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Is Linux going downhill?

PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2014 12:46 pm
by BBOSAK2143
I really have to ask this question, since 14.10 is giving me some very negative feelings. Sure, things are working fairly well and of course I am not the greatest OS builder. Still, I am seeing some things outside the realm of my building skills. Now, I love Linux, but I am hoping these things will do a turn around since these are very important aspects(I feel) that makes Linux very special to me. Also, those with great knowledge that have ideas to fix these problems would be great to have your advice as others are also suffering these pangs of 14.10.

First we have Plymouth. On the boot, bye bye plymouth theme, just does not work and thus far no cure for us mere mortals is in sight. Sure there is some complex way, but thus far with my skills, I really do not understand how to fix it. Ubuntu seems to not care this is an issue and just leaves it open.

Next we get to my favorite desktop which is very upsetting. A new design was done on Gnome Tweak and the outcome of it absolutely torches any themes I have created in the past. Some how aspects of the buttons/dropdowns also are contained in the immediate area surrounding the button/dropdown allowing for now separation. So, when I use an image, that image is also surrounding the button, which looks like a turd in a fish bowl. Now, if this aspect was contained in every button, maybe would be alright, but of course is not the case all buttons are not created equal. Of course, if you lack creativity and choose everything to look flat and dismal, it may not have no bearing on theme creation.

Next, active windows have gone to pots on Nemo and many other programs. I guess knowing where we are in location of our desktops is no longer of any importance whatsoever. All settings for Nemo do nothing on gtk-3.0. I have lines and lines of script that make no difference whatsoever on Nemo. The beautiful pathbar I came to thoroughly enjoy with its great functionality has been replaced by cheap looking buttons. Now, I can accept change and looks, but functionality, I have a real issue with. When I am using a file manager be it Nemo, Nautilus, PCMan, I want my location lit up like a light bulb and not hiding in the dark. I am very annoyed and you know ------- off that is dropped and now we are free to get lost in the middle of our file systems. Turning into Windows with that one.

I have tried everything I know of to get that active window to light up, but it stays dark with very and I mean very lame text coloring. Sure, you will say my themes are to blame, but how bout if I tell you same exists on even theme TheeMahn created? You have to really look good to tell that Font of the active window is actually a bit bolder than the others. That effect happens with every theme I have seen, my own included. Now, if I was able to find the exact wording for script, so could fix it in the theme would be happy, but no words I have read or can find make a single difference to Nemo, so I really give a bravo to lousy progress on that and maybe will just boycott Nemo if those words from its developer are not made available to us theme creators so we can once again show that active window as it is meant to be shown.

Next, we have the bottom panel of Gnome Flashback. Of course we know Gnome is aching to dissolve Flashback, so I suspect the nightmares they have invented with messing script up for bottom panel and destroying Gnome Tweak, will help them get their wish. Even on the Gnome and Gnome-Classic desktops the active window on the bottom panel works correctly, so that is how I base my opinion. See Flashback has been around a few years and this has never been an issue. Now, active window on bottom panel does not happen in any theme you see anywhere. Sure active is there, but you have to click on that open window, which is not correct and has never worked that way. As users, that walk away for a few moments, I hope they keep track of exactly what they were working on if they are on Flashback or this will mess them up.

Not sure how many people out here are using the Flashback desktop and are aware of how badly the aspect of Gnome Tweak and these buttons have mangled everything else that functions in a similar manner. Some buttons on Gedit will not light up, since some of their qualities resemble the surrounding area of those drop downs on gnome-tweak. I hate to say, but Gnome Tweak was nice looking back when 3.8 was around but has become severely ugly now and is also very detrimental to many aspects of theme creation, which plain sucks.

I would really love to hear some opinions on all this, if it matters that things work right or not? Have to face it even if you are not using Gnome Flashback, you may be using others that rely on gtk-3.0 and with these errors, I will guarantee you are going to suffer the pangs. Either that or you really do not use your computer for much more than emailing others.

Re: Is Linux going downhill?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 28, 2014 6:38 am
by jslick1jim
With the wholesale changes cause of new hardware advancing so fast, i think things just need to slow down and or catch up a bit. than we should be ok.

Re: Is Linux going downhill?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 28, 2014 11:27 am
by BBOSAK2143
I can see the point with hardware advancing if these things were hardware related. Maybe plymouth could be a hardware related issue, but when it comes to someone not writing script for a function that has always been one way(correct) and now has changed, is a different story. Point and case, the active window on the bottom panel of Gnome Flashback desktop. There simply is no way to distinguish which window is the active no matter how many windows are open.

Next, we have Nemo. Now, myself and probably many others really got used to the way the pathbar was looking with its triangular shape, with a sort of point to the exact place you are in. There are plenty of times, I have had to leave my computer for say a few hours. Windows were open showing the active and the exact path was there to refresh my memory. Now, this creator of Nemo decides, that should be replaced by cheap looking square buttons. Okay, I could get used to it, but only if I can know the exact path I am on. Before, I could light those areas up in red and green, then have a difference of text coloring that is brighter to signify exact location. Now, all that is gone. Any command for nemo-pathbar gives zero results. Any command I can issue for scripting has zero effect on Nemo. Something is terribly wrong with that, wouldn't you say?

Sure TheeMahn can effect great things in OS's since he possesses the knowledge he does. Unfortunately, and I have said before, some others do not feel the need to push the same great quality and ingenuity he does. With Gnome, basically it comes down to someone really did not think about what the results would be if they worded a new design, improperly. How to work around it? I am still trying to deal with that one. Am starting to think my critics redesigned Gnome Tweak and theming so I will give up my hideous theme work? LOL! Of course is not my beef. I am more concerned about everyone having control with the way their desktop looks. Basically, has been the entire reason behind all my work. I want even the least knowledgeable user to have a great choice on how everything looks, so I have always designed most of my themes to effect change easily.

Am also going to list a few more things, but have in mind, since my prowess on creating OS's is not supreme, I may have caused all this?? When a system error occurs I click on gdb since I want to know exactly where the error lies, so I can learn to prevent such things. When I click on gdb, I immediately get the response "unable to find shell". Now granted, I have only been building since Ubuntu 12.10. Now 12.10 even though I screwed up so many things, gdb still worked. Same happened on 13.04 far as messing things up. 13.10 was more refined gdb worked and many other things also with only a few errors. I had learned from a great many mistakes I made. I then proceeded to build 14.10 and for the first time along the way, I saw absolutely no errors. Now, that is very strange, why you say?

I do not have 10 or more years into all this. I only have a few years, I honestly expect to see errors happening on the build, since I am nowhere near brilliant. So, with not seeing any errors, one would think "Wow, I am going to have one great working OS, here" right? Well, I am here to say that is not true. Not only do I carry this problem with gdb(apport) I also carry an error upon every time I reach the desktop. Now this one will probably sound absolutely hilarious to everyone so am going to explain all in full detail.

As everyone knows, I need JET to function on my computer from the get go. So, I install wine-compholio for all this to happen. Install worked fine, no errors, least I saw none. Besides, I have done this on 3 OS's so far that I have built. So, anyway, upon installation of current 14.10 I have built, I received the error "apt-file" This should mean that I would not be able to use wine-compholio until all the suggested things were downloaded and installed, right? Wrong. One click on any browser and goes through the first time setup of wine and presto, I am on JET. So, I ask if that is all working correctly, why do I get that same error every time I boot to the desktop??? I feel something may be amiss with this notification/apport/apt system, but once again I could also be at fault. So am going to ask the question if anyone else has seen what I am talking about???

Still also goes for Nemo and that active window on the bottom panel of Gnome Flashback. I know is working 100% correctly on Gnome/Gnome-Classic as I also used green shading to signify the active window, when I created Cyan_and_Black_BeautyShell3.14 and the .css files for the extensions. This is the reasoning behind my comment that Gnome may be trying to dissolve Flashback by putting errors into it. If people see it working really lame, they will fade from it right? Personally, I am hoping someone else will take up that design, write it correctly. If that were to occur, you bet I will leave Gnome immediately. Some of the things they have done are pretty repulsive when it comes to those of us that enjoy building systems. I could write a ton on that, but is not the point right now, main concern is what I am talking about so all can be fixed for everyone, not just myself.

Re: Is Linux going downhill?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 28, 2014 2:56 pm
by BBOSAK2143
You know when I find a cure for something, I will list it. Remember I was talking about no show on plymouth theme on boot. Okay, simple remedy for this as I have now done it on my own is go to filesystem/boot/grub/grub.cfg of course is under sudo or su whatever your preference. Open with gedit, geany, the go to line 107 where you will see these lines: if [ "${1}" = "keep" ]; then
set vt_handoff=vt.handoff=7
set vt_handoff=

Take those lines and delete them and you will have your plymouth theme working on the boot. While you are there if you can't stand the colors of that screen you can change some of it, but have to use standard colors and I firmly suggest looking up proper coloring. I will give you what I did for that screen as I became bored with the original looks. Yes, you know me, am sick and tired of black and white, the newspaper thing. Anyway at line 100 it starts and here is how mine goes at present until I can improve on it:
### BEGIN /etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme ###
set menu_color_normal=yellow/blue
set menu_color_highlight=green/light-cyan
### END /etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme ###

Little on the cheap side, but least better than the original. One day I will cure text on the boot and remove white and black forever, least on my own computer. Once again the newspaper thing. For now am off for some other things, will be back when I get to figuring other things out. Please by all means if someone has ideas for other things I have mentioned feel free to list it here. Remember we of Linux are many, not few. What you may do and help with, might just help thousands of people and isn't that a great feeling???

Re: Is Linux going downhill?

PostPosted: Sat Nov 29, 2014 8:24 pm
by BBOSAK2143
Do me a big favor, and see what happens on those active windows, if any theme will display active windows properly. I have also noticed a person claiming what I have said for Nemo, that nothing gets the active window to show properly. So, I will deeply appreciate it once you test to confirm or negate what I am saying. Even the standard Ambiance theme is not showing active windows properly on the Gnome Flashback desktop(compiz). I also am not even able to use Gnome Flashback(metacity) desktop which is the first time ever for this. All other desktops I have work correctly, including Mate. So, it may even be possible that only the Gnome Flashback(compiz) desktop is the entire culprit. So, will sincerely appreciate if you let me know what happens. Thanks.

Re: Is Linux going downhill?

PostPosted: Mon Dec 01, 2014 12:46 pm
by BBOSAK2143
Meant to say thanks for helping, just got a bit into getting these hassles resolved. As have said before, no genius, just doing my very best to learn all this. Apport has wore me out for that last time. One stupid issue remains that apport is never going to forget even though the program is not even around??? Yes, it appears 14.10 has some senility issues. Hmm, you know I thought I would sooner be senile than an OS? Nah, I remain the same absent-minded as I have been since a child. Anyway, I have given up Apport for good. Gdb would not work to trace where any errors were(1) so I said bye bye and uninstalled that junk. I hate to say as have been going on, am less keen on Apport anyway since even when you do report an issue, 9/10 you will have the next OS installed, before you get an email saying issue is resolved. By that time, I have also forgotten the issue. Next, unless you have a good bachelor's or Master's degree, doubt you will ever understand all the intricacies of an OS. I know personally, I barely scratch the surface on all this, but least I do my best and keep trying.

Then we have the fact that the culprit was removed through updates last week, so why the message keeps persisting? Senility is the only thing I can think of. Next, I found a cure for the most aggravating thing I have seen since Windows. Failure to Update packages. If you recall, I installed wine-compholio from the get-go of my OS. All the permissions done before the OS even installs. Best way to do, since as have stated, I am absent-minded and forgetful, so best is to do all settings I can do, since most times, I will be way to excited to use the OS and forget all about everything else. So issue kept coming up after every reboot and startup in the morning. This is how to solve it. Go to var/lib/update-notifier/package-data-downloads
usr/share/package-data-downloads and yes that is the folder to delete. I mean, jeez, the program works, I have been on JET til my face is blue, works better than has ever worked, so where the idea is coming in something is missing/wrong, I give? Ah, maybe the part that makes everything work terrible? If that is the case, I am severely happy I did not update that part as hassles are one thing, I can do without.

I also know, I forgot to mention about letting Nemo do all the opening of whether icon on desktop or in Places. Simply use the original site told about then in dconf-editor go down to nemo>desktop set the icons visible and of course turn off in gnome-tweak. Sorry, just not a nautilus fan. Maybe if would get some looks to it, instead of continually getting uglier would be. Besides, most times am lucky to delete using nautilus. Next have pic below to illustrate one of the issues have been holding a real gripe against, "the active window" which in this illustration mouse has been clicked putting it into the positon of button-pressed. Never before has that occurred as the original effect when window on bottom panel was clicked it would go insensitive, reason behind it, was so all us users could know what we were working on, before we were interrupted to deal with personal issues. Anyway, here is the pic, and hoping someone will catch this point, since this is effecting the entire gtk and Flashback environment. Is not just one little thing, is everything, leaving us theme creators helpless to show our active windows.
button pressed.jpg

Re: Is Linux going downhill?

PostPosted: Sat Jan 03, 2015 10:27 am
by BBOSAK2143
First off should say "Happy New Year!" Next will say I have decided to leave Ubuntu Linux until I get newer equipment. I sincerely believe my computer at the age of 6 years old now is not quite compatible with Ubuntu 14.10. Sure, many things work, but things that do not are due to hardware constraints. Major issues I faced with Gnome 3.14 was the fact active windows are not functioning. This may be due to graphics drivers as I only use default. Of course same exists on Laptop. I have reached out to many people to try and understand why "active windows" are not functioning and only in "Gnome Flashback" but to no avail as no one will answer or confirm.

Basically, I can only conclude it is problems due to graphics drivers. If I were to conclude something else, it would mean people are absolutely blind to the function of their themes. Even though my themes are not well liked by others, the fact is I enjoy them. Creating a theme and seeing it function at only 50% tells me I am a lousy theme creator. On the previous 13.10 I created my themes were fairly close to 100%, so I can't take such a loss and abhor the looks of my current theme as Flashback displays it. I have been looking for solutions, messing with settings only to come up empty handed. Nothing I can write makes a single difference to Nemo which is very upsetting. I had the exact look I wanted to display on that file manager and now not a single line of code makes anything work for it.

I have been looking around and deciding which way to go, since I decided to leave Ubuntu for now. I have come upon debian and feel will be the exact way I want to go for now. Will be less stress on this aging machine and will give me a continuation of the exact way I want my desktop to look. Not sure how well any of those themes will go over on Gnome-looks should I decide to upload any more, but least I will be satisfied. As I have always said "One must be happy with whatever OS they have installed, whether is Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.."

As I dabbled around last night with a current "Wheezy" on virtualbox, I found my old side. The old side was absolutely proud how the desktop and functions looked. Sure, I will be going backwards a bit in some areas as Debian "Wheezy's" are stable(designed for old fuddy duddy's) but I also consider some solutions to current issues may also come from going backwards a bit. In conclusion, this is going to be a new adventure for me as will be the first debian I have used. I will also say, it may not be the last one I use, either. I have noticed Debians for a bit and to me seem very impressive. Even the unstable seem more robust than many Ubuntu's at points. Also you will probably notice me fade away from this forum and many will be relieved. Seems, I have made a pest of myself! Best wishes to all and whatever OS you enjoy, make sure you enjoy it to the fullest.

Re: Is Linux going downhill?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 05, 2015 11:44 am
by BBOSAK2143
Please see my debian install post for that misadventure. Out of the whole adventure only one good thing came from it and is how great "thumbos" handles all systems. Other than that a total disaster. As you can see, no switch in my signature since am back to where I was, well least close anyway. Minus "Gnome-Flashback Environment" not working with "Active Windows" but of course neither does "Nemo" display actions to what is listed in ones theme. I suppose is just a "New Wave" for Ubuntu to drop actions and active windows, least in those situations listed. Only reason most people do not notice this is because they do not use anything other than "black and white/generic themes" Once any kind of coloring is used adios to looking right.

Luckily on this load of 14.10 most everything else is working as it should. Have to scrap most of the original install due to being such a new OS and improvements/updates solving a great percentage of the original flaws I had. I have debated about returning to 13.10, but I do not like going backwards to something that I already had. I will state out of most distros available on "Distro-Watch" most do not come with the Gnome desktop environment and those that do, most do not state Flashback also being part of it. So, I am concluding previous statements I have made that is a ploy to shy people away from that desktop. For now, I will no longer upload themes revolving around a desktop that will not display everything as I list. To write a couple thousand lines of code and only see 500 take effect, churns my stomach and points to being nothing but a waste of time. Maybe for others to see something that repulsive is good, but for me is not. Shell theme I created for Gnome3.14 is nice and took a long time to get right, but is on the button. I still hope someone will figure out where gtk-3.0, Flashback and Nemo have gone wrong and correct it, but til someone actually wakes up and understands there is a problem, I give up.

Re: Is Linux going downhill?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 07, 2015 10:06 am
by BBOSAK2143
I went backwards to my 13.10 which ran great. I will only create themes that will work with this system since all displays as should. I will make sure when I upload to make the following statement. Until such time Gnome Flashback and gtk-3.0 works correctly on systems 14.10 and above, I will no longer create themes for those. All themes are written for 13.10/3.10 Gnome Desktop and below. Please see instructions.

Instructions concern that I have always used every theme engine possible. I constantly forget not all distributions of Linux provide this as a stock option. I know I must mention that fact to newer users so if they decide they want to use any of my themes, they can without hassle. Came to this realization when I was experimenting with the debian-7.7.7 in Virtualbox. I refuse to let some operating system tell me how my desktop should look and really wish others would feel the same. At present, it seems I am overly passionate about how my desktop should look and work.

There were a few things I enjoyed in Gnome3.14 and do have hopes I can integrate those functions into current OS. If this can not happen, will really not make a great difference for me to switch . I sincerely deplore having folders close at will which the newer version of Nemo constantly did. It did not matter if Nemo was primary file manager of the desktop or Nautilus, icons on desktop also vanished at will. I find that intolerable and very detrimental to getting any kind of work done. Sure, I am no developer, but I do have tasks I must complete just as any normal user does.

Knowing this current OS is highly dependable, I also plan to once again use TMOSB this following billing cycle. I am still looking for confirmation about all I have stated for 14.10. There is plently of documented facts about plymouth not working on boot and Nemo not accepting instructions from gtk-3.0. From what I saw Nemo did function correctly, theme wise in gtk-2.0. Also functionality had no issues on any other desktop used in 14.10 other than Gnome 3.14's Flashback. Flashback is my primary choice of desktops, followed by LXDE. Although Gnome and Gnome Classic are fairly decent looking, I do not like overall functionality and the fact compiz is not part of their scheme. Just shows a severe lack of progress on Gnome's part.

I have no further plans of updating this 13.10 than where it is at, since all works nice. This was the OS, I always dreamed of as has all desktops that interest me along with all programs that do too. The amazing fact of this 13.10 is time wise took half the time I spent on 14.10. 14.10 was to blow this OS away and it did the opposite, it totally disgusted me. Since I have seen similar complaints to my own on many searches I have done, with no solutions, I can only assume there are blunders in 14.10 and unfortunately no way of fixing theme. I am hoping 15.04 and 15.10 excel this or I will continue to ask what I have stated for this discussion that no one seems to want to participate in any more.

I was looking forward to a response that was promised, but unfortunately this person seems either totally disgusted with me or just does not want to confirm my statements. I have no ill will towards anyone and as always am just looking for solutions and to improve on things for all users, just no myself. Take care and best wishes to all. This will be my last post as I feel I am only writing a diary. If someone would happen to answer any of my posts, I'll be back. Once again have to thank TheeMahn for all he has done for every one of us. Great programs, Great OS's and the most valuable information this forum has ever seen. One in a million and only wish and pray for his constant success as he has totally earned and deserves every bit of it! Take care and best wishes to all.

Linux is going uphill...

PostPosted: Sat Jan 10, 2015 6:26 am
by TheeMahn
I am sorry I have not had the time to chit chat. I got promoted at work Software Engineer / Programmer, a company laptop, a office and a raise. Additional jobs do not stop dropping my load is massive. I wrote a controversial post on facebook about it, friends and family plan of working on your PC or Laptop has changed to family plan. I have 2 of them here as I type one done my sisters laptop installed a fresh SSD, winblows , Ultimate Edition 4.5 for nephew, etc. The next awaiting parts I just ordered.

Anyway the topic... Linux is going uphill. I work with IT's all day that live and breathe Windows. 2 years from now they will be all up on me, do you know why? Actually let me backpedel they are technically already on me to copywrite software I have in works:
I work for Tremec Sloan, manipulation of databases on a heavily level. I am using my own servers to demonstrate.

Sorry if the screenie looks like crap had to scale it down to 1080p was 5760x2160, 4K monitor and a higher then HD monitor, anyway. That program even though I am mirroring the mysql database from one of our servers and manipulating data, cuts out the middleman & would do so for any company. Why pay $1500 for a module that allows you to export data from a database and another $1500 to import it into another program all in one shot done and I have seen the $ involved in doing so. Damn, once again I have dwindled off topic. Linux is rolling to the top, Google "Microsoft loves Linux". Well now what does that mean to you & I. The User fantastic, more games for Linux and I mean on a comercial level. That is just it, comercial level the $ raises thusly for M$ and where they will most likely make their money. They can't buy Linux, I doubt google has the cash to do so for that matter. They have to pay off every programmer that has ever contributed to Linux in general. That being said what does this mean? They are comming to see me, or thusly all Linux based O/S's. Expect huge and I DO MEAN HUGE changes.

I am here for you gentlemen, I won't let them slip in some spyware etc. I have a heavy eye open to the manipulation process companies attempt to implement. Your privacy is #1 here, I do not monitor you and yes I 100% could. I dont want to say that is my #1 point in Ultimate Edition, but everytime I turn around they are picking, probing & tracking. I seen it again today via facebook & google. Do I question Firefox, Google in general or Facebook's tactics of cookieing the $#!% out of you. I have my hands full in just the influx.

Do you wanna know what I will enjoy the most? Let's use the word influx again. The influx of users rolling here, now there is nowhere to run. It is actually education, M$ sees its actually better. I am sure they will KDE it up, ruin Linux in general. We must burn up more resources... Human Nature.

When time comes availible to me I may write a app to allow loading the entire O/S to ram. I will demonstrate resource usage when done right is extremely snappy. I did so back in 2007 unseen pushing 16GB per sec in throughput. Raided SSD's can not touch what I refer to. As soon as you click an Icon and lift your finger the app is right there & I dont care how resource intensive the app is. Stay tuned, I am not done.

I apologize I can't stay on one topic, my mind flows in multiple directions consistantly and constantly. When I program, my mind flows in singular fassion. Disruption when programming on multiple occasions is failure. I then straight up quit. Sometimes months before I touch it again.