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Love, care and respect a dedication to Jackie!

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Love, care and respect a dedication to Jackie!

Postby BBOSAK2143 » Thu Sep 26, 2013 5:42 pm

On Monday, I had one of the most tragic events ever to happen in my life, that brings this all to light. For those of you that do not know, I have 11 cats or is sad to say only 10 now. 7 of the cats were kittens to a cat that was just above age of kitten when she was given to me. When my neighbor asked if I would consider taking in a stray that was on her property, I said "Yes". At that point I did not know what I was getting into! I already had 2 cats and had only 6 months earlier lost another around the same age to a poisonous snakebite. That was a tragedy also, but this past Monday was worse.

See now this just above kitten 4months old(guess) we named Jackie. At first thought was a boy but then found out was a girl. Anyway Jackie stole our hearts right away. My girlfriend and I were totally smitten and taken by her, she was very very lovable. A few months down the road another cat wandered by and my girlfriend mistook him for one of our cats. He was also a real smoothie! I let him in and yes neither was fixed, so that is where the other 7 come from. He had his own home as eventually became very insisting on going out and soon as we opened the door, he never came back! We also did find out where his home was as to make sure he had one! Very loving people also! The other cat was found by my girlfriend to be homeless and with her huge heart she brought her home.

When Jackie had her kittens 3 years ago this past Feb 10, she knew she was deeply loved by us. She did not get upset one time, with either of us handling those kittens at just a day or two old or even just minutes old! I never saw this before, but of course as time has moved on, I have built up more love and respect for all life! At first the both of us said "Maybe we will just keep two" as days passed, we had no heart to ever separate her from her family. Even as they grew to larger than her, they just all played and loved each other. It is one of the most precious things on this earth to observe how animals treat each other with such kindness, respect and love! Most times all of us need to see this more.

Well, Jackie loved to go outside and we were not overly fond of it, considering we lost a cat(Tabitha) to a poisonous snake bite. Still, she would sneak out but was good about it and always in by nightfall. Jackie was kind of small but was one hell of a mouse catcher and caught birds here and there. She loved the outdoors and once inside was always greeted with love by her now grown kittens. Occasionally, one or two of the kittens have gone outside and is scolded by us as we just do not want that! Is very hard to loose an animal as they are part of our families.

Monday, the worst possible fate hit us all. Somehow Jackie had gotten her left rear leg caught between the top of the garage door and electrical wiring that was overhead. This wound up crushing her leg. At the time I did not know as am no vet. Now most animals when hurt, generally will not let you go near them. I saw this when I was young with my parent's cat. Jackie knew and always felt the love and she stayed there under the deck of our house and waited for me to pick her up. To me was horrifying to see the damage to her. I kept reassuring her she would be alright as my girlfriend called to find a animal hospital.

Was 17 miles away and this whole ordeal with me comforting Jackie had gone on for about 2 hours when we finally reached the animal hospital. When the vet examined her, I was given 2 options. The vet told me the leg was gone and not fixable. The 2 options were to amputate or put to sleep. It was a no win situation! If I made the call to amputate, we have 2 large dogs and 10 other cats for her to contend with during recovery. Then the added possibility, infection would take her life anyway. Finally, after talking with my girlfriend on the phone, her mother which had driven myself and Jackie, we all decided best was to put to sleep. As I say no win! Am still devastated by this tragedy! Forever, I will miss hearing her cry and seeing her so playful with her family. I also see how devastated her offspring and is terrible to see.

I must have cried for a day straight as I thought about this tragedy! Then it came to light. We all had showed each other love, care and respect. Now that is something I challenge everyone out there to give to each other whether is person or animal! I know at times is hard to admit we are wrong, or as some of our egos think cave in! Am here to say is worth it! Life is way to short! It may take a few more minutes to work something out with someone, but is well worth it. I have been to a few of my own friend's funerals, which at this point is terrible since I am only 50! Not only that some of these friends were way in the past and did not even see their 31st birthday. I feel the loss everyday, but I do not have any regrets! I always treated them the same as I treated Jackie and I know they also left this life with that in mind! So I just hope everyone here can understand this point and pass it on! There is just nothing better than the closeness we can share with each other thru love, care and respect!

In loving memory of Jackie our beloved cat who showed this way of life to the utmost! God rest her merry soul and keep her always and treasure that love as we did!
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