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Debian 7.7.7 netinst.iso

Discussions on the Debian OS.

Debian 7.7.7 netinst.iso

Postby BBOSAK2143 » Mon Jan 05, 2015 11:22 am

Have not seen anyone cover this topic or would not post. If you have seen my rant "Is Linux going downhill?" you will notice, I decided to give debian a try. Largest mistake I made was assuming what happens in Virtualbox would happen in realtime. How wrong I was, so I figure I must discuss these serious issues as to help others not waste as many hours as I did.

Just as to insure poor results were not due to being such a small image, I also tried Debian 7.7.7 with the gnome desktop. First I am going to talk about results in Virtualbox. In virtualbox, I was able to obtain enough software on the boot to have what I could see as a "semi-reliable" system. First have to insure all I am talking about the distro referred to as "Wheezy". The desktop was quite old and is actually the one before I started building Ubuntu's, Gnome 3.4. Now, imagine that desktop that is over 2 years old, trying to accommodate software that is only weeks old? Even though Debian would see this all as stable, I am sorry, I call it close to worse than the first Ubuntu I built. In fact a few software updates and presto went down worse than any Ubuntu distribution I have built or used.

Away from that condemnation to a more serious issue. Wireless to Ubuntu has been a joke as was severely conquered before I even started using Ubuntu. In fact, this was a major factor in my decision to start using Linux. Now for those that are looking at trying one of these Debians if you have a wireless internet connection you can basically scratch it. First upon installation I was faced with a missing .fw file which I proceeded to download for this venture. I then let the system find it and still to no avail even after entering ip address manually, did it hook up for a connection. Now any Ubuntu or most other Linux OS's have tried this has never been an issue, so I would say in this respect Debian has to be somewhere around 5 years backwards. Of course this is only stated for Debian minimal install disks. This is not to be considered for distros related to sid, as I have been there and no issue at all.

Now, so as stated there was no possible way with the basic debian-7.7.7-amd64-netinst.iso to obtain any desktop whatsoever, so left my main PC helpless. So, I then proceeded to get the Gnome version. Upon installation, I was faced with the exact dilemna I explained above, I will also mention even on my laptop the same exact thing happened. With the Gnome version, once the desktop was installed, yes I did have an internet connection. Still, had the OS had more components available in it from downloading on the install, the OS might have been usable. Instead was a derelict Gnome 3.4 with Gedit that does not function in the "su" environment. That comes in handy to edit source list and make additions, so it leaves you at the mercy of command line either editing your source list or adding by means of apt-add-repository ppa: For the last mentioned, you also have to hope debian will not turn it down. See, had the connection been a wired one, I would have had enough "debian-approved for wheezy" sources in my source list and been able to obtain a usable OS. Without it, would have been better of just creating my own debian, which I plan to do eventually.

The netinst.iso in Virtualbox was able to obtain a decent line of software. Of course, the option to use USB to connect to that virtualized image would not work. Found that a terrible thing, as I could have used that source list to fix this situation, instead Saturday afternoon became a total waste of time and saw that OS crash after one update? First time, I ever saw that folks and hope others will never experience something that poor. Currently, I am back to my own Ubuntu 14.10 which, with even all the issues there are, does not even come close to how unusable that debian was???? Yes, and believe me I have no comprehension how those that are supposed to be so knowledgeable, lack more concepts and understanding than myself. I am nowhere near a genius, but even I know an Internet Connection is the heartbeat of an OS. Without out it on an OS that is not fully equiped, you can just kiss it goodbye. Ubuntu, even with all its faults and flaws always leaves a system that hooks to the internet immediately. I have never been asked for firmware, ipp address, dhcp, etc with Ubuntu. I seriously believe debian needs to understand all their users do not possess Master's degrees and wake up to the fact of making the internet connection just as simplistic as everyone else in this world does.
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