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Oracle Solaris? Anyone tried it?

PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 11:52 pm
by BBOSAK2143
Is the next venture I plan to take on! I am very serious about learning as many OS's as I can. Solaris has been a fascination since days past in Windoze. Naturally I was not half as daring as I am today! I believe I will be able to get a VBOX image so I can study it. Oracle is quite hefty on their language and am not a genius by no means! Since I have only tried one Unix system before, I am very curious of the workings of Solaris. I am also hoping I do not run into some type of subscription. Current monetary situation is terrible! As Solaris seems quite geared towards business and I am heading into that direction with my studies, I feel I need to learn it. I am striving to succeed in becoming a decent choice for an employer. I do not want to re-enter the workforce with only the education I have obtained from school! As many businesses use various OS's I don't want to be left in the dark! Anyway to cut this short and stop killing everyone's eyes, I would like to hear if anyone has tried Solaris and what I can expect! Thanks ahead of time. P.S for Personal usage there is no way you will get me to stop using Ultimate!

Re: Oracle Solaris? Anyone tried it?

PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 12:42 am
by pam
hi BBOSAK2143

You are free to tinker and play as much as you want with Solaris. In usage there is practically no difference vs linux. There are some commands which are native to it though. Solaris is a highly structured os--- if it aint broken never fix it.

A server os primarily and worked on Sunmicro's ultrasparc chip. Since then Oracle got it on x86_64.
A "elder" sibling of linux with a parentage from unix. Solaris is still strictly unix unlike linux with different and changing standards.

Having used solaris most people and myself would not recommend using linux or any other os on the server but after SunMicro's stint and then giving themselves to Oracle most users and corporations still swore by Solaris on their ultrasparc and x64 servers. But that was then :zomb1

It is still used today (limited) but is a stagnated field. Most newcomers will jump onto solaris once they hear something about a more rigid unix os that can run on their system but other than a thrill and a "toy" -- everyone gives up.

Best thing to do -- do one thing do it well.

The biggest reason why people give up solaris is for monetary reasons. You just cant earn anything more than bread and butter.

Re: Oracle Solaris? Anyone tried it?

PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 12:23 pm
by BBOSAK2143
Love the animation looks so awesome!I wouldn't want Solaris as a primary in no means. I know there is a lot of similar traits to Linux. Seems every time I have visited their site, everything is geared towards business! Since I worked for a store that used Solaris, I figure it might be something to look into and learn on the side. Not sure what their VBOX image will give, but am hoping to find Office related software to give me some insight. Their site gives me the impression they are using something besides Open Office. Since I have also seen mention of subscription, I have the big question of "Will I be charged?" if I use it after a certain period of time? At first when I saw the 7gig file size between 2 downloads, was swayed against getting it. Now that I see it has an availability of a VBOX image, sounds good! I do appreciate some of your insight and am very hopeful, you can answer what I am asking in my response. It is very apparent to me you have vast knowledge and can understand more of their wording than I can!!!! Is not I am not knowledgeable, but feel some of their stuff exceeds mine by a few years! I only have a year of College under my belt! I feel most of these people and yourself have at least 4, if not double or triple! Will say again, "Is great to be on here with people that are willing to share their knowledge!" Is the most honorable and commendable thing ever!!!!

Re: Oracle Solaris? Anyone tried it?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:07 pm
by Micro
Have a couple Domain Controllers at work running Solaris on some older sun boxes. No usb ports, no cd drives. Had to build a jumpstart server before clustering these bad boys. Outside of an enterprise environment, Oracle Linux is pretty popular if you are an employee of Oracle. Not so much otherwise, especially with BSD varients available. But to an Open Source person, I will keep my comments about the devil of all companies, oops, lol i mean Oracle, to my self. Not even worth typing.

Re: Oracle Solaris? Anyone tried it?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 11:59 pm
by pch.shot
I like V box for what it is. It works O.K. in a pinch.
Here: A screenie of Ubuntu 12.10.

Re: Oracle Solaris? Anyone tried it?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2012 7:54 pm
by BBOSAK2143
I thought maybe, just maybe the package I downloaded specifically for that VM from Solaris would install! So far have had no luck! Yeah the BSD's are winners!!! They're swift enough to collaborate with Linux(awesome cooperation!) to achieve greatness for both sides! Guess I was crazy to think I would find about the same advancement! Am a little shocked is not at that point! Is like one of those million piece puzzles! Well, right now just don't have the time for it! I thought maybe within a day or two can be set up decent. Nope, not possible! Will be a project once this semester is up and am in between! Will also say any non 64bit system runs perfect anyway! Is not until you get to the 64bit can you tell what is really happening!!!!! Downloading that entire system? NOT! At 7gigs is just a little more time than would want to spend, also cash wise(has to be burned dual sided!). Not a priority as am coming to terms believing will not be a major factor in most businesses. Sure there will be some, and have to learn it for that. Anyway for now is on the back burner. Am a little more excited about putting a new BSD on VBOX! Yes I give VBOX many many runs! Love OS's is so fun exploring and enjoying different functions! Still Ultimate remains the best and in control of my computer! As it should be! You can't leave control to a fool! You have to have the Master and for me Ultimate is the Master!