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Some Adjustments for Gnome 3.8

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Some Adjustments for Gnome 3.8

Postby BBOSAK2143 » Sun Jul 07, 2013 9:00 am

Am hoping this help topic comes out well this time and apologize for my lack of understanding how to get these pictures inline. They are in jpg format as to conserve on the upload as my Internet Provider is costly at points!!!! So please if comes out well replace in How To. If not will keep trying to get right so others can benefit. As stated earlier took me hours days and weeks to accomplish some of these things successfully as am not the brightest in the world!!!! Is a difficult desktop but one I love the best. Have ksnapshot and yes it does name the files nicely and works fine. Of course I use gimp to switch as size wise are over a meg a piece. Have a download limit of 5 gigs per month and it goes by very fast!!!! Have to remember web pages are costly as they no longer appear cheap and most everywhere has great looks on their sites!!!! Here's second try:

Gnome 3.8 is one beautiful desktop but problems can occur when different elements such as out of bounds geometry/coding aspects from themes outside of the standard ones issued with Gnome. Problems are countless and in no means can I cover all issues but will add some things to help users gain a little more control. Problems/Solutions will be covered by wording and illustrations ().

A problem can occur from a simple change of font style when a theme is not in proper sequence as in (1) this incident occured when wording in theme did not support system font change from normal standard(ubuntu) to urw chancery l. What you see pictured here is upper taskbar in Gnome 3.8 Flashback is completely empty. Also in this picture you can notice Home icon is visible on the desktop still. I suggest to always have least that one icon as to quickly resolve problems. From this picture one might have the reflex to just hit power off button, which I completely do not support and urge against. If you decide to quickly reboot to check for desktop not loading properly press "alt" + "ctlr" and "F12" then "alt" + "ctlr" + "del". That will reboot in a few minutes and allows processes to quit properly.

For those that have the suspicion their theme is the culprit the following will help restore the desktop. From your home icon open and proceed to usr/share/applications/Tweak Tool and click it open. Next, open terminal preferrably Terminator as illustrated. {Side note for adjusting preferences,right click(mouse) on terminal screen (2)} Next in (3) you can see the offending/problematic theme has been changed to Ambiance Brown(adjustment to standard theme) but I highly suggest the more standard themes unless you have done a successful change as this one. Standard such as Adwaita and Ambiance are themes written correctly. Next, in terminal that is opened already issue the command "gnome-panel --replace" as shown.

In (4) you can see the command was issued twice. Not always will first command fix the panel. The panel is back up but not as it was originally adjusted, in which to contain transparency aspects. First, I suggest to log out then back in of course "DO NOT SHUT OR CLOSE TERMINAL" IF you do will have to execute command again. Assuming terminal is open, log out the back in and your taskbars should be in tact. Next to make the adjustments you want including(as I did) adding any applets to it press "super user(alias windows key)" + "alt" while right clicking your mouse. A small window appears with 4 choices upper reads add to panel underneath preferences(5) shows both preference windows open for upper and lower taskbar. Many adjustments are available but I advise caution when adjusting size of taskbar as some themes will not support it! Also positions of taskbars can be changed or swapped! This means upper can take lower's place and viceversa. The next two options on the 4 option screen of delete panel and new panel are for users that are more experienced or that just want something a little more different. You get the option when creating your own panel in the same notion as in the xfce desktop. Have done that on the laptop but the standard is more preffered.

Next for those that enjoy a little walk on the wildside with current fonts I am using or other than standard, plus a neat little color change here is two examples (6) and (7). Unfortunately, I am not able to get a proper picture of the change to gdm which is quite unique and a lot less boring than the standard login! Of course since coloring is not the easiest task as some believe I will unfortunately not discuss much of it. For now will just state most changes from the color white to yellow can be done simply by taking the last two digits out and adding 00. For terminals such as lxterminal you must go into the program itself to make color adjustments. For text change can be done easily by opening the terminal window and clicking under file on preferences. Some terminals such as Gnome do not have urw chancery l font as a choice. Of course presently I avoid that as I highly enjoy that font type. Konsole does not work at all for me so I can not make suggestions for change on that, but most others can be changed easily color wise within preferences.

In the 2 illustrations you will also notice the fonts are urw chancery l. The only way to accomplish this is add "font-family: urw chancery l,cursive;" line to gnome-shell.css and gnome-classic.css in usr/share/gnome-shell/theme. This has to be done in root sudo or gksudo and gedit or geany. Simply add the font-family line with your choice save and gdm, gnome and gnome-classic will acquire the change. Flashback must have its fonts adjust with Tweak-Tool! Hope this helps all and as always best wishes to all!!!!

1_Flashback _Empty _taskbar.jpg

2_Terminator _and _Preferences.jpg

3_Change _theme _and _replace _panel.jpg

4_Command _executed_ panel _replaced.jpg

5_Taskbar_ upper _and _lower _adjustments.jpg

6_Gnome_ desktop.jpg

7_Gnome_ Classic.jpg
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