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Source code I have written openly published for your viewing pleasure.


Postby TheeMahn » Thu Feb 27, 2014 4:55 pm

I have been creating the theme and a newer package of user contributed wallpapers (now 53MB in size) for Ultimate Edition 4.2 & Ultimate Edition 4.3. in the process I stumbled across a bunch of wallpapers that are installed, however do not show up in appearances dialog, why does this happen? Mate only looks in /usr/share/backgrounds/ actually does not look at squat if you delete the file ~/.config/mate/backgrounds.xml you will have next to squat I believe 3 themes. Let me demonstrate:
Jack Squat

You may be thinking, why the heck did you do that? By the way totally unecessary.
a quick jaunt through the help system and preparing to engage

theemahn@JackHammer:~/Downloads$ ./wallscan --scan saucy-salamander-wallpaper-contest
Non-chroot environment detected applying changes for theemahn in /home/theemahn/.config/mate/backgrounds.xml.
Mate session detected. Building XML file for all backgrounds & wallpapers.

Processing Folder: /usr/share/backgrounds

Adding Wallpaper 1: 01.png Named: 01
Adding Wallpaper 2: 02.png Named: 02
Adding Wallpaper 3: 03.png Named: 03
Adding Wallpaper 4: 04.png Named: 04
Adding Wallpaper 5: 05.png Named: 05
Adding Wallpaper 6: 06.png Named: 06
Adding Wallpaper 7: 07.png Named: 07
Adding Wallpaper 8: 08.png Named: 08
Adding Wallpaper 9: 14bwallpaper.jpg Named: 14bwallpaper
Adding Wallpaper 10: 14wallpaper.png Named: 14wallpaper
Adding Wallpaper 11: 163_by_e4v.jpg Named: 163_by_e4v
Adding Wallpaper 12: 1.jpg Named: 1
Adding Wallpaper 13: 28137.png Named: 28137
Adding Wallpaper 14: 46118-1.jpg Named: 46118-1
Adding Wallpaper 15: Abstract %287%29.jpg Named: Abstract %287%29
Adding Wallpaper 16: Admin-Amir-----1.png Named: Admin-Amir-----1
Adding Wallpaper 17: Admin-Amir wallpaper -10.png Named: Admin-Amir Wallpaper -10
Adding Wallpaper 18: Admin-Amir wallpaper - 6.png Named: Admin-Amir Wallpaper - 6
Adding Wallpaper 19: Amir312.png Named: Amir312
Adding Wallpaper 20: Amir313.png Named: Amir313
Adding Wallpaper 21: Amir31.png Named: Amir31
Adding Wallpaper 22: blk chr 1.jpg Named: Blk Chr 1
Adding Wallpaper 23: Brown.png Named: Brown
Adding Wallpaper 24: burn3.jpg Named: Burn3
Adding Wallpaper 25: City_nights_ii.jpg Named: City_nights_ii
Adding Wallpaper 26: Crazy-bbble-glowing-green.jpg Named: Crazy-Bbble-Glowing-Green
Adding Wallpaper 27: Cyclotron_by_cyclotron_beam.jpg Named: Cyclotron_by_cyclotron_beam
Adding Wallpaper 28: dragon 2a.jpg Named: Dragon 2a
Adding Wallpaper 29: Earth.jpg Named: Earth
Adding Wallpaper 30: electric world Ultimate Edition.jpg Named: Electric World Ultimate Edition
Adding Wallpaper 31: Elementary-Blue.png Named: Elementary-Blue
Adding Wallpaper 32: Elementary-Wall-1440-black.png Named: Elementary-Wall-1440-Black
Adding Wallpaper 33: Elementary-Wall-1440.png Named: Elementary-Wall-1440
Adding Wallpaper 34: Elementary-Wall-green.png Named: Elementary-Wall-Green
Adding Wallpaper 35: Elementary-Wall-orange.png Named: Elementary-Wall-Orange
Adding Wallpaper 36: Elementary-Wall-Purp.png Named: Elementary-Wall-Purp
Adding Wallpaper 37: Elementary-Wall-red.png Named: Elementary-Wall-Red
Adding Wallpaper 38: fire.jpg Named: Fire
Adding Wallpaper 39: Fire Ultimate.jpg Named: Fire Ultimate
Adding Wallpaper 40: Flame_ue.png Named: Flame_ue
Adding Wallpaper 41: fract04.png Named: Fract04
Adding Wallpaper 42: gamerz.jpg Named: Gamerz
Adding Wallpaper 43: Golden_sunset.jpg Named: Golden_sunset
Adding Wallpaper 44: Gold_star.jpg Named: Gold_star
Adding Wallpaper 45: Gota_D'água_by_Eiti_Kimura.jpg Named: Gota_D'Água_by_Eiti_Kimura
Adding Wallpaper 46: Grass_by_Jeremy_Hill.jpg Named: Grass_by_Jeremy_Hill
Adding Wallpaper 47: Green.jpg Named: Green
Adding Wallpaper 48: Green_ue.png Named: Green_ue
Adding Wallpaper 49: Greenw.jpg Named: Greenw
Adding Wallpaper 50: hardy.png Named: Hardy
Adding Wallpaper 51: I_am_a_Saucy_Salamander..._by_Juan_Pablo_Lauriente.jpg Named: I_am_a_Saucy_Salamander..._by_Juan_Pablo_Lauriente
Adding Wallpaper 52: image009099.png Named: Image009099
Adding Wallpaper 53: Image12zd.png Named: Image12zd
Adding Wallpaper 54: Image_1a.png Named: Image_1a
Adding Wallpaper 55: Image_1.png Named: Image_1
Adding Wallpaper 56: Image_2.png Named: Image_2
Adding Wallpaper 57: Image2.png Named: Image2
Adding Wallpaper 58: Image_3.png Named: Image_3
Adding Wallpaper 59: Image_4.png Named: Image_4
Adding Wallpaper 60: Image_5a.png Named: Image_5a
Adding Wallpaper 61: Image_5.png Named: Image_5
Adding Wallpaper 62: Image_6.png Named: Image_6
Adding Wallpaper 63: Image_7.png Named: Image_7
Adding Wallpaper 64: Image_8.png Named: Image_8
Adding Wallpaper 65: Image_9.png Named: Image_9
Adding Wallpaper 66: Imageion.png Named: Imageion
Adding Wallpaper 67: Image.png Named: Image
Adding Wallpaper 68: intro-background.png Named: Intro-Background
Adding Wallpaper 69: liquid-ubuntu.png Named: Liquid-Ubuntu
Adding Wallpaper 70: Malys-revolt2.jpg Named: Malys-Revolt2
Adding Wallpaper 71: Matrix_penguin.jpg Named: Matrix_penguin
Adding Wallpaper 72: Mountains_by_JamesPickles.jpg Named: Mountains_by_JamesPickles
Adding Wallpaper 73: Mr._Tau_and_The_Tree_-_by_TJ.jpg Named: Mr._Tau_and_The_Tree_-_by_TJ
Adding Wallpaper 74: Multi_color.jpg Named: Multi_color
Adding Wallpaper 75: newcarbon3.jpg Named: Newcarbon3
Adding Wallpaper 76: Nylon_Rainbow_by_Sam_Hewitt.jpg Named: Nylon_Rainbow_by_Sam_Hewitt
Adding Wallpaper 77: Oak_by_Lyle_Nel.jpg Named: Oak_by_Lyle_Nel
Adding Wallpaper 78: Phoc_green.jpg Named: Phoc_green
Adding Wallpaper 79: pure nick oz.jpg Named: Pure Nick Oz
Adding Wallpaper 80: Rainbo.jpg Named: Rainbo
Adding Wallpaper 81: Red_car.jpg Named: Red_car
Adding Wallpaper 82: Red_tux.png Named: Red_tux
Adding Wallpaper 83: Salamander_by_Lucas_Romero_Di_Benedetto.jpg Named: Salamander_by_Lucas_Romero_Di_Benedetto
Adding Wallpaper 84: Saucy_Salamander_Abstract_by_José_Vera_alcivar.jpg Named: Saucy_Salamander_Abstract_by_José_Vera_alcivar
Adding Wallpaper 85: Savannah_Lilian_Blot_by_a_Blot_on_the_landscape.jpg Named: Savannah_Lilian_Blot_by_a_Blot_on_the_landscape
Adding Wallpaper 86: spotlight.jpg Named: Spotlight
Adding Wallpaper 87: Squares.jpg Named: Squares
Adding Wallpaper 88: Stock-market_green.jpg Named: Stock-Market_green
Adding Wallpaper 89: Taxus_baccata_by_baubusiukas.jpg Named: Taxus_baccata_by_baubusiukas
Adding Wallpaper 90: The_City_of_Polen_by_MilanVankovski.jpg Named: The_City_of_Polen_by_MilanVankovski
Adding Wallpaper 91: THE_'OUT'_STANDING_by_ydristi.jpg Named: THE_'OUT'_STANDING_by_ydristi
Adding Wallpaper 92: Thingvellir_by_pattersa.jpg Named: Thingvellir_by_pattersa
Adding Wallpaper 93: Tree.jpg Named: Tree
Adding Wallpaper 94: Tremor0.jpg Named: Tremor0
Adding Wallpaper 95: ubuntucillian.jpg Named: Ubuntucillian
Adding Wallpaper 96: Ubuntu-Peace_1600x1200.jpg Named: Ubuntu-Peace_1600x1200
Adding Wallpaper 97: Ubuntu-Tropic_1920x1200.png Named: Ubuntu-Tropic_1920x1200
Adding Wallpaper 98: ue_2.0.png Named: Ue_2.0
Adding Wallpaper 99: Ue_black_and_silver_world_timezones_1600_x_900-1.png Named: Ue_black_and_silver_world_timezones_1600_x_900-1
Adding Wallpaper 100: Ue_dotts_tentacle.png Named: Ue_dotts_tentacle
Adding Wallpaper 101: U.E Global.png Named: U.E Global
Adding Wallpaper 102: Ultimate Edition.jpg Named: Ultimate Edition
Adding Wallpaper 103: Ultimate Edition monitor.jpg Named: Ultimate Edition Monitor
Adding Wallpaper 104: U.E Star war-3.png Named: U.E Star War-3
Adding Wallpaper 105: UE-wow.jpg Named: UE-Wow
Adding Wallpaper 106: Uffe.png Named: Uffe
Adding Wallpaper 107: ultamatix wall 2.jpg Named: Ultamatix Wall 2
Adding Wallpaper 108: Ultimate_1.8-green.jpg Named: Ultimate_1.8-Green
Adding Wallpaper 109: Ultimate_1.8.jpg Named: Ultimate_1.8
Adding Wallpaper 110: ultimate-edition-1.3.png Named: Ultimate-Edition-1.3
Adding Wallpaper 111: ultimate-edition-1.4.png Named: Ultimate-Edition-1.4
Adding Wallpaper 112: ultimate-edition-1.5.jpg Named: Ultimate-Edition-1.5
Adding Wallpaper 113: Ultimate-Edition-1.6.png Named: Ultimate-Edition-1.6
Adding Wallpaper 114: Ultimate_Edition-1.7.png Named: Ultimate_Edition-1.7
Adding Wallpaper 115: Ultimate_Edition_1.9-blue.jpg Named: Ultimate_Edition_1.9-Blue
Adding Wallpaper 116: Ultimate_Edition_1.9.jpg Named: Ultimate_Edition_1.9
Adding Wallpaper 117: Untitled_by_Garazi_Unzueta.jpg Named: Untitled_by_Garazi_Unzueta
Adding Wallpaper 118: UUE15.jpg Named: UUE15
Adding Wallpaper 119: UUE1.6.jpg Named: UUE1.6
Adding Wallpaper 120: UUEice.png Named: UUEice
Adding Wallpaper 121: uu.jpg Named: Uu
Adding Wallpaper 122: vistaready.jpg Named: Vistaready
Adding Wallpaper 123: vista-wallpaper2.jpg Named: Vista-Wallpaper2
Adding Wallpaper 124: vista-wallpaper.jpg Named: Vista-Wallpaper
Adding Wallpaper 125: Volkswagon.jpg Named: Volkswagon
Adding Wallpaper 126: wallpaper.jpg Named: Wallpaper
Adding Wallpaper 127: Water_Lily_by_Denis_Dugushkin.jpg Named: Water_Lily_by_Denis_Dugushkin
Adding Wallpaper 128: Water-ripples_.jpg Named: Water-Ripples_
Adding Wallpaper 129: Whitebackground.jpg Named: Whitebackground

Processing Folder: /usr/share/wallpapers

01 is already in the list, not adding.
02 is already in the list, not adding.
03 is already in the list, not adding.
04 is already in the list, not adding.
05 is already in the list, not adding.
06 is already in the list, not adding.
07 is already in the list, not adding.
08 is already in the list, not adding.
14bwallpaper is already in the list, not adding.
14wallpaper is already in the list, not adding.
Adding Wallpaper 1: 28_lite.jpg Named: 28_lite
Adding Wallpaper 2: 2.8Lite.jpg Named: 2.8Lite
Adding Wallpaper 3: 3.0_Waves.jpg Named: 3.0_Waves
Adding Wallpaper 4: 31arch.png Named: 31arch
Adding Wallpaper 5: 31Blue.png Named: 31Blue
Adding Wallpaper 6: 31dragons.png Named: 31dragons
Adding Wallpaper 7: 31earth.png Named: 31earth
Adding Wallpaper 8: 31logoblue.png Named: 31logoblue
Adding Wallpaper 9: 31shark.png Named: 31shark
Adding Wallpaper 10: 31sparkle.png Named: 31sparkle
Adding Wallpaper 11: 3d-3.2-1.jpg Named: 3d-3.2-1
46118-1 is already in the list, not adding.
Adding Wallpaper 12: Copper_Deck.jpg Named: Copper_Deck
Elementary-Blue is already in the list, not adding.
Elementary-Wall-1440-Black is already in the list, not adding.
Elementary-Wall-1440 is already in the list, not adding.
Elementary-Wall-Green is already in the list, not adding.
Elementary-Wall-Orange is already in the list, not adding.
Elementary-Wall-Purp is already in the list, not adding.
Elementary-Wall-Red is already in the list, not adding.
Fire is already in the list, not adding.
Gamerz is already in the list, not adding.
Hardy is already in the list, not adding.
Adding Wallpaper 13: image (6).png Named: Image (6)
Image is already in the list, not adding.
Intro-Background is already in the list, not adding.
Adding Wallpaper 14: Linux-linux-1600x1200.jpg Named: Linux-Linux-1600x1200
Adding Wallpaper 15: linux-wallpaper--1600x1200--tux-we-suck-more.jpg Named: Linux-Wallpaper--1600x1200--Tux-We-Suck-More
Liquid-Ubuntu is already in the list, not adding.
Adding Wallpaper 16: Lite_sundown.jpg Named: Lite_sundown
Adding Wallpaper 17: lubuntu-default-wallpaper.jpg Named: Lubuntu-Default-Wallpaper
Newcarbon3 is already in the list, not adding.
Adding Wallpaper 18: Red_Waves.jpg Named: Red_Waves
Adding Wallpaper 19: Server.png Named: Server
Spotlight is already in the list, not adding.
Ubuntucillian is already in the list, not adding.
Ue_2.0 is already in the list, not adding.
Adding Wallpaper 20: UE31.png Named: UE31
Adding Wallpaper 21: Ultimate Edition 3.2a6.png Named: Ultimate Edition 3.2a6
Adding Wallpaper 22: UE3.3Liquid.png Named: UE3.3Liquid
Adding Wallpaper 23: ue3.4lite.jpg Named: Ue3.4lite
Adding Wallpaper 24: Ultimate Edition Ball.png Named: Ultimate Edition Ball
Ultimate_1.8 is already in the list, not adding.
Adding Wallpaper 25: Ultimate32.png Named: Ultimate32
Adding Wallpaper 26: Ultimate3.jpg Named: Ultimate3
Ultimate-Edition-1.3 is already in the list, not adding.
Ultimate-Edition-1.4 is already in the list, not adding.
Ultimate-Edition-1.5 is already in the list, not adding.
Ultimate-Edition-1.6 is already in the list, not adding.
Ultimate_Edition-1.7 is already in the list, not adding.
Ultimate_Edition_1.9 is already in the list, not adding.
Adding Wallpaper 27: Ultimate_Edition_3.0.jpg Named: Ultimate_Edition_3.0
Adding Wallpaper 28: Ultimate_Edition_3.4.png Named: Ultimate_Edition_3.4
Adding Wallpaper 29: Ultimate_Edition_3.5.png Named: Ultimate_Edition_3.5
Adding Wallpaper 30: Ultimate_Edition_3.6.png Named: Ultimate_Edition_3.6
Adding Wallpaper 31: Ultimate_Edition_3.7.jpg Named: Ultimate_Edition_3.7
Adding Wallpaper 32: Ultimate_Edition_3.8.jpg Named: Ultimate_Edition_3.8
Ultimate_Edition_3.8 is already in the list, not adding.
Adding Wallpaper 33: Ultimate_Edition_3.9.png Named: Ultimate_Edition_3.9
Adding Wallpaper 34: Ultimate_Edition_4.0.png Named: Ultimate_Edition_4.0
Adding Wallpaper 35: Ultimate_Edition_4.1.png Named: Ultimate_Edition_4.1
Adding Wallpaper 36: Ultimate_Edition_4.2.png Named: Ultimate_Edition_4.2
Adding Wallpaper 37: Ultimate_Edition_4.3.png Named: Ultimate_Edition_4.3
UUE15 is already in the list, not adding.
UUE1.6 is already in the list, not adding.
UUEice is already in the list, not adding.
Uu is already in the list, not adding.
Vistaready is already in the list, not adding.
Vista-Wallpaper2 is already in the list, not adding.
Vista-Wallpaper is already in the list, not adding.
Wallpaper is already in the list, not adding.

Processing Folder: saucy-salamander-wallpaper-contest

Adding Wallpaper 1: 240214a_by_digithalie-d781qeq.jpg Named: 240214a_by_digithalie-D781qeq
Adding Wallpaper 2: 2745311892_a5e022ea01_o.jpg Named: 2745311892_a5e022ea01_o
Adding Wallpaper 3: 3841768203_175b22e091_o.jpg Named: 3841768203_175b22e091_o
Adding Wallpaper 4: 4296766365_a6083a186b_o.jpg Named: 4296766365_a6083a186b_o
Adding Wallpaper 5: 4960774097_6b65968819_o.jpg Named: 4960774097_6b65968819_o
Adding Wallpaper 6: 5184368323_69a900cb59_o.jpg Named: 5184368323_69a900cb59_o
Adding Wallpaper 7: 5462025355_f745e4b2a0_o.jpg Named: 5462025355_f745e4b2a0_o
Adding Wallpaper 8: 5651471386_b364b2b5d4_o.jpg Named: 5651471386_b364b2b5d4_o
Adding Wallpaper 9: 5803043660_647f2219d4_o.jpg Named: 5803043660_647f2219d4_o
Adding Wallpaper 10: 5833318030_1a4e41c903_o.jpg Named: 5833318030_1a4e41c903_o
Adding Wallpaper 11: 6025363556_61d4d70b8f_o.jpg Named: 6025363556_61d4d70b8f_o
Adding Wallpaper 12: 6286620877_d3a3bd1915_o.jpg Named: 6286620877_d3a3bd1915_o
Adding Wallpaper 13: 6319153381_926ffbc84a_o.jpg Named: 6319153381_926ffbc84a_o
Adding Wallpaper 14: 6680623237_13789ef214_o.jpg Named: 6680623237_13789ef214_o
Adding Wallpaper 15: 6774809308_7b259af336_o.jpg Named: 6774809308_7b259af336_o
Adding Wallpaper 16: 6887062476_443c0323be_o.jpg Named: 6887062476_443c0323be_o
Adding Wallpaper 17: 6920922227_d071b2eabc_o.jpg Named: 6920922227_d071b2eabc_o
Adding Wallpaper 18: 7024021905_c1b92856c5_o.jpg Named: 7024021905_c1b92856c5_o
Adding Wallpaper 19: 7223107536_dce21ea815_o.jpg Named: 7223107536_dce21ea815_o
Adding Wallpaper 20: 7347982462_c1495c1869_o.jpg Named: 7347982462_c1495c1869_o
Adding Wallpaper 21: 7694133930_fac5eb893b_o.jpg Named: 7694133930_fac5eb893b_o
Adding Wallpaper 22: 7713573654_da0fb17279_o.jpg Named: 7713573654_da0fb17279_o
Adding Wallpaper 23: 7836356744_083226c328_o.jpg Named: 7836356744_083226c328_o
Adding Wallpaper 24: 8173666046_849b80f210_o.jpg Named: 8173666046_849b80f210_o
Adding Wallpaper 25: 8249347679_a055d0faa7_o.jpg Named: 8249347679_a055d0faa7_o
Adding Wallpaper 26: 8431773860_0aef0a4156_o.jpg Named: 8431773860_0aef0a4156_o
Adding Wallpaper 27: 8432797193_b5ec08fbb2_o.jpg Named: 8432797193_b5ec08fbb2_o
Adding Wallpaper 28: 8500102345_6a41fa1c5c_o.jpg Named: 8500102345_6a41fa1c5c_o
Adding Wallpaper 29: 8589371265_512a601387_o.jpg Named: 8589371265_512a601387_o
Adding Wallpaper 30: 8623042509_fc0b22fac6_o.jpg Named: 8623042509_fc0b22fac6_o
Adding Wallpaper 31: 8659240399_3da851928f_o.jpg Named: 8659240399_3da851928f_o
Adding Wallpaper 32: 8664381382_de853e7aa0_o.jpg Named: 8664381382_de853e7aa0_o
Adding Wallpaper 33: 8679135230_962dc785ce_o.jpg Named: 8679135230_962dc785ce_o
Adding Wallpaper 34: 8739945612_18b1c9d874_o.jpg Named: 8739945612_18b1c9d874_o
Adding Wallpaper 35: 8744343213_5139e4c212_o.jpg Named: 8744343213_5139e4c212_o
Adding Wallpaper 36: 8815872941_e1bb888541_o.jpg Named: 8815872941_e1bb888541_o
Adding Wallpaper 37: 8859158812_9b705e2375_o.jpg Named: 8859158812_9b705e2375_o
Adding Wallpaper 38: 8870770527_3cdb237420_o.jpg Named: 8870770527_3cdb237420_o
Adding Wallpaper 39: 8876694961_22742794f2_o.jpg Named: 8876694961_22742794f2_o
Adding Wallpaper 40: 8893107769_1c44aa4d6d_o.jpg Named: 8893107769_1c44aa4d6d_o
Adding Wallpaper 41: 8923337501_1431b0dbfc_o.jpg Named: 8923337501_1431b0dbfc_o
Adding Wallpaper 42: 9167189777_92d4551b3b_o.jpg Named: 9167189777_92d4551b3b_o
Adding Wallpaper 43: 9268011549_22e87e6178_o.jpg Named: 9268011549_22e87e6178_o
Adding Wallpaper 44: 9268332517_9bdb1dfd08_o.jpg Named: 9268332517_9bdb1dfd08_o
Adding Wallpaper 45: 9269684347_3cf5855ab9_o.jpg Named: 9269684347_3cf5855ab9_o
Adding Wallpaper 46: 9270191689_18aec3fd8d_o.jpg Named: 9270191689_18aec3fd8d_o
Adding Wallpaper 47: 9270464993_5defe0c41a_o.jpg Named: 9270464993_5defe0c41a_o
Adding Wallpaper 48: 9270864834_817f2de825_o.jpg Named: 9270864834_817f2de825_o
Adding Wallpaper 49: 9270957267_48630a9f43_o.jpg Named: 9270957267_48630a9f43_o
Adding Wallpaper 50: 9271118494_24574c7fab_o.jpg Named: 9271118494_24574c7fab_o
Adding Wallpaper 51: 9271264410_52e9a4ac90_o.jpg Named: 9271264410_52e9a4ac90_o
Adding Wallpaper 52: 9271300906_8de8ff26b2_o.jpg Named: 9271300906_8de8ff26b2_o
Adding Wallpaper 53: 9272675587_80318c1a7b_o.jpg Named: 9272675587_80318c1a7b_o
Adding Wallpaper 54: 9273770472_52a71dbd54_o.jpg Named: 9273770472_52a71dbd54_o
Adding Wallpaper 55: 9274543121_abd8483514_o.jpg Named: 9274543121_abd8483514_o
Adding Wallpaper 56: 9275754920_9649ee4f8e_o.jpg Named: 9275754920_9649ee4f8e_o
Adding Wallpaper 57: 9277699143_a6bcaf9afe_o.jpg Named: 9277699143_a6bcaf9afe_o
Adding Wallpaper 58: 9278147569_371f1fcc8a_o.jpg Named: 9278147569_371f1fcc8a_o
Adding Wallpaper 59: 9279206103_3f89f32e39_o.jpg Named: 9279206103_3f89f32e39_o
Adding Wallpaper 60: 9279451428_a9eeed0624_o.jpg Named: 9279451428_a9eeed0624_o
Adding Wallpaper 61: 9280779537_8e253687ec_o.jpg Named: 9280779537_8e253687ec_o
Adding Wallpaper 62: 9280948207_f62b748f68_o.jpg Named: 9280948207_f62b748f68_o
Adding Wallpaper 63: 9281335527_03f1434611_o.jpg Named: 9281335527_03f1434611_o
Adding Wallpaper 64: 9281637913_dd4acfdfb8_o.jpg Named: 9281637913_dd4acfdfb8_o
Adding Wallpaper 65: 9282783862_c65b7b7273_o.jpg Named: 9282783862_c65b7b7273_o
Adding Wallpaper 66: 9285908002_14131ca6a5_o.jpg Named: 9285908002_14131ca6a5_o
Adding Wallpaper 67: 9286491286_94b68f3623_o.jpg Named: 9286491286_94b68f3623_o
Adding Wallpaper 68: 9287381016_4377031325_o.jpg Named: 9287381016_4377031325_o
Adding Wallpaper 69: 9291558370_e424986bab_o.jpg Named: 9291558370_e424986bab_o
Adding Wallpaper 70: 9292017772_5374e5a38b_o.jpg Named: 9292017772_5374e5a38b_o
Adding Wallpaper 71: 9293431725_84a418485f_o.jpg Named: 9293431725_84a418485f_o
Adding Wallpaper 72: 9293621432_6048a6ea03_o.jpg Named: 9293621432_6048a6ea03_o
Adding Wallpaper 73: 9297275019_f246764c64_o.jpg Named: 9297275019_f246764c64_o
Adding Wallpaper 74: 9298443637_b4ca9dc4b4_o.jpg Named: 9298443637_b4ca9dc4b4_o
Adding Wallpaper 75: 9299867840_11f9166737_o.jpg Named: 9299867840_11f9166737_o
Adding Wallpaper 76: 9300335851_1a894b654b_o.jpg Named: 9300335851_1a894b654b_o
Adding Wallpaper 77: 9300445734_566a246c1c_o.jpg Named: 9300445734_566a246c1c_o
Adding Wallpaper 78: 9301403891_f68f728c08_o.jpg Named: 9301403891_f68f728c08_o
Adding Wallpaper 79: 9301559043_0d1445df27_o.jpg Named: 9301559043_0d1445df27_o
Adding Wallpaper 80: 9302417628_cf4623d835_o.jpg Named: 9302417628_cf4623d835_o
Adding Wallpaper 81: 9302865042_61388d03c2_o.jpg Named: 9302865042_61388d03c2_o
Adding Wallpaper 82: 9304049932_ab1ddda460_o.jpg Named: 9304049932_ab1ddda460_o
Adding Wallpaper 83: 9304242573_9c92e4f920_o.jpg Named: 9304242573_9c92e4f920_o
Adding Wallpaper 84: 9308370372_048cc705f3_o.jpg Named: 9308370372_048cc705f3_o
Adding Wallpaper 85: 9312773338_60bc3d79da_o.jpg Named: 9312773338_60bc3d79da_o
Adding Wallpaper 86: 9315563326_2c484dffbb_o.jpg Named: 9315563326_2c484dffbb_o
Adding Wallpaper 87: 9316187728_82a162e706_o.jpg Named: 9316187728_82a162e706_o
Adding Wallpaper 88: 9317766138_c88011d701_o.jpg Named: 9317766138_c88011d701_o
Adding Wallpaper 89: 9318763239_b68f9b0d85_o.jpg Named: 9318763239_b68f9b0d85_o
Adding Wallpaper 90: 9318984390_1d215f2ed2_o.jpg Named: 9318984390_1d215f2ed2_o
Adding Wallpaper 91: 9320215956_0267ffa056_o.jpg Named: 9320215956_0267ffa056_o
Adding Wallpaper 92: 9320343998_54eb7efc04_o.jpg Named: 9320343998_54eb7efc04_o
Adding Wallpaper 93: 9320449548_de8cec84c3_o.jpg Named: 9320449548_de8cec84c3_o
Adding Wallpaper 94: 9321219094_e5acef95a9_o.jpg Named: 9321219094_e5acef95a9_o
Adding Wallpaper 95: 9321287706_327bcd709c_o.jpg Named: 9321287706_327bcd709c_o
Adding Wallpaper 96: 9325461606_fe23145d18_o.jpg Named: 9325461606_fe23145d18_o
Adding Wallpaper 97: 9326044715_ceb7b2843f_o.jpg Named: 9326044715_ceb7b2843f_o
Adding Wallpaper 98: 9336801602_e8bef434ea_o.jpg Named: 9336801602_e8bef434ea_o
Adding Wallpaper 99: 9346561484_8a6abe3689_o.jpg Named: 9346561484_8a6abe3689_o
Adding Wallpaper 100: 9346855384_01a2cc056c_o.jpg Named: 9346855384_01a2cc056c_o
Adding Wallpaper 101: 9353169668_a673c79666_o.jpg Named: 9353169668_a673c79666_o
Adding Wallpaper 102: 9354157866_e6f97d2113_o.jpg Named: 9354157866_e6f97d2113_o
Adding Wallpaper 103: 9357464613_3e5a847432_o.jpg Named: 9357464613_3e5a847432_o
Adding Wallpaper 104: 9360272445_fe9e46bdcf_o.jpg Named: 9360272445_fe9e46bdcf_o
Adding Wallpaper 105: 9366156893_d807d12714_o.jpg Named: 9366156893_d807d12714_o
Adding Wallpaper 106: 9375663476_e09db9538b_o.jpg Named: 9375663476_e09db9538b_o
Adding Wallpaper 107: 9377831196_ea3bf79afe_o.jpg Named: 9377831196_ea3bf79afe_o
Adding Wallpaper 108: 9378437063_c6ff81d754_o.jpg Named: 9378437063_c6ff81d754_o
Adding Wallpaper 109: 9388201201_c5639bf966_o.jpg Named: 9388201201_c5639bf966_o
Adding Wallpaper 110: 9389218535_a35f149dc7_o.jpg Named: 9389218535_a35f149dc7_o
Adding Wallpaper 111: 9389698429_59773d76d6_o.jpg Named: 9389698429_59773d76d6_o
Adding Wallpaper 112: 9393079920_53af10a0b1_o.jpg Named: 9393079920_53af10a0b1_o
Adding Wallpaper 113: 9397668779_ca328f16c7_o.jpg Named: 9397668779_ca328f16c7_o
Adding Wallpaper 114: 9403749942_e78736ca68_o.jpg Named: 9403749942_e78736ca68_o
Adding Wallpaper 115: 9409235402_63428bff51_o.jpg Named: 9409235402_63428bff51_o
Adding Wallpaper 116: 9410568732_1a263dd830_o.jpg Named: 9410568732_1a263dd830_o
Adding Wallpaper 117: 9411060028_bc67bd9bf1_o.jpg Named: 9411060028_bc67bd9bf1_o
Adding Wallpaper 118: 9411727024_1af407ee98_o.jpg Named: 9411727024_1af407ee98_o
Adding Wallpaper 119: 9412502215_2333e7b758_o.jpg Named: 9412502215_2333e7b758_o
Adding Wallpaper 120: 9412706606_52621fa967_o.jpg Named: 9412706606_52621fa967_o
Adding Wallpaper 121: 9417469324_a6963589e3_o.jpg Named: 9417469324_a6963589e3_o
Adding Wallpaper 122: 9429310753_0514754e4d_o.jpg Named: 9429310753_0514754e4d_o
Adding Wallpaper 123: 9440774089_af32a793b0_o.jpg Named: 9440774089_af32a793b0_o
Adding Wallpaper 124: 9444515502_c630725355_o.jpg Named: 9444515502_c630725355_o
Adding Wallpaper 125: 9448902503_d56d3c1fd5_o.jpg Named: 9448902503_d56d3c1fd5_o
Adding Wallpaper 126: 9472445570_e7e294ca6c_o.jpg Named: 9472445570_e7e294ca6c_o
Adding Wallpaper 127: 9486368616_28dd75b6c8_o.jpg Named: 9486368616_28dd75b6c8_o
Adding Wallpaper 128: 9496835197_84afb78a60_o.jpg Named: 9496835197_84afb78a60_o
Adding Wallpaper 129: 9500662927_a1ac198174_o.jpg Named: 9500662927_a1ac198174_o
Adding Wallpaper 130: 9513151452_575115fc43_o.jpg Named: 9513151452_575115fc43_o
Adding Wallpaper 131: 9517674749_dd1efdb729_o.jpg Named: 9517674749_dd1efdb729_o
Adding Wallpaper 132: 9517920615_1f7d77ebca_o.jpg Named: 9517920615_1f7d77ebca_o
Adding Wallpaper 133: 9517957135_0ac5d5d2f7_o.jpg Named: 9517957135_0ac5d5d2f7_o
Adding Wallpaper 134: 9518617096_f0d83777a3_o.jpg Named: 9518617096_f0d83777a3_o
Adding Wallpaper 135: 9519371784_e3128832b1_o.jpg Named: 9519371784_e3128832b1_o
Adding Wallpaper 136: 9519601668_19fa18dbbb_o.jpg Named: 9519601668_19fa18dbbb_o
Adding Wallpaper 137: 9522362529_9d4575efe3_o.jpg Named: 9522362529_9d4575efe3_o
Adding Wallpaper 138: 9525361882_cbf7e6b86b_o.jpg Named: 9525361882_cbf7e6b86b_o
Adding Wallpaper 139: 99464-real.jpg Named: 99464-Real
Abstract %287%29 is already in the list, not adding.
Admin-Amir-----1 is already in the list, not adding.
Admin-Amir Wallpaper -10 is already in the list, not adding.
Admin-Amir Wallpaper - 6 is already in the list, not adding.
Blk Chr 1 is already in the list, not adding.
Burn3 is already in the list, not adding.
Dragon 2a is already in the list, not adding.
Electric World Ultimate Edition is already in the list, not adding.
Fire Ultimate is already in the list, not adding.
Fract04 is already in the list, not adding.
Image009099 is already in the list, not adding.
Pure Nick Oz is already in the list, not adding.
Adding Wallpaper 140: UE3.4_1.jpg Named: UE3.4_1
Adding Wallpaper 141: UE4.2.png Named: UE4.2
U.E Global is already in the list, not adding.
Ultimate Edition Monitor is already in the list, not adding.
U.E Star War-3 is already in the list, not adding.
UE-Wow is already in the list, not adding.
Uffe is already in the list, not adding.
Ultamatix Wall 2 is already in the list, not adding.
Ultimate_1.8-Green is already in the list, not adding.
Ultimate_Edition_1.9-Blue is already in the list, not adding.
Cleaning up.
Successfully generated: /home/theemahn/.config/mate/backgrounds.xml
Execution Time: 3s

3 secs later:
Fixed with the quickness

The Code (/bin/wallscan):
Code: Select all
# This script was auto generated using the code-cleanup package
# Do a search and replace for followed by a search and replace Wallscan with the name of your program & delete this line.

# ==============================================================================
# title         :Wallscan
# description      :Scans for wallpapers and adds them to Mate appearance.
# author      :theemahn <>
# date         :02/27/2014
# version      :1.0
# usage         :Wallscan --help
# manual      :man Wallscan
# notes         :See change-log below for further information.
# ==============================================================================
# Change-log: 1.0: unreleased
# ==============================================================================

# Modify the below information to correlate with the software you are designing.

# Info for determining current user to possibly compare against later

# set colors so errors etc. stand out.
txtblk='\e[0;30m' # Black - Regular
txtred='\e[0;31m' # Red
txtgrn='\e[0;32m' # Green
txtylw='\e[0;33m' # Yellow
txtblu='\e[0;34m' # Blue
txtpur='\e[0;35m' # Purple
txtcyn='\e[0;36m' # Cyan
txtwht='\e[0;37m' # White
bldblk='\e[1;30m' # Black - Bold
bldred='\e[1;31m' # Red
bldgrn='\e[1;32m' # Green
bldylw='\e[1;33m' # Yellow
bldblu='\e[1;34m' # Blue
bldpur='\e[1;35m' # Purple
bldcyn='\e[1;36m' # Cyan
bldwht='\e[1;37m' # White
unkblk='\e[4;30m' # Black - Underline
undred='\e[4;31m' # Red
undgrn='\e[4;32m' # Green
undylw='\e[4;33m' # Yellow
undblu='\e[4;34m' # Blue
undpur='\e[4;35m' # Purple
undcyn='\e[4;36m' # Cyan
undwht='\e[4;37m' # White
bakblk='\e[40m'   # Black - Background
bakred='\e[41m'   # Red
badgrn='\e[42m'   # Green
bakylw='\e[43m'   # Yellow
bakblu='\e[44m'   # Blue
bakpur='\e[45m'   # Purple
bakcyn='\e[46m'   # Cyan
bakwht='\e[47m'   # White
txtrst='\e[0m'    # Text Reset

# Begin programming here.

# Default destination

# Temp file for processing
TEMPFILE=/tmp/tmp_$(date +%s)_$$

# Folder tool was executed in

# declare varibles
declare -i WALLCOUNT;

# Check for Chroot environment - you will find this commonly used in software
# I write. I use it religiously to determine if I am building an Operating System
# or running on one. Later we will check for root or common user
root_inode=$(stat -c %i /);
if [ $root_inode -ne 2 ]; then

# Check for pre-processing switch & Folder(s) to scan
if [[ -d $2 ]]; then
   declare -a FOLDERS=("/usr/share/backgrounds" "/usr/share/wallpapers" "$2");
   declare -a FOLDERS=('/usr/share/backgrounds' '/usr/share/wallpapers');

function STARTTIMER {
   # Start the counter, we are off to the races.
   STARTM=`date -u "+%s"`

function STOPTIMER {
   STOPM=`date -u "+%s"`
   if (($RUNTIMEM>59)); then
      TTIMEM=`printf "%dm%ds\n" $((RUNTIMEM/60%60)) $((RUNTIMEM%60))`
      TTIMEM=`printf "%ds\n" $((RUNTIMEM))`
   echo "Execution Time: $TTIMEM"

function ScanWall {

   # Root user? Chroot?
   if [ $IUSER != 'root' ]; then
      if [ $USER == 'root' ]; then
         echo -e "${bldred}This script will not run under root privilages unless in a chroot environment.${txtrst}"
         exit 0;
         echo -e "${bldgrn}Non-chroot environment detected applying changes for $IUSER in $DESTINATION.${txtrst}"
      echo -e "${bldgrn}Chroot environment detected. You are '$IUSER 'and your home is '$IHOME${txtrst}"
      mkdir -p /etc/skel/.config/mate/

   # Reset wallpaper counter

   # Let the fun begin, engage the timer

   # Is mate installed?
   if [ -e /usr/share/xsessions/mate.desktop ]; then
      echo -e "${bldgrn}Mate session detected. Building XML file for all backgrounds & wallpapers.${txtrst}"
      mkdir -p $IHOME'/.config/mate/'
            echo '<?xml version="1.0"?>' > $DESTINATION
            echo '<!DOCTYPE wallpapers SYSTEM "mate-wp-list.dtd">' > $DESTINATION
            echo '<wallpapers>' > $DESTINATION
   for i in "${FOLDERS[@]}"
      cd $CURRENT
      echo -e "\n${bldgrn}Processing Folder: "$i"${txtrst}\n"
      if [[ -d $i ]]; then
         cd $i
         ls *.{jpg,png} > $TEMPFILE
         if [ -s $TEMPFILE ]; then
            cat $TEMPFILE | while read FILE
               target=$(echo "$FILE" | sed -e "s/ /_/")
               NAME=`echo ${FILE%.*} | sed -e "s/\b\(.\)/\u\1/g"`
               EXISTS=$(cat $DESTINATION | grep "<name>$NAME</name>")
               if [[ $i == $3 ]]; then
                  FILEPATH= $CURRENT/$3
               if ! [[ $EXISTS ]]; then
                  #NAME=${FILENAME| sed -e "s/\b\(.\)/\u\1/g"
                  WALLCOUNT=$(($WALLCOUNT + 1))
                  #ln -s /backgrounds/$FILE ../wallpapers/$FILE
                  echo -e "${bldgrn}Adding Wallpaper $WALLCOUNT: "$FILE" Named: "$NAME"${txtrst}"
                  echo '  <wallpaper deleted="false">' >> $DESTINATION
                  echo "    <name>$NAME</name>" >> $DESTINATION
                  echo "    <filename>$FILEPATH/$FILE</filename>" >> $DESTINATION
                  echo "    <options>stretched</options>" >> $DESTINATION
                  echo "    <shade_type>solid</shade_type>" >> $DESTINATION
                  echo "    <pcolor>#000000000000</pcolor>" >> $DESTINATION
                  echo "    <scolor>#000000000000</scolor>" >> $DESTINATION
                  echo "  </wallpaper>" >> $DESTINATION
                  echo -e "${bldylw}$NAME is already in the list, not adding.${txtrst}"
            echo -e "${bldred}ERROR: No images found in $i${txtrst}"
         echo -e "${bldred}ERROR: $i folder not found.${txtrst}"
         exit 0;
      echo '</wallpapers>' >> $DESTINATION
      # Clean up
      if [[ -f $TEMPFILE ]]; then
         echo -e "${bldgrn}Cleaning up.${txtrst}"
         rm $TEMPFILE
      # Report findings to end user
      if [[ -f $DESTINATION ]]; then
         echo -e "${bldgrn}Successfully generated: $DESTINATION${txtrst}"
         echo -e "${bldred}ERROR: Failed to generate $DESTINATION file not found.${txtrst}"
      mkdir -p gnome-background-properties/
      echo '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>' > $XML
      echo '<!DOCTYPE wallpapers SYSTEM "gnome-wp-list.dtd">' >> $XML
      echo '<wallpapers>' >> $XML
      ls > tmp.txt
      cat tmp.txt | while read FILE
         target=$(echo "$FILE" | sed -e "s/ /_/")
         #ln -s /backgrounds/$FILE ../wallpapers/$FILE
         echo $FILE
         echo '<wallpaper>' >> $XML
         echo '<name>'${FILE%.*}'</name>' >> $XML
         echo '<filename>/usr/share/wallpapers/'$FILE'</filename>' >> $XML
         echo '<options>Zoom</options>' >> $XML
         echo '</wallpaper>' >> $XML
         echo $FILEZ
      echo '</wallpapers>' >> $XML
      rm tmp.txt
      rm ../gnome-background-properties/tmp*
      rm ../gnome-background-properties/wall.xml

# Help system - I have re-wrote this section to work with code-cleanup.
function Help() {

   if [[ $2 == "" ]]; then
      if ! [[ $3 ]]; then

   case $PRAM in
      echo -e "${bldgrn}Usage: $PROGNAME -<-COMMAND> [OPTION]${txtrst}"
      echo -e "Mandatory arguments to long options are identical for short options."
      echo -e "  possible commands..."
      echo -e ""
      echo -e "  -h   --help      this help message"
      echo -e "  -s   --scan      scans for wallpapers"
      echo -e "  -v   --version   dump version info and exit"
      echo -e ""
      echo -e "${bldgrn}$PROGNAME --help [COMMAND] for further information.${txtrst}";;
      echo -e ""
      echo -e "${bldwht}Usage version;${txtrst}"
      echo -e "${txtgrn}$PROGNAME -v${txtrst}"
      echo -e "  Displays $PROGNAME version number and exits.";;
      echo -e ""
      echo -e "${bldwht}Usage scan;${txtrst}"
      echo -e "${txtgrn}$PROGNAME -s [FOLDER]${txtrst}"
      echo -e "  Scans common folders for wallpapers and adds them to be displayed in mate."
      echo -e "  By default will scan /usr/share/backgrounds/ and /usr/share/wallpapers/"
      echo -e "  Make found images show up in appearences dialog in mate."
      echo -e "  Optionally will scan your [FOLDER] of your choice."
      echo -e "\n${bldgrn}Example: $PROGNAME --scan ~/wallpapers/${txtrst}";;
      echo -e ""
      echo -e "${bldwht}Useage Help [COMMAND];${txtrst}"
      echo -e "${txtgrn}$PROGNAME -h [COMMAND]${txtrst}"
      echo "  Displays this message. For futher information $PROGNAME help [COMMAND]"
      echo -e "  or refer to the manpages."
      echo -e ""
      echo -e "  man $PROGNAME"
      echo -e "${txtgrn}"
      echo -e "  Example: $PROGNAME -h version"
      echo -e "${txtwht}  Will display help about the command version${txtrst}"
   exit 0

# Dump Version information
function VersionDump {
   echo -e "${undwht}$PROGNAME $VERSION, $BUILDDATE${txtrst}"
   echo -e "GNU $PROGNAME home page: <http://$WEBSITE/>."
   echo -e "E-mail bug reports to: <theemahn@$WEBSITE>."
   echo -e "Be sure to include the word $PROGNAME somewhere in the Subject: field.${txtrst}"

# Command line pre-processor - this section of code is where your functions are called.

    case "$1" in
      -h|--help|-\?) Help $*; exit 0;;
      -s|--scan) ScanWall $*; exit 0;;
      -v|--version) VersionDump; exit 0;;
      *) Help; exit 0;;

Bash Completion (/etc/bash_completion.d/wallscan):
Code: Select all
# Debian wallscan(8) completion.

have wallscan &&
      local i

      for (( i=0; i < ${#COMPREPLY[@]}; i++ )); do
         if [ ${#COMPREPLY[i]} -le 2 ]; then

   local cur cur_nodash prev


   if [ $COMP_CWORD = 1 ]; then
      # first parameter on line
      case "$cur" in
         COMPREPLY=( $( compgen -W 'scan' \
                   $cur_nodash ) )
         return 0
         COMPREPLY=( $( compgen -W 'scan version help' ${cur_nodash#-} ) )
         return 0
         COMPREPLY=( $( compgen -W 'scan version help' ${cur_nodash#-} ) )
         return 0
         COMPREPLY=( $( compgen -f $cur ) )
         return 0

   if [ $COMP_CWORD = 2 ]; then
      case "${COMP_WORDS[1]}" in
         # standard filename completion
         COMPREPLY=( $( compgen -f $cur ) )
         return 0
         # standard filename completion
         COMPREPLY=( $( compgen -f $cur ) )
         return 0
         # complete on list of relevant options
         COMPREPLY=( $( compgen -W 'help scan version' ${cur_nodash#-} ) )
         return 0
         # complete on list of relevant options
         COMPREPLY=( $( compgen -W 'help scan version' ${cur_nodash#-} ) )
         return 0
complete -F _wallscan wallscan

The precompiled deb:
Ultimate Edition Wallscan Initial public release.
(6.96 KiB) Downloaded 397 times
Home of Ultimate Edition. Got a question? Please review the F.A.Q. Browse the How to section.

Main O/S: Builder of O/S Guess.
Mainboard: ASUS Hero VI (AM4)
CPU: AMD 1700X water cooled (Deepcool Captain Genome Cooling tower)
Ram: 16 GB GSkill Trident RGB Series Dual Channel DDR4 3200
Video: MSI RX470 8GB Gaming card.
Hard Disks: MASSIVE on the network.(10 Gigabit, 48 port, multiple servers)
Monitors: Dual 4K 43" LG, 4K Samsung 28"
750 Watt modular PSU (Rosswell)
1100 Watt Amp & 4 X 600 Watt speakers

Servers in the basement.
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