Having trouble getting a good live usb...Please help

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Having trouble getting a good live usb...Please help

Postby copher » Sat Feb 03, 2018 2:25 pm

Hi folks this is my first post on the Ultimate Edition forums but i have been using Ultimate Edition on and off since Ultimate Edition 1.8

I have been using a few other distros over the last couple years like Ubuntu Studio and LXLE... Im currently running KALI linux but it is to slow so when I heard about the new UE57 i decided to give it a try...but im running into a problem and im hoping you guys can help me get squared away

Here it goes...
Ive downloaded the iso probably 5 times now(because I wanted to make sure I didn't just get a corrupt file...I've checked my midsum also...should be good copies) and have been unsuccessful creating a workable LIVEUSB to get started.
While I had Ubuntu Studio I was using Live USB Creator to make my usb's...Im currently running the latest version of Kali and have been making my usb's with the dd method in the terminal. I have successfully used this method to make liveusb's of LXLE, and ARCH but every time i make one for UE57 I reboot my computer so that i can run the live usb and my computer always boots into the HDD OS.
I have my boot options set to USB first and I haven't had any trouble loading into the live version of any of my other distros. And when I am booted into my regular os and i plug in my usb stick it is recognized and the UE57 logo appears and i can read through all the files...I just cant get it to run in live mode...very frustrating because im really looking forward to checking it out.

Here are the commands im using in terminal to create the LiveUSB...remember Ive had no problems with any of the other distros that i play with

sudo umount /dev/sdb

sudo dd bs=4M if=ue57.iso of=/dev/sdb conv=fdatasync

and yes i changed the name of my iso file for ease of typing in the command line

Alright, there it is...has anyone else had trouble getting going with the new edition or can any of you point out somethim doing wrong or that i could do differently so that I can move forward?

Cheers and thanks for your help in advance
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