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Changing GDM-theme?

PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 8:46 am
by alfagamma81
How should i be able to do that? I downloaded some gdm-theme(tar.gz) from gnome, where to proceed from here on?

Anyway, lolz I want to say this is some crazy distro! :D I really like it, think i stick with this now on! I mean almost everything is already there(plus more..), all three major DE's(KDE,gnome,xfce), lots and lots of beautiful wallpapers and themes(too many distros out there that look like some nerd engineers wet dream=boring).. Well only thing to complain at this point is: why not include flash-player and maybe google earth, when there is already so much stuff here..? I really think less technical users will go away when they have to struggle to make for example youtube to work(I installed ultimate edition x64, i wasnt able to watch videos with normal 32bit flv plugin, so i had to install 64 bit). Google Earth was easy, adding medibuntu repo..

Anyway nice nice work :mrgreen:

Re: Changing GDM-theme?

PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 10:10 am
by TexasMike
Welcome to Ultimate Edition alfagamma81 !

Regarding your question about the Theme and how to install - If the downloaded file is only an archived version of a .deb file, just extract it and double-click on the resulting .deb file and it will open the DEB installer and you just follow the prompts. Other wise, I think you will have to copy the folder containing the Theme files to /usr/share/themes and set the permissions and ownership the same as the other theme folders there. I could be incorrect about that, however... NOTE: Anyone else with a better answer to this question, please chime in... ;)

As to the reasons that programs such as Google Earth and Adobe Flash Player are not "pre-installed" in Ultimate Edition (or any other OS) - it is because these programs are NOT FREE - they are Copyrighted - and require you the end user to "Accept" their EULA or complete some other requirement for permission to use the program. There may not be any actual "monetary charges" associated with the use of the program, but the program's owner/creator/publisher/etc.. has specified some requirement be fulfilled before you can legally use it. In order to avoid any copyright or other problems with such programs or utilities they are not "pre-installed" so that you, the end user, can complete the program's requirements for use at the time of installation. Basically, such programs require the end-user (you) to meet those requirements before you can "legally" use such software..

BTW: Be sure to check out the articles and posts in the How Tos section of the forum for the answer to many common questions/problems encountered by others - it might save you some typing. I hope I provided some help with your problem, but do not hesitate to ask if you should need any additional assistance - we are all here to assist when able. And, again... Welcome to Ultimate Edition!! <BREW>