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Ubuntu15.04 and Gnome3.16?

PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2015 2:19 pm
by BBOSAK2143
Anyone out there accomplish that???? I want to know since I have been at this for days now and all three images refuse to run. This is the very first time since I started building ubuntu's that I have seen this happen, so yes I am completely confused and am up to the possibility that Gnome has finally ousted themselves off of Ubuntu with this one. I took my LXDE 14.10 and updated to 15.04 no problem whatsoever, well can't say that completely as I once 3.14 Gnome was in there had to fix the sky-blue-gnome icon theme I love so much. Other than that works well.

Now, I built 2 15.04's from an updated ubuntu-mini(14.10). Both of those just put Gnome3.16 in there. I wanted to see if they finally dropped the terrible idea they had in 3.14 with combining background with the drop downs. Well, thus far I have not been able to get one of those into the desktop. Now, current OS I use on the PC, that I built from 14.10 was able to update to 15.04 with the 3.14 Gnome desktop. Worked great was fast, nice, but when I proceeded to take it to 3.16 was all over with. No more desktop. So you bet I want to know if anyone out there has had any success with this. I am most curious to find out an answer to my question. I loved creating these themes, but once 3.14 hit, blew it all to kingdom come. Was and am very bummed about this. As I said before, it took me about 2years to come up with the exact idea and actually have it all on screen. Then these fools come along and do something that makes absolutely zero sense at all and it wipes 2years out. Am sure anyone would be ticked.

Since I have been putting these Ubuntu's together since 12.10 and all have always booted directly to the desktop, you bet I am highly confused when now that is not happening. Well, you know the elements and no testing repo's were used, just staging to jump directly to 3.16 instead of 3.14. Since I know the results of 3.14 and hate it, I wanted to see 3.16. So far only 3.16 I can see is in the Bible, least that is readable and visible. In Gnome is not. Anyway will appreciate if someone will give me some yay's or nay's, Okay?

Re: Ubuntu15.04 and Gnome3.16?

PostPosted: Thu May 07, 2015 6:47 pm
by BBOSAK2143
This one kicks out before getting to the desktop something I have yet to see til now. Very strange and of course being a Verizon customer(lucky me!) I have to wait til next week when billing cycle ends, since I was at my maximum allowance. See, this is why I ask questions and keep hoping someone will respond. If I had cable with unlimited downloads, you bet I would have this situation resolved. At many points, I believe since my speed is not the same as cable, it makes a huge difference on how these systems work. When these programs install needs to be in sync. If not, something may not jive with something else. I also have factors such as Wayland desktop I installed along with Flashback that I like the most. So many things to figure and do I appreciate when someone else is working on something close to what I am doing so I can compare notes. I am also willing as you have see to share exactly what is going wrong or right with things I work on.

Now you said, you had it install and then it did not, right? Any idea why not? Any messages? Something flashed by so quick in virtualbox then Gnome-boxes could not make heads or tails out of it. Fascinating aspect though is update to Gnome3.14 worked perfectly and of course all my themes looked terrible on it and in certain areas nothing makes a difference. This is why I crave getting to Gnome3.16 is to see if those disasters have been fixed. Thus far from what I have seen of Gnome3.14 is very sickly and disgusting for people that are professionals to create such a piece of trash. They should be ashamed of themselves to destroy such an elegant desktop by simply not caring what they are doing.

Now, since I have the laptop with my LXDE 14.10, will give a shot building a cheap Gnome3.16/Ubuntu 15.04 this coming week. Since I had two failures and thumbOS is also malfunctioning on current PC's OS, figure I should give a shot on the LXDE one since all works right on it. Since this PC system also failed using TMOSB correctly on the laptop when it was installed, I should have seen that as a major error and not tried to build and OS with it until is resolved. This is why am also asking/trying to see what TheeMahn says about those programs going wrong on that system only, what may be missing or wrong????? If anyone ever says building these systems by scratch becomes easier, is foolish. I will never claim that, since as things move forward in technology it becomes more complex. So, unless you are the one creating these changes is very difficult to keep up with all of them. Anyway all ideas and advice are always welcome. We are all trying to just have the system we want, right?

Re: Ubuntu15.04 and Gnome3.16?

PostPosted: Thu May 14, 2015 7:31 pm
by BBOSAK2143
Not sure if anyone is looking at this post or even cares, but will write what I have been finding out. Modemmanager is a major issue, since does not install. Even if it says it does, does not. So, we have to get these 15.04 developers to wake up and understand that fact. Am hoping since have see oodles of complaints about that fact, someone will work on it and resolve it. Updating from 14.10 to 15.04 seems to work fairly well. I did this with 2 OS's of mine, one Gnome based and one LXDE based. Both did come out with some hassles with gtk, since Gnome3.14 is a TRAINWRECK. Apparently, Gnome has hired some morons to build their desktops after 3.12. Seems many people have turned a blind eye to Gnome as hardly see complaints about it. Of course, if you use no themes at all, should work pretty good. So, all those that see lack of creativity on Gnome-look, there is your reason.

Have found out if you use anything other than numbers in metacity, will fail and not work on 3.14. No clue on Gnome3.16, since have tried to get there 4x and all failed. Since the day I started creating systems, is honestly the first time I have yet to see one get to the desktop. Very amazing and greatly disappointing. I sure hope 15.10 will not be that way. Also very amazing, I received an email for a bug on 13.04??? Two years after the fact???? Very sad. No wonder I do not send complaints in anymore, right? Seriously, I thought 6months was a bit of time, but 2 years???? I could be dead and burried in that time, right? No, don't take that as me getting old, cause that is not happening. Just is an expression is all.

I have not seen gdb work since 13.10 and all attempts to fix it are nil. Therefore, I have not used the apport system anymore. Face it, I change systems every year and sometimes 2 times a year. So, would be foolish for me to file complaints anymore. I need to see other emails and not a thousand replies "We do not know what went wrong, but we are looking into it" Besides, some of it was novice mistakes. I am not a pro, never said I was and am not afraid to admit I make mistakes. I am also willing to take advice when it is comparitive to the situation I am in. If I am in the house and have a problem there, please don't give me advice about a problem in the garage since is not the same, right? I do not want and hope nothing have listed offends anyone. All I want to see is improvement and people using their heads other than just a hat rack. We need more developers and people that honestly care what they are doing such as "TheeMahn".

So, if anyone has a clue on how to get modemmanager to install properly, drop a line please and thank you. I am still after seeing Gnome3.16 on Ubuntu15.04 since on 14.10 will never happen, been there does not work, only get 3.14, so avoid those bogus forums that claim it works since is simply not true. In fact has never been true. I am a fool to believe that possible, but yes I do at time do foolish things. Not age, is my nature. Same point, I will use this post to update what is going on for this build(15.04). If it winds up being abandoned, I will let you know. I do not hide from anyone and do my best to answer questions when time permits. Take care and always best wishes to all.