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor with Radeon RX Vega 11 Graphics (Waiting on AMD 3950X to release)
  • 16 GB GSkill Trident RGB Series 3200 DDR4 Ram
  • Rosewill 4U Server Chassis/Server Case/Rackmount Case, Metal Rack Mount Computer Case with 8 Bays & 4 Fans Pre-Installed (RSV-R4000)
  • ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wi-Fi) ATX Motherboard with PCIe 4.0, Dual M.2, 12+2 with Dr. MOS Power Stage, HDMI, DP, SATA 6Gb/s, USB 3.2 Gen 2 and Aura Sync RGB Lighting
  • 6 X 8TB Seagate Sata III Hard drives
  • 2 X Sebriant NVME 500GB Drives
  • Dual Port 10 GBE Malanox Adapter
  • Asus Hyper M.2 X 16 quad channel NVME Adapter (Currently 1 X Samsung 960 NVME)
  • Cougar 1050 Watt PSU

New Server build.
New Server build.

My Intentions?
Drop in 2 X PCIE 4.0 NVME drives on the board and pull the 2 that are on it and drop them into the Hyper card and buy another Sabrient NVME drive & raid all 6 NVME drives, but Glenn A Asus AM4 Gaming Motherboard for a Server? Wait until the Ryzen 3950X is sitting on it.

I did buy 2 X 10 TB Western Digital drives to replace my 8 TB drives in my main rig to drop them into the server and failed. That was about $400.00 just there. I am glad I am made of money. They are in the server now, 2 raid arrays. I am sure that will change.

10/23/19: WAN is done issues are gone in mate, next up is LAN. I do write software right?
WAN Gone.
32 Cores... One has 128GB of ram the other 16GB currently, both are off unless I need them.
Home of Ultimate Edition. Got a question? Please review the F.A.Q. Browse the How to section.

Main O/S: Builder of O/S Guess.
Mainboard: ASUS Hero VI (AM4)
CPU: AMD 1700X water cooled (Deepcool Captain Genome Cooling tower)
Ram: 16 GB GSkill Trident RGB Series Dual Channel DDR4 3200
Video: MSI RX470 8GB Gaming card.
Hard Disks: MASSIVE on the network.(10 Gigabit, 48 port, multiple servers)
Monitors: Dual 4K 43" LG, 4K Samsung 28"
750 Watt modular PSU (Rosswell)
1100 Watt Amp & 4 X 600 Watt speakers

Servers in the basement.
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