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Unable to Install UE5.5

Unable to Install UE5.5

Postby John Spera » Wed Jun 28, 2017 2:39 pm

I had to build my .ISO on an 8.5 GB dvd. The other 4.7 GB dvd's I have did not have enough free space. The checksum was correct.

When I boot the dvd the message I get is that I do not have enough memory to either install the Live system or to install directly. I use a Ryzen 7 processor with 16 GB of memory. The mother board is the msi x370 sli plus. I use the Toshiba 512GB OCZ RD400 SSD which runs at 32 gb/sec and not the slower Sata3 speed of 6 bg/sec. There is a current Linux distribution on that drive which I plan to overwrite.

I do not know how to do a virtual install method which I noticed in another thread.

I have used the Ultimate Edition distributions in the past and was really looking forward to this particular distribution.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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John Spera
U.E. Newbie
U.E. Newbie
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Re: Unable to Install UE5.5

Postby k3rNeL-p@n1c » Fri Jun 30, 2017 8:41 pm

I tried installing this OS in Virtualbox to test it and I could not get it to run but when I installed it on a USB Stick and used f12 to choose where to boot from and picked USB and ran it Live and did install and manually choose install to disk both ran fine. I would try using a USB with more than 4GB of space, if that doesnt work come back and post more info and someone from this site can help you out
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U.E. Newbie
U.E. Newbie
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Re: Unable to Install UE5.5

Postby Pierre » Fri Jul 07, 2017 8:17 am

I've typically always tested a new ISO in a Virtual Environment
& yes - I've had a few bad ISOs as well.

the most recent was for UE50 32 bit, where it was downloaded several Time,
& all of them would not install into any VB. ..

usually, I'd wait a day or two, or even a week,
for the server's to maybe re-sync & then try again for that ISO.
- this technique will usually work & you do get a working ISO - - eventually.

but, not so with the UE50 32bit - - never did get that to work.
whereas the UE50 64bit was just fine .. .

since it's an LTS - that's why I've been wanting to place it onto my new machine.
- in the end, I've used the 64bit version, instead.

unfortunately - it's very difficult to contact TheeMahn in order to get an original ISO
to be re-uploaded to the various servers .
as such, a bad ISO does get synced to all those servers & you can't get it replaced.
however - most of the ISOs are good & are quite use-able.

which is a rather long way of saying, that the UE55 ISO may be bad,
& that you've got no real way of checking it.
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U.E. Graduate
U.E. Graduate
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Re: Unable to Install UE5.5

Postby k3rNeL-p@n1c » Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:41 pm

Interesting as I can say I have never come across a bad ISO myself but I along with many others did have issues with installing Ultimate Edition 5.4. Finally someone was kind enough to find a work around to the Boot Issue. I typically use a Checksum and then test in a virtual environment like VirtualBox. I have had issue with getting them to install correctly in Virtualbox and am guessing it is something on my end as I have used a USB stick to make it Live and haven't had any trouble. The installation went very smoothly and the OS ran very well.
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U.E. Newbie
U.E. Newbie
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Operating System: Ultimate Edition 3.5 64 BIT

Re: Unable to Install UE5.5

Postby TheeMahn » Sat Aug 26, 2017 5:50 am

5.6 has support for Ryzen & AMD Vega. Probably the only Linux based OS to have it. I built the package for it. 5.5 Has Ryzen support, no Vega.
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Re: Unable to Install UE5.5

Postby Amber » Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:32 am

I was having the same issues trying to use live usb or install 5.4 & 5.5 so I bit the bullet & downloaded 5.6 cinnamon lite alpha works like a dream only used it for an hour or so but had to use a live dvd won't boot from live usb but so far the experience is great keep up the amazing work!

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U.E. Newbie
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