Install Ultimate Edition on Old computers(use zram+preload)

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Install Ultimate Edition on Old computers(use zram+preload)

Postby pam » Sat Mar 30, 2013 6:13 am

This is already known, but makes a night and day difference on really old computers with less memory and cpu power.
Install zram.
zram is a program that runs in ram and uses ram as swap instead of caching data to hdd when memory runs out.
It also compressess the data when caching to ram..

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sudo apt-get install zram-config

the above will install for Ultimate Edition 3.4 lite and Ultimate Edition 3.5, on older Ultimate Edition's do the following to install:

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sudo add-apt-repository ppa:shnatsel/zram

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sudo apt-get updat

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sudo apt-get install zramswap-enabler

now to check whether its working from terminal do the following:
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 cat /proc/swaps

Alternatively you can use the graphical utility 'disk-utility' whose correct name is 'palimpsest'...
you can even do a read-only benchmark on the partition.

Another program called 'preload' is already installed and running on Ultimate Edition. Its a read ahead daemon (something that stores preliminary information of programs most often used). You can tinker and change values in /etc/preload.conf to see the effects(not needed)...
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