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Activating AHCI in UEFI Bios?

Feedback for Ultimate Edition 4.2

Activating AHCI in UEFI Bios?

Postby Thorzton » Thu Dec 18, 2014 8:15 am

I tried to change, to AHCI, but then the BIOS wrote "No OS installed"
But when i don't change, every time i tried to install win7/8 on a second HDD now SSD, it wrecked my Device.
So its gonna been said to me, that it is possibly the reason, when i start Windows in IDE, that it wrecked my hardware.
OK, maybe you say, then don't install windows, but i like to play some games.
And Maybe make some Music.
I would try it, with the new ahci option, but my System is more important, so how can i got the change?
Motherboard:Asrock 970 Extreme4 Mainboard
CPU: AMD Phenom (4x3,0Ghz)
Video: nVidia 610 gts 1024MB
Disk Drives: 2 x 500 Gb changed to hitachi
Monitor: Yuraku 19 zoll 16/9
Soundcard: onboard
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U.E. Knowledgable
U.E. Knowledgable
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Re: Activating AHCI in UEFI Bios?

Postby Xanayoshi » Fri Dec 26, 2014 3:08 pm

As Bios systems differ dramatically it is hard to pinpoint a fix for you without having the mobo, but ideally there are concessions to be made.

There is a sizable investment involved in being able to play and mod video games and the OS ceases to truly matter at this point. To support Linux releases we have to literally buy games that run on Linux, but those who are resourced to do so still need Win to mod, to go truly Ninja with it.

What you should do is reset Bios to default, which should set it to normal UEFI standards. Install Win to the SSD like normal.

Then install Linux to a separate drive, this too, can be done through UEFI depending on the version, but it is better to boot at BIOS and leave the systems to their own boot managers. Your BIOS should have legacy boot options and you can boot the drive from there. You need to do the install manually, you can either remove the SSD prior to install or make very sure you target the correct drive and install the bootloader to the drive that has Linux.

The other methods are more complicated but certainly doable. There are a few guides out there("UEFI Dual Boot Linux") and much of it still comes down to BIOS wrangling. You can install boot repair through yannubuntu, and make adjustments accordingly. I believe 4.2 is saucy but I am not sure, if it is trusty, you have to adjust the source to reflect this but it will still work, unless they have updated this and made this step unnecessary.

If you want to share the HDD with Windows you need to make sure that you make a NTFS partition, specifically, not Fat16 or 32, unless all of your files are under 4 GB. The Linux drive won't care, it will read everything and anything.

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