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How to establish a 3g mobile broadband autoconnection

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How to establish a 3g mobile broadband autoconnection

Postby Gilgamesh777 » Wed Nov 13, 2013 11:09 am

Solution 1:

1- create a shell script as follows (Replace "Tunisie Télécom / TUNTEL WEB DATA" with the name of your Mobile Broadband connection name):

Code: Select all

while true; do
    LC_ALL=C nmcli -t -f TYPE,STATE dev | grep -q "^gsm:disconnected$"
    if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
        #jdownloader is still in the download status so stop it because
        #internet is disconnected and jdownloader won't resume download
        #when connected again
        #jdownloader --stop-download
        #sometimes I can not get connected after disconnection when
        #I click on <name of the network connection>. I have to disable
        #and enable Mobile Broadband
        nmcli -t nm wwan off
        sleep 1
        nmcli -t nm wwan on
        sleep 1
        nmcli -t con up id "Tunisie Télécom / TUNTEL WEB DATA"
        #wait approximately 15 sec to get connected
        #if anyone can add better command to check for it just comment it :-p
        sleep 15
        #now connected to internet so start download
        #jdownloader --start-download
    #it does not worth keep it checking every millisecond.
    #my connection will be reestablished within 5-15 seconds
    sleep 2
    #if anyone can code it better please feel free to comment
    #TO-DO:: check for data received. if data < 15 KB after 20 seconds of connection
    #reconnect mobile broadband connection 

2- Save it and give it execution permission then add it to Startup Applications.


Now it will connect automatically at startup and if connection is dropped.

Solution 2 :

1- get the attached script below

2- extract it to your home folder (or somewhere safe) and make it hidden by placing a dot before it like this (so that you won't accidently delete it)

3- Give it execution permission like this: rightclick on it, go to "properties", then navigate to "permissions" then tick "Allow executing file as program"



4- go to the Mint menu and type "startup applications"

5- click on "add" then "browse" opposite to "command" field to give the directory of the script (your home folder or wherever you've placed it) then give it a name in the "name" field, for example mine is "Tunisie Télécom / TUNTEL WEB DATA".


That's it guys!

Script attached below!
(741 Bytes) Downloaded 200 times
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