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So what exactly is linux? What is GPL?

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So what exactly is linux? What is GPL?

Postby pam » Tue Jan 28, 2014 1:34 am

Many people have a blotched view of linux. Sure its free. The truth is, that it is licensed.
-RMS, ESR and other heavy weights, have their take on free software and how linux came about.
-How Bill Gates transformed the software world with proprietary software.
-From RMS's own mouth on what exactly GPL is.
-How BSD came about.
-The creation of linux--by Linus

I remember, even in India, going to MIT was a huge rave back in the nineties. The best brains wanted to be there. But back then nobody knew the evil that reeked that wanted to cull productivity of bright minds and the freedom of improving technology at will.

Sure i here many people saying that there is nothing wrong with proprietary. But yet again everything is wrong with proprietary. Its pretty much like applying for a patent and license on wheat and the whole world has a pay a commission for consumption of wheat. Microsoft has waged wars with anything free software.
Apple has done it, Sony has done it. But both have given back to the Open Source world.

IF you think Linus Torvalds is a good person, there is something definitely wrong with you.
Simply put he is not going to sit around if some bully punches a kid in the stomach, its disturbing and as a human being you will ensure you enforce the right action. Will you question your own faith?

See this film to understand how unix and linux came about. The people who wrote the software and the entities who tried to jeopardize that freedom:
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