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How-To Check Md5sum & Burn an ISO

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How-To Check Md5sum & Burn an ISO

Postby LeadFingers » Tue Feb 05, 2008 2:37 pm

Ever had an Install lock up part way through?
Start over an have it quit at the same spot?
Chances are pretty good you either have a bad download, or have a bad burn on your ISO.
Before you make a stack of Coasters,
or waste your time & bandwidth downloading it over again,
lets see where it all went wrong.
The first step is to verify that you got a good download, check your Md5sum.

To check your Md5sum:

In Linux
First go to the correct directory to check a downloaded iso file. (example: place d'loaded to= Desktop ..... cd ~/Desktop <-- yes, that is a capitol D)
Then run the following command from within the download directory:
Code: Select all
md5sum name_of_the_ISO.iso

The md5sum should print out a single line:
Code: Select all
b950a4d7cf3151e5f213843e2ad77fe3 this_is_an_example.iso

Compare this Md5sum with the one provided on the download page for your ISO.
If they match EXACTLY, your download is perfect.
If they are off by even one, your download is bad,
you need to download it again. (best to use a different mirror)
For larger downloads it's best to use a Download Manager.
There are many out there, I use Downloader for X ... ad-45.html

In Windows
you need to download a Md5 utility.
there are many out there for free, I like winMd5sum.
A small 180Kb download, integrates well, easy to use.

Install with the default options, close when installed.
Open a Explorer window
go to the ISO you need to check
Right click on the ISO / Send To / winMd5Sum
Go get a cup of coffee or sit on your hands.
If it looks like nothing is happening, just wait.
It takes about 1 minute for every 600Mb.
When the winMd5Sum window comes up,
paste the Md5sum from the download page in the compare space.
Hit the compare button and a window comes up telling you if your Md5sum is the same of different.
If they are different,your download is bad,
you need to download it again. (best to use a different mirror)
For larger downloads it's best to use a download manager. has many that are free.

To burn the ISO to DIsk:

The best way to guarantee you burn a coaster, is to burn at full speed.
Always burn at half speed or slower!

In Windows
If you use Nero (and you have it setup properly)
double click on the ISO
select the drive (in some cases pay attention to CD or DVD format in drive selection)
hit burn
go for 2nd cup of coffee or sit on hands again
(if you even move the mouse during the burn you may burn a coaster)

If you don't have Nero, and your other burning software makes you want to take a large pipe wrench to your computer, unpack the ISO with isoBuster (2.6Mb) and burn as a Data disk

In Linux
copied from Ironmahn's How-To

Burning a disk image in three clicks:

1. First, you’ll need to have a .iso image available for burning. This could be located on your desktop, home folder or I’ve even burned an image using this method over on NFS connection. You’ll also need a blank CD or DVD in the drive.

2.Once you’ve selected your disk image you can right-click the .iso file and select “Write to disk…” (two clicks)

3.This will open a dialog box letting you verify the disk type, size and burn speed. If all is correct (which it normally is) you can click Burn. Sit back and relax. Your disk will be finished in just a few minutes. (one click)

Thank you Ironmahn.

If these steps don't get you all the way through an install,
it's most likely a resolution problem, or a hardware conflict.
Post with as much info on the problem, and system specs.
Someone is sure to help
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