One weakly i try login to UE5.7 for setup - and dont do it

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One weakly i try login to UE5.7 for setup - and dont do it

Postby helios666 » Wed Mar 28, 2018 6:34 pm

anybody please help me. i download iso Ultimate Edition 5.0 and 5.7 and other. run it - and when have screen gui plasma to login by user "live session user" - press "enter" with blank password - after desktop blink to terminal for 1 second and then again i see login gui. i try change user - i try it 100500 times with different login and password = so : ultimate, guest, Ultimate Edition, ubuntu, administrator, plasma, mate, and other and other words. Use "blank password" and use "caps" words in login and password. I try it in the terminal "Ctrl+Alt+F1" - where I repeat it again and again. The system send my only one = Incorrect user and password. i want to login to run from desktop link installation Ultimate Edition. I used different linux iso livecd and never see so stupid situations. Every livecd with options for install run desktop without any password. How many weeks i must handshack this password for unknown login????????!!!!!!!!!!
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