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HELP the DEV team make Ultimate Edition better

Older versions of Ultimate Edition

HELP Ultimate Edition dev team & pclinuxguru make Ultimate Edition better

Poll ended at Tue May 01, 2012 4:33 pm

More is better bloated is fine with me
Less is more hand pick the apps
Lets toss in other desktop UI's (increased dev time)
Lets stick with gnome classic as our UI
ISO 3.5 Gb to 4 GB
ISO 1.8 GB to 2.4 GB
ISO 2 GB to 2.2 GB
Total votes : 290

Re: HELP the DEV team make Ultimate Edition better

Postby MoRZiLLo » Tue Oct 15, 2013 12:32 pm

Hi all! Thanks for all years of develop upload and everything work with Ultimate Edition distros. Great Job done! <BREW>

I'm using some distros as usual(and casual) and sometimes, play a little with win7, but i'm tried to learn and install GNU/Linux from march 1993 to today.
Very long time trying distros, ubuntu's, debian's, slack's and all derivates.

The better and stronger based Ubuntu is Ultimate. And use Gamers from 1.x to actually in a variety of computers and "rigs?" sorry...

I installed Ultimate Edition 3.5.1 LTS 64bit and runs fine, with all packages running like a charm and some cool news from older Ultimate Editions.

This is the best(when new version is out is the best), but is based on crappy 12.04LTS. Not the best Edition to LTS'ing like Maverick 10(for me the best ubuntu).

I like debian and Debian based distros like Mint LMDE.
I hate New KDE, New GNOME and Unity desktops.
I like old Gnome's openboxes and the newest XFCE!!!!! And love LXDE and E17.

In this 3.5.1 Edition have all desktops to test and all running well(includes i hate).

But some problems and little request for the new "era" of gamers to implement in future releases of Ultimate's.

For example: Steam and games in GNU/Linux is coming very fast! Need to implement Joystick's FF, Wheels and a config for them.

Jscal and othe stuff is old and crappy-manual and sometimes crash systems if you don't have the skills to configure well.

I have some Wheels like Wingman Formula Force, MOMO and G27 and micro$oft Xbox360 usb for play emulators and games.

When i use my gamepad in some emu's (Mame, Dolphin-emu, PCSX2 etc..) runs perfect, without FF. I tried to install configure and up in kernel modules the Force Feedback, but is crappy and lot of time cause garbage and crashes.

If you can add this features (like older mandrake 10plf from 1998/99), simple GTK config for joystick devices. But sorry! I'm not a programmer! I only say that if you can implement this feature to newest releases, you can make many people happy :D

Another way...
Newest graphics cards and xorg...

The Xorg(XOGRE!!!) is starting to make me crazy!

Oldtimes, when have XF86Config, all running well and needed 2 or 3 commands for make all stuff running and up.

Now with xorg, all stuuf is complicated and very buggy.
If you have and old graphics card from 2004 to 2008/9 , you can configure in a little short of time and running in minutes.
If you have an high-end or latest graphic card like AMD 7xxx's or Nvidia GTX 7xx's you in troubles!

Nouveau and radeon drivers for newest cards isn't run. From the default instalation or live CD/DVD, you start with this opensource drivers.

I use an old AMD 4870 512MB from 2008 to first October 2013 and play all games and all emu's very well.
The radeon drivers from opensource very fast and with 2 or 3 conditions fails, or not running, but better than Catalyst in some aspect.
I'm not tried newest AMD cards.

I buyed Nvidia GTX660 for 2048Mb of memory only.
Can load some high resolution and big textures in some games.And have Opengl 4.4 and Physx that my Old AMD 4870 with 512mb don't do.

The problem is Xorg and nouveau or NVIDIA Propietary Drivers.
And Catalyst and radeon and XrandR and resolutions.

When i have installed Ubuntu's and other distro's with my Sony Bravia 32" (DFP 32") in HDMI mode, all running well.

When installed new distros from 11.04 based to new saucy's or other, the Xorg putting the screen out of limits and can read or pick some icons.

The computer is the same, the graphics the same, what is the problem? XOGRE!!! :evil:

I can't try the nouveau drivers (i like opensource and the vast work of programmers to implement) and starting to hate Xorg releases.

Well, I'm istalled Nvidia Propietary...If i can't play my games and can't see my desktop....

Nvidia 319...some.... installed :evil:
Start Ultimate....OHHHHHHh MY GODDDDDDD!!! KDE, XFCE, MATE, LXDE or whatever desktop is out of the screen!!!!! GRRRR ARGHHHH!!!!
F#~½~¬ NVIDIA!!!! :lol:

Open my notebook with Ultimate 3.3 LXDE and Firefox....Read read and traduct ton of pages in english i can understand and spanish web, only blame and copy stuff or other people(sorry for spanish people, i'm spanish too, but is reality..)and nothing...

Try to learn some of DFP(Digital Flat Panel) commands and this and this....and BOOM! I found the Command!!!!

Code: Select all
sudo nvidia-settings --assign CurrentMetaMode="DFP-1: 1920x1080 { ViewPortOut=1820x1020+50+30, ViewPortIn=1920x1080 }"

Yeah!!!!!!! This "merely" a fresh BEER! <BREW>

I can see my desktop in the right side and not underscaning(or is overscanning=?? sorry).

Yes, This command need the Nvidia-setting and propietary drivers, but...CAN SEE MY DESKTOP AT FUL SIDE!!! YEAHHHH!!

Sorry for long post(my second post in long time), but i Need to believe in GNU/Linux again, like older and ugly KDE 2, gnome 1 , old windowmaker desktops managers and others(ICEWM) , make the use of GNU/Linux simply for all users.

New desktop managers are better, beautifull and use the power of CPU and GPU, but GNU/Linux and *NIX based Systems made for running in old systems with low memory and old computer stuff.

I like the progress and the fastest and better graphics utils, but...Unity, GNome 3 and KDE 4 is not the correct way.

Always can use XFCE LXDE and other, but it's only my opinion.

Sorry again for "tocho de texto" and for write errors and language, but is the only thing i can for explained my frustration and make better Ultimate Edition if you understand me.
Thanks to all! ::getdown
Processor 2x Intel(R) Core(TheeMahn)2 Duo CPU E6850 @ 3.00GHz
Memory 4048MB (1696MB used)
Operating System Ultimate Edition 3.5.1 LTS
Resolution 1822x1024 pixels
OpenGL Renderer GeForce GTX 660/PCIe/SSE2
X11 Vendor The X.Org Foundation
Audio Adapter HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia
Audio Adapter Audigy - SB Audigy 1 [SB0090]

O.B.H. : Only Be a Human!
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U.E. Newbie
U.E. Newbie
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Operating System: Ultimate Edition 3.5 64 BIT

Re: HELP the DEV team make Ultimate Edition better

Postby Dusty » Wed Apr 02, 2014 7:22 am

I want to say first GREAT JOB to all the Dev team! That being said IMHO I think the single biggest and most important challenge is to make Ultimate Edition contain all the necessary drivers that it can for a flawless install. I am somewhat a newbie to Ultimate Edition and Linux for that matter, but by no means a newbie to computers and networking. The reason that a fast and clean install is most important is that most users are inpatient when it comes to waiting for programs or OS's to install.They will choose the OS that is easiest to install every time. I will give you an example of this. I shared Ultimate Edition 3.8 with four friends this weekend. Each one of them tried to install their copy as soon as they got home. Not one of them was successful. I had verified that their dvds were written correctly and good copies. After spending several hours on the phone trying to help them with the best knowledge I had and the knowledge I COULD Google up or find on the Forums I felt their frustration and told them that I had another build of Linux called Linux Mint fo them to try. I explained that it didn't have nearly the apps and beauty of Ultimate Edition but that maybe it would install on their systems. Each of them rushed over to get their copies I had freshly made. Within 20 minutes of arriving back at their homes each had a working install of Linux. The reason I am elaborating this is not at all to promote Mint or to bash Ultimate Edition but to enforce my point that install ease is number one importance and should take priority over all else. After all what good is all that beauty and apps if you don't get to use them? Each one of my friends are not hooked on Linux, in fact two are discarding their Windows totally and using Linux exclusively. Both of these guys are also taking an older PC and going to try to install Ultimate Edition for their kids. I also happen to have two machines that I cannot get Ultimate Edition installed on yet Mint installs and runs fine, yet I am still trying to get Ultimate Edition working, and will continue until I either collapse from exhaustion or I just give up. I get very stubborn about these things. Each one of my friends asked me why
Mint was able to install so easily yet Ultimate Edition could not. Ii did not know what to tell them except that we would continue trying until we succeeded and it would be worth our efforts. After all isn't the main idea to give users a choice over Windows and if they get frustrated trying to install Linux they will never get that choice. I hope I didn't upset anyone with my input. And btw an app that I personally have come to love is Kate and I think it would be a welcome addition to the pre-installed apps.

Thank you again guys for all your hard work!
I will be donating again on the 3rd to support the cause


mint or to bash Ultimate Edition
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Intel Core i7 4510U @ 2.00GHz 42 °C
Haswell ULT 22nm Technology
8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28)
Manufacturer NVIDIA
Model GeForce 840M
Device ID 10DE-1341
Revision A3
Subvendor ASUStek Computer Inc (1043)
Current Performance Level Level 1
Current GPU Clock 405 MHz
Current Memory Clock 405 MHz
Current Shader Clock 405 MHz
Voltage 0.775 V
Bus Interface PCI Express x4
Temperature 43 °C
Driver version
BIOS Version
Physical Memory 2047 MB
Virtual Memory 2048 MB
2047MB NVIDIA GeForce 840M (ASUStek Computer Inc) 41 °C
ForceWare version: 353.84
SLI Disabled
931GB Western Digital WDC WD10S12X-55JTET0 (SATA) SSHD 38 °C
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U.E. Newbie
U.E. Newbie
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Re: HELP the DEV team make Ultimate Edition better

Postby gregzeng » Wed Apr 09, 2014 4:17 am

Sorry I found this distro & forum now rather than before the vote closed.

I found my own choice of apps to be better than others forced onto me. The exceptions are when the added apps are seriously modified from the bland originals.

KDE is more respectful of screen space. Gnome wastes space on their silly task bar. Gnome needs gkrellm to make up for the lack of KDE's real-time performance monitors.
U.E. Newbie
U.E. Newbie
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Operating System: Ultimate Edition 3.4 64 BIT


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