Ultimate Edition Lite 5.8 (bionic) Is Fast and Reliable

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Ultimate Edition Lite 5.8 (bionic) Is Fast and Reliable

Postby grim-lord » Tue Sep 11, 2018 6:20 am

I just want to to share my experience, when testing the last Ultimate Edition Lite 5.8 (bionic) on live mode on usb stick, is fast and reliable with this new xfce instead of my old favorite mate, even the sound comes with alsa drivers and the internet connects just fine with Ethernet and Wi-fy good job TheeMahn for this great release.

Because my old rig Intel i5 the motherboard is dead or gonna be refurbished because there are no replacements after 5 years hardware, so i pic up a very old hp pavilion laptop to be able to watch movies and latest animes from japan with english subs, because t.v even cable is just too depressing, same o same o.

Like always spend my time trying the new Ultimate Editions Since version 2.4 until this new one Ultimate Edition Lite 5.8 (bionic) Lite, i downloaded from Sourceforge super fast 10 minutes or so and works like a charm, i will install it in dual but with win 7 Ultimate x64, because i just quit win10 1809 always disabling this and that to have more privacy, i have enough of it return to win 7 with 10 skin no more unwanted apps and craps in the background.

Just to say Thank you For keep releasing Ultimate Editions, this is a great compilation off free software, for so many years to come, i hope, good luck and thanks.
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