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I approve this message

Postby BBOSAK2143 » Fri Jul 29, 2016 6:49 pm

I wish I had a dime for every time I hear that lousy line on TV. Generally, it is used in context with someone running for political insanity would say. Sorry, I am not really into politics at all. Reason is, has become to bloated with promises in the dark(Yes, Pat Benatar we know what that song meant). Any way, I have thought about putting some kind of spoof on You Tube to try and spark these morons into telling us what they are going to do instead of how bad a person their opponent is.Goes like this:

"Hi, I am Joe Ho, I am running for any office you need to to fill. My opponents suck, so do not by no means vote for him/her. I am not going to tell you what I will do in office, but will say I am great and the perfect person for the job. Why am I so perfect? SImple, my opponents suck. I will never admit the former holder of this open office ever did anything worthwhile in office. In fact, I will just go on and on about what a terrible and evil person this is.Will I say anything about my past, NO! I am just going to show you bogus pictures of myself looking as if I am actually doing something and with a smile phonier than a 3 dollar bill. I am Jo Ho, And I approve this message. Why do I approve this message? Simple, because it makes me sound official and strong enough for any lame headed brainless wonder to simply vote for me."

Of course above statements do not reflect on any of my aspirations. Main thing I would love to see happen is a rest to the cut downs and slander stated on TV. Personally, I would approve that. I find it very ironic some mad bomber or shooter can be examined thoroughly on the news, while these candidates we do not know a single reality about them. If it were up to me things would be very different. See, when I start a job, I always have some trial period. I honestly believe the same should be in affect for these candidates when they are elected and start their term. I mean, why not? Think about it, the rest of us out here have these trial periods, so why not? I will bet even the simple threat of that happening, would promote better responses and actual representation of what American citizens need for leadership, right?
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