Is Ultimate a LIVE cd/dvd Distribution?

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Is Ultimate a LIVE cd/dvd Distribution?

Postby jamvaru » Thu Oct 11, 2012 3:30 pm

Sorry for the dumb question. I am downloading 3.4 and of course will soon find out if it is live or not for myself. But, I just noticed that I couldn't find any reference to it being live on the main site, though there were some, a few, on the forum when I did a search for live dvd.

I saw on distrowatch that it is a fork of ubuntu and mint, which are both live, so it is probably live.
And I even have it installed on another partition (I'm using mint 13 mate, right now) but I don't remember if it was a live install disc or not.

I know Ultimate Edition is a sort of hard-core no BS distro, but a bit more shine on the website might be helpful for 'newbs'. I'm planning on giving it away during my speech on gnu/linux for my college speech class. It was this or PCLinuxOS full monty, which I didn't have as good of a time with, personally. So... also giving away a cd of wattOS for those with ancient rigs.

posting this mostly as a protest for more website info, lol
;] jamvaru
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Re: Is Ultimate a LIVE cd/dvd Distribution?

Postby pam » Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:50 pm

yup. Ultimate Edition 3.4 is a "live ditro" which you can try without installing.

Same situation as you. Ended up with this distro after trying full monty.
Also agree this site does need more bling(+informative), unlike its sister site: ---- which is pretty heavy duty.

Download Ultimate Edition and Oz Unity 3.0 from copy:-
Download Ultimate Edition from sourceforge:- ... rce=navbar
Download Oz Unity 3.0 from sourceforge:-
Download Ultimate Edition torrents from linuxtracker:- ... 0&active=1
Download Oz Unity 3.0 torrents from linuxtracker:- ... 0&active=1
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