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Installation Fails

Help & Support for Ultimate Gamers Edition.

Installation Fails

Postby Lupinia » Mon Apr 29, 2013 3:52 pm

Hello everybody

I'm new to Linux, just know a little bit about openSuse and Ubuntu, but just very few.
I'm swiss so sorry for my bad english :)

I have following problem: I can't install Ultimate Gamers Edition.

I have:

2 Intel Xeon CPU's at 2.40 GHz (each one has 8 cores)
6x 1 TB HDD (which one I don't really know but it's 6 times the same)
a 3ware 9650 SE 8LPML RAID Controller (who is needed to use the 6 HDD's)

I use a RAID 5 over those 6 HDD's

I also have a Floppy with the driver for the RAID controller on it.

May it be that I cant install Ultimate Gamers because it doesn't know my HDD's?

What can I do?

I also tried to run the WUBI thin from the existing Windows 7 Professional but also this didn't work.
U.E. Newbie
U.E. Newbie
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Re: Installation Fails

Postby Micro » Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:34 pm

Hey Lupinia welcome. First off I'd like to advise you to take full advantage of your disks and go with a RAID 10 over RAID 5, especially since your controller is capable. Second would be that I am assuming you have the Linux driver on the floppy. Then all you need to do is follow 3ware's instructions on how to install the driver on Linux. 3ware supports most Enterprise Distros and you can also compile it on non supported distro's too. (may be what you need to do as Ultimate Edition Gamers is not an Enterprise Server. But if they have an ubuntu driver it may work.) Once the drivers installed the disks will be recognized by the OS. Also there is a Linux Gui Tool for the newer 3ware controllers at Keep us posted and if you run into any issues, we are here to help...
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