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Been a while!

PostPosted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 11:52 am
by BBOSAK2143
Had to stop back here as things have finally picked up for me and am once again moving forward! When I say moving forward I mean, financially things have greatly improved. No job in technology, but in the auto industry building seats for vehicles I would never drive in a million years! As have stated, I was a School Bus driver who drove many passengers and got paid well to do so. Now that I do not get paid for driving, the passenger deal? Forget it! I feel a mid size car is perfect for going back and forth to work or getting groceries. Trucks and Suvs not for me! If everyone remembers, I used to talk about my 89 Toyota Celica, well R.I.P last May. Coming home there goes the rear main spun like a spinning top and engine locked up. Drove my wife's car for many months until just recently when I bought a 2000 Cougar which just bit the dust last week due to radiator busting. Have made a new deal for you bet, another convertible. This time is a 2002 Mustang with a 3.8. Good enough for me. Ironically, the color of it deeply resembles my favorite Gnome theme Cyana-3D. Yes, my crazy theme still stands the test of time. As said before, even it others may hate it, I still enjoy it deeply. Of course so does my eyes. Looking at computer screens with bright coloring just aggravates my eyes. Was the only reason I ever made themes to begin with.

I felt if my eyes were bothering me looking at black and white themes, others may feel the same. Just hope anyone that has downloaded my themes enjoy them is all. So, computer wise I am out of the dark ages. I just assembled this one yesterday and I feel like I went from a 70 Dart to a 2016 Challenger. Very amazing and strong. OS, still my own and runs nice. I decided to give up on having as many desktops as I could find and just stuck with the ones I always use. As much as I said I was going to boycott Gnome, I can't stay away from that Flashback desktop. LXDE, still great as ever. I do not think I will ever leave Linux as I get the choice of what I want on my computer and that holds me to making these systems. Not one of us has the same exact likes and dislikes or uses for different programs. Linux gives us that individual taste and I will be forever grateful to Linux for that and TheeMahn for getting me started with building as there is nothing more exciting than building computers and systems. Sure, cars were great, but lets face it have to have loads of room to do that. Computers and parts do not occupy that much space so is more fun. Anyway, had to drop a line let all know I am still around. Best wishes to everyone here at Ultimate Edition forum. Still in my opinion is the best forum on the Internet! Take care and will be around here and there.