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Question about building my own linux.

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Question about building my own linux.

Postby Cigam » Thu Jul 24, 2014 4:54 pm

Hi im Aaron im new on the forum but a long time Ultimate Edition user and follower. but I have a question (sorry if its been asked before) but I see there is a Ultimate Edition builder being made.

I have been using Ultimate Edition for quite some time now but I bounce around different distros every so often but I come back to Ultimate Edition because of all the things it has preloaded, but I have been wanting to make my own distro for some time. My problem is I have found a lot of programs that do it (and I know you have made your own to build Ultimate Edition, but I have not tried it) but my question is. Does your Ultimate Edition distro builder let you build a distro thats bigger than the standard 4gb limit? explained in this post: ... pic=2269.0

I ask because I want to make a distro not for DVD but only for USB so it could be bigger than a standard 4gb limit. The only distro I have seen to make one as a dual layer 8gb is an old gamer distro: ... supergamer but I am not sure if its downloadable anymore. The more recent way I had looked at building my own linux was with this: ... ecommended but I believe it still has the same limit.

I just want to be able to put all the games, programs, themes, settings, and customizations that I want all in one distro I could do on an 8gb dvd or bigger if possible. I just didnt know if this was a possibility with your Ultimate Edition builder you are making or if you know of a way I can do it?

thanks :)
U.E. Newbie
U.E. Newbie
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Re: Question about building my own linux.

Postby BBOSAK2143 » Wed Mar 18, 2015 10:10 am

Not only the limitation being there, but when you start moving into the 4gig territory 9/10 the system becomes more unstable. Most systems I build now are a little over 3 gigs and quite packed with software and desktops. Now if you are going to build a simple desktop type like LXDE you would have probably every piece of software Linux has at the 3gig point. I am referring to current OS I built which contains quite a few desktops plus a great number of software programs. Most times any higher than what Ultimate uses or myself winds up having way too many conflicts which also creates an unstable desktop.

Using different program such as Ubuntu-Builder or Remastyers tends to add extra space when OS is put back together. If you can handle building your own OS via Ubuntu-Builder or Remastyers and go from the mini-iso, I sincerely believe you can build most every program your heart desires into it. Believe me, I do this all the time. Currently I have this OS going and on the Laptop am running newest OS I created with just an LXDE desktop and loaded to the gils with programs. Size of it? 2.5gb. By far is the most accurate and effective OS I have ever put together, but seeing as I enjoy messing with themes, will stay with current on the desktop which does very well. Suppose as I keep building these systems, they do improve since I remember where the mishaps occured on previous creations.

Just hope this all helps, since your situation sounds a bit like something I tried a few years ago with Ultimate3.5. I tried to update and add some things and in the end boom, hit that limitation and no build occured. Lot of time and effort for nothing. Still it did teach me to dump any OS after no more than a year. Why? Is outdated and not completely possible to fully update and gain full capability out of it. Presently, I would say I run no OS more than 8 months, since Ubuntu constantly updates to new versions(twice a year). Besides, is enjoyable to buld these things from the ground up. You learn the limitations of the OS and the full capabilities this way. Hope it all helps and saves you time and aggravation. Always state this, since as have said been there and hate to see others go down a path that ends in despair.
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