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Lite won't allow Logon to KDE and...

Help & Support for Ultimate Edition Lite

Lite won't allow Logon to KDE and...

Postby dougal » Mon Oct 03, 2011 7:49 am

I am running 3.0 Lite through VirtualBox which is installed within my Ultimate Edition 2.9 64bit environment.
If I Logout and try to Logon to any other desktop environments, I can only Logon to those based on Lubuntu.
Openbox, Gnome and KDE won't open. I can't get past the Logon with KDE and Gnome and Openbox goes to a grey screen and does nothing more.
What might be the problem here?
I wanted to see how KDE might behave in 3.0 Lite but, it looks like I will have to wonder a bit longer.
I also have Ultimate Edition 2.9 running through VirtualBox as a test bed for the odd thing in case anything screws up. I can Logout here and back into the KDE environment (albeit a bit slow due to lack or RAM, 2Gb allocated though...).
I had a quick look at setting the apperance to my taste but, stopped as soon as I remembered how bloody awful the 'Settings Manager' applet looks. It remonds me of the old Windows, PCTools envirnment windows from the eighties and eraly nineties - how ugly they look now.
With KDE looking so pretty otherwise how on Earth can someone build a Distro with such awful looking applet windows.
I promptly shutdown KDE once again. I look at it now and then just to see how it behaves as usually something goes wrong with my graphics when ever I try to run KDE for any real length of time and I have to return to the Gnome desktop.
I don't mind Gnome, I have it configured to what I like to look at when working and it is very functional. KDE though, has some nice looking little touches that I can't quite put my finger upon. Maybe it is the fonts, I'm not sure but, it just looks fractionally nicer the way buttons and so on are laid out along with very delicate borders to the windows which still allow a good edge for the pointer to pick up. I dislike the width I have to set my window borders to in Gnome with Emerald. If I set the border frame width to a really thin frame then the pointer has difficulty picking up the window edge and becomes very frustrating.
Something needs to be done about this to bring it to perfection so that really thin frames can be picked up by the pointer just as easily as normal or wide borders. This will allow really cool window designs without compromizing functionality - yes?
Anyways, I'm rabbiting on here, sorry, must be my age...
Should I be able to Logon to the KDE environment in 3.0 Lite - that is my question.

Serious Ultimate Edition user with little talent but, stacks of enthusiasm and willing to help anyone as much as I humbly can...
Main OS: Ultimate Edition 2.6 on all my machines (can't live without Emerald)
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Re: Lite won't allow Logon to KDE and...

Postby billhedrick » Mon Oct 03, 2011 9:22 am

short answer: no

Longer answer: Lite is just that. It is LDXE based and doesn't have any alternate GUIs (IIRC) KDE is not installed.
You can probably add KDE through synaptic, but my experience is that there tend to be random missing dependencies. Full blown 3.0 (gnome) and 3.1( Gnome KDE, etc.) is coming up real quickly... I know we have said that before, but it's much closer.
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Re: Lite won't allow Logon to KDE and...

Postby cowboy » Mon Oct 03, 2011 5:18 pm

I have dealt with KDE in Lite...but not in the VirtualBox...
What worked for me in a dual boot with a terminal and paste
Code: Select all
sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

You will be asked for your password, and then do you really want to install..Y
And in the download of files you will be asked for your login manager..I choose lxdm instead of kde.
And the on restart you have the option of what desktop environment you want to start off with in options

Edit: KDE in 3.0 Lite
Chrome and Black wall
Snapshot of desktop

The start of some installs
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