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Ubuntu Recovery, is it dated or good?

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Ubuntu Recovery, is it dated or good?

Postby BBOSAK2143 » Mon Aug 05, 2013 1:41 pm

Me, I am going to go with dated! Why? These newer systems are more complex, we need a little more complexity added to recovery. Why? To make it simpler for the new users! Back when I first started using Linux, recovery was a tricky little devil had no clue what to do and generally sent me reloading the entire OS! Now am sure those that have been at this for years will laugh! I know I laugh now, since I now know a simple few words and presto, hour of load time is not wasted and am back to booting to normal desktop. Still, I remember those days and now think there is a need for a change. See, some of us have these multiple file folders all over our systems. Do we remember every single path to those folders? If you say yes, you are either that lady on that TV show that remembers everything. or giving a line of you know what! In real life, we can never remember every little folder and place we created. I mean, why is there even GUI to begin with? So in a world of complex and awesome graphics, why are we then bounced into black and white command line to solve crucial problems? Of course most of you it does not bother, but there are times graphical interface would speed that recovery! I know most are saying "Low Graphics Mode". What if is not working? Yes due to a failed fglrx installation! You say "Oh, but that never happens!" Contrary to belief, yours truly just went through that aspect. I also had an encounter some weeks back and would rather refer to that, since my concept would show how quickly could be solved! So, weeks back I was messing with gnome.css and gnome-shell.css. Why? Generic color is terrible! So I went through all these lines and picked out some snazzy colors to get my login looking a little better! In the process, I forgot the most important thing! At the end of the coloring scheme needed ";" So when I rebooted, no dice! How you would do a gedit in recovery is beyond me at this point. Am sort of swift but no where near most on here!Of course since there is no GUI in recovery, would probably be near impossible to find that line missing ";". Of course I was fortunate to have my flashdrive loaded with my OS at which point went to that switched files, then rebooted found the error on gedit fixed it and went to my strange coloring scheme and fonts. Of course that is not my point! My point is we need something to produce that gui since many times is some foolish, trivial little mistake that can be cured within 2 minutes with GUI versus, command line! Then to add a unique feature which does not exist in Windows safe mode, internet connectivity! Anyone game on this idea????
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