HOW TO INSTALL WINE IN Ultimate Edition 4.3

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Re: HOW TO INSTALL WINE IN Ultimate Edition 4.3

Postby Xanayoshi » Tue Dec 09, 2014 6:36 pm

Winetricks is a script. It can be used via the command line, but I feel you are referencing the GUI. Is Wine installed on Ultimate Edition already, or are you pulling in Wine through the needed dependencies to run Winetricks?

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Re: HOW TO INSTALL WINE IN Ultimate Edition 4.3

Postby Snyper » Tue Dec 09, 2014 10:37 pm

From my experience Wine seems to be broken in Ubuntu 14.10 with Ultimate Edition repositories enabled. Same with tmosb-ing Ultimate Edition 4.4. Wine would fail to install. I'm running Ultimate Edition 4.2 currently (since I couldn't get the tmosb-built 4.4 to thumbos correctly onto my flash drive--it kept being called a windoze ISO and wasn't working) and Wine seems to work fine there, so it really doesn't bother me too much atm.
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