Just starting to try UE5 lite

I know it is an alpha... Help and support for Ultimate Edition 5.0

Just starting to try UE5 lite

Postby chuckHe » Sun Jul 03, 2016 2:18 am

Was pretty happy with the UE5Alpha however as well. I am not new to Ultimate Edition, have used several of the earlier versions usually gamers eds.
prime linux right now is mint, but I think I will prefer Ultimate Edition, in the longer term. nor am I a newbie to linux having played ( mostly) with it for2 decades.
One thought TheeMahn, as for a huge gamers edition, most of us that do that sort of thing are likely to be willing to install from APT or synaptic.

Oh one other item, I was happy with the results of the 25G version, Concated right into a file that then went on a FLASH drive (used mintstick iso to flash writer), and it worked great (didn't have a bluray at that time,don't quite yet either).
last thing, TheeMahn, I may be willing to offer some D/L here, while it's a personal machine, the bandwidth is huge (maybe pm?)

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Re: Just starting to try UE5 lite

Postby nascar64 » Tue Jul 05, 2016 7:08 pm

you can try the ultimate edition mint mind look great see the pic,i just installed cinnamon and Wow am very happy.Ray

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