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LinuxPusher Drives a School Bus

Love it, hate it drop posts here
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LinuxPusher Drives a School Bus

Postby LinuxPusher » Sat Oct 01, 2016 11:53 am

Hi BW !
Hi all,
I have been away for a while... No!.... not in jail !
I have been driving School Bus, retirement was making me Insane !, well more than normal anyway.
Kids are all Great, it's some of the Parents who are nuts.
I don't know where I will fit in here, it's a wee bit different than OZ.
Most will know me and those that don't, well you are in for an adventure. :lol:
Stars Coordinator (still) and Now a.k.a. Hey Mr. Bus driver.
Be Brave, Tell the Truth Always, Protect the less Fortunate
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U.E. Knowledgable
U.E. Knowledgable
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