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News and Events

Older versions of Ultimate Edition

News and Events

Postby TheeMahn » Thu Feb 28, 2008 10:51 am

Eventually all info below will be hosted through this server please be patient as adjustments are made. If you know what Ultimate Edition is I suggest a browse here.

I will be editing this post to keep people informed This is a huge post a website history if you will:

10/08/08: No different then below, only reason you see this forum at all is Cab paid for its hosting as a "gift", I will not accept donations, the download server is being filled as I type, good news on that one it is now unlimited bandwidth, will be the same when Cab pays to restore the repository... Cab has paid, err will to restore all services across 6 websites. I do think a thanks is in order to Cab.

We do have 2 mirrors coming, I apologize that they have had to wait. Download server and repo once up you will be added. One of them is a high speed dedicated server...

Since last post Ultimate Edition 1.9 has been released, I have written Ultamatix, written many a theme package, written a USB application for Ultimate Edition & working on writing TUM - TheeMahn's Usplash Maker.

Kudos to Cab & incoming mirrors,


5/28/08: Wow is all I can say, sorry for the long time in posting. I have been buried in PM's, I had to expand the inbox for all users, I have seen greater then 1 million hits in a day, one of our mirrors a TB a day, please, please help & torrent this release. I have not even started on the next release. We have seen homepage on distrowatch (still currently there since the 22nd as currently #3). I have PM's from others wanting to mirror our O/S and have yet to get back with them. I am swamped, please bare with me until it cools down a little bit.

5/20/08: It is now officially released to the world ;) Due to "the load" placed on the download server, knocking it offline multiple times, I have purchased & hosting. This will help "split the load" & serve the community better. I wrote an awesome php script that will transfer files between the servers in seconds ~ 1.4 GB a minute. So Ultimate Edition 1.8 both x86 & 64 have an "official mirror". Not to mention other releases. Enjoy it was not free.

05/19/08: Both Ultimate Edition 1.8 32 & 64 bit have been released, see links below for download information. For those of you with a 2GB+ thumbdrive, I have written a howto Ultimate Edition with persistence on a thumbdrive. You can read more about that here, it works I have a 2 GB thumbdrive with Ultimate Edition 1.8 on it & saves my settings ;)

05/16/08: I have either slacked or the results of being moved from global and back again, first we have a release of Ultimate Edition 1.8 x64, and soon Ultimate Edition 1.8 32 bit.

04/17/08: Great news acoross the board. I got a job today orientation Monday... Ordered 2 Vid cards (will have to order 2 more). With Hardy set to be released in 3 days, don't think for a second I have not been on top of things. I have created a post to show progress of Ultimate Edition 1.8, this will be constantly updated over the next 3 to 4 days, please feel free to bookmark it. The first build will be a 64 bit edition, please stand by...

04/10/08: As promised have Ultimate Edition 1.7 x64, all you 64 bit junkies can get off me ;) There are also a few shots of the upcoming Ultimate Edition 1.8, so you may wanna take a peak anyways. Enjoy

04/09/08 Ultimate Edition 1.7 x64 is done details:

Release Name: Ultimate Edition 1.7 x64

Filesize: 1,424,566,272 bytes (1.3 GB)
MD5SUM: 34ddf6a96cc88615d283668eaaeebc20

Download: Ultimate Edition 1.7 x64 Admin, mods & mirrors have 24 hours to download it Links to follow.

as some may know and others may not a 32 bit O/S can only address ~3.3 GB of ram proof of a 64 bit O/S:

Ultimate Edition 1.7 x64 system monitor (3.9 GB of ram), posting while installing...

04/03/08: One of our admins; Leadfingers has taking the lead in providing education as he calls "for newbies", and created a newbies corner. There is plenty there to learn for both "newbies" and hardened *nix users alike, to tell the truth I have learned things from him, he is no joke. Congratulations on a job well done Leadfingers.

04/01/08 I am working on a 64 bit edition of Ultimate Edition 1.7, April fools, no actually I am ;) This will be forum exclusive, please stand by. You ask and you receive.

03/26/08 I got my new toy up and running, everything worked perfectly right "out of the box" currently running Ultimate Edition 1.7 Gamers (unreleased to the public), all hardware was properly detected sound gigabit net etc. I have already maxed the processor out all cores 100% ;)
AMD Phenom & Ultimate Edition 1.7 Live DVD

Installing Ultimate Edition 1.7

Cracking the whip...

03/18/08 Well as promised I bring you Ultimate Edition KDE4 style. I have had bad times recently (lost my job Friday for not putting on my app that I had loud music tickets even the un-employment office said this is BS). I am sure I will bounce back.

03/13/08 Uploaded a screen cast of running the beta:

if you for some reason cant view it here see it on Youtube

High resolution screencast (37 MB)

KDE4 is in it's infancy expect some problems. The Eyecandy is off the hook this video only shows the tip of the iceburg. Please note this is not available to the general public yet and is subject to change.

I have purchased a "Computer Upgrade", a Quadcore AMD 9600, 4 GB Dual channel 1066 MHZ bus memory, mainboard with 4 Video card slots Crossfire with 10 Sata II Ports, and a heatpipe CPU Cooler... build time for Ultimate Edition should now be done much quicker, should be here in 3 days.

03/05/08 A knight in shining armor has come to our rescue his name removed, he is mirroring Ultimate Edition for us and is on a fat pipe (OC-3) 155 Mbit with unlimited bandwidth, he told me he will do so for a year, enjoy ladies & gents. A huge thanks on the behalf of the Ultimate Edition team & Ultimate Edition users.

jpfinne has sent me a message as well mirroring Ultimate Edition 1.7:

Gnome & KDE Edition: Ultimate Edition 1.7

Gnome Edition: Ultimate Edition 1.7 Gnome, shouts to him as well. Main website pages will be updated tomorrow enjoy the speed now.

Perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel for us Ccal ;) Now 13 mirrors, some specific, some broadband (for those that don't know what I mean all releases not cable).

03/02/08 Well the news just keeps getting better:
Your web hosting account for has been
deactivated (reason: site causing performance problems).
Although your web site has been disabled, your data may still be

If you feel this deactivation is in error, please contact customer
support as
soon as possible.

Thank you,
BlueHost.Com Support
For support go to
Toll-Free: (888) 401-4678

Repo has now been hit in the mouth as well, opened separate accts to help split the load, and they can't even handle the repo, the download server I can understand all I can say is don't use as a host if you see any kind of serious traffic (the reason I tried them to begin with 15 TB / month of bandwidth). Will call them Monday to cancel. To think I was going to send them mass business...

On a lighter note Distrowatch and their infinite wisdom has raised us to #13 and did so in a week as the most popular *nix distro on the net no wonder our sites constantly go down ;)

02/29/08 Happy leap year... I am not enjoying it as an email presented to me shows:
Your web hosting account for has been
deactivated (reason: site causing performance problems).
Although your web site has been disabled, your data may still be

If you feel this deactivation is in error, please contact customer
support as
soon as possible.

Thank you,

Hosting service name etc removed. After a call details flow in... They said there is no way they can handle that kind of traffic, concurrent connections were through the roof bandwidth was not the issue even though I sucked up close to 3 TB before they shut me down and refunded my money ;) Great for the free 3 TB of bandwidth used in about a week, but bad now I have to find a new host. I am most certainly looking at dedicated hosting. Something that can rack into grands per month and can not afford. Most would assume I open a donation link, not a chance. I am here to help people, I am not here for the money. I have a admin on it we will be back up within a few days as a temporary fix to a permanent problem I will pay to make this happen as well.

The breakdown in why this happened:
If a user on dial up were to try and download it he would be connected to the server for a week downloading a file of that size this is one connection, the ones that are high speed no problem in and out. what happened dial up users filled all the connections. and others were hammering it to get their copy and could not do so maxxed connections.

Someone needs to kick all dial up users off the net, no pun intended for dial up users, but you caused my download server to be shut down. Use torrent same speed to you ;)

02/26/08 I assumed our bandwidth problems were a thing of the past, obviously not my stats are a day behind 776.46 GB usage yesterday (1 day not a record I understand when a new release is put out), I as well as a mod (jfg69) are on it, seeking to double bandwidth availability to 30 TB a month, if this is insufficient I will pay again for another 15 TB and move to the new hosting as well.. My #1 problem has always been bandwidth, YOU PEOPLE ARE BANDWIDTH HOGGS ;)

02/24/08 For those of you that don't want Ultimate Edition 1.7 and are happy with Ultimate Edition 1.4 etc. I have written a page to allow you to have the same look / themes without downloading and installing Ultimate Edition 1.7. This does not mean you get the software just the look, I have added a bonus for users of Ultimate Edition 1.7 there as well for those that like compiz fusion, there is also a eyecandy repo now listed there.

02/22/08: We now officially listed on Distrowatch, thanks to one of our mods Leadfingers. There is an awesome review of Ultimate Edition 1.6 linked to it. I look for bandwidth usage to go through the roof. 33 hours more of uploading and "all Ultimate Edition's" should be there. Direct link to Ultimate Edition 1.6 Gamers currently unlinked and previously only available from ccal 4GB. Since I have paid for new hosting the limitations are remove from me, finally I can help ccal. I will write a page for it it was forum exclusive.

02/19/08 Well my current host has seen what I am doing I assume... and upgraded me for free well isn't this something... I swear it did not show this yesterday:
Code: Select all
1175051.88 MB of 3000000.00 MB (39.17%)
3 TB now, does not matter just paid $60 for a second hosting account for the repository... The repo is in transit, there will be no interruption in service all files will be uploaded to the new hosting provider prior to changing the DNS (haven't decided weather to transfer the domains yet), 15 Terabytes of transfer and tons of space, I will leave 3 servers here for now, eventually I may move them all there, the new hosting company's service as so far impeccable. Without a doubt where html / css based operations are concerned they lead the way, php / sql is unknown at this point which the forum is based upon it will be the last to go, if I so decide to pay just one provider.

02/17/08 I have paid for a new hosting service (cost me $80) with a different hosting company and transferred the download server there, I also paid for another year domain registration for the repo and download server. The new hosting company offers 15 Terabytes of transfer per month was 2 Terabytes with previous hosting company. I have not seen greater then 10 Terabytes of transfer in any month, this action will hopefully ensure availability to download the distro. I am uploading every Ultimate Edition distro to date, this will take a great amount of time, but hopefully will never have to do so again. Enjoy!!!

01/31/08 Ultimate Edition 1.7 has been requested 147,131 times at time of this posting always a day behind on stats. We also have a new Webmaster on board you can read more about that here in our new thread Webmasters corner, feel free to post.

01/26/08 Happy birthday to me, well here is a change of events my gift to you... It is uploaded it is being mirrored. please be patient.

High resolution Screencast
Release Name: Ultimate Edition 1.7 (Gnome)
Filesize: 1,828,667,392 bytes (1.8 GB)
MD5SUM: e1ffdcc7d736aeaefda48943513133e6

Download: NOT YET

Release Name: Ultimate Edition 1.7 (Gnome & KDE)
Filesize: 2,109,261,824 bytes (2.1 GB)
MD5SUM: af01c20a495c07bc43264ca95b5735e0

Download: Uploading...

01/25/08 Not a moment too soon Ultimate Edition 1.7 is uploading... I have a surprise for everyone, there will be a Ultimate Edition 1.7 Gnome for those that don't like KDE (currently uploading) and a Ultimate Edition 1.7 for those that like KDE, I will be unable to host the KDE version it is too large (2011MB), thank god for ccal & his unlimited resources. Please keep a eye on this thread it is coming and you won't be sorry you downloaded it that I assure you...

01/23/08 I have taken a few days off work for my birthday, hopefully we can have a release of 1.7 while I am off, I am entering this from the live DVD which is beautiful and is installing. A few shots for you.

Screenshots available in Ultimate Edition 1.7 / info progress section.

01/15/08 It is not done yet had to re-build Ultimate Edition 1.7 from scratch a few shots to keep your attention :)

Screenshots available in Ultimate Edition 1.7 / info progress section.

01/09/07 I have tried re-building 1.7 (trying to make a CD version initially) from scratch, after many attempts have learned it is best to build based off Xmas Edition, no it will look nothing like Xmas, however themes etc. will be available, the theme for Ultimate Edition 1.7 is off the hook dark theme with bright blue for highlighting. Additional software has been added, It is building now, will post shots if successful. I have integrated the USplash maker and GDM Maker so you can change the looks to your hearts desire.

01/06/07 Well ladies and gents, much to share with you today, first the USplash maker is done, Those that like Compiz Fusion a special gift for you new thread opened for it. Progress on 1.7 has been slow there will not be a CD version just the updates alone exceeds the cd's capacity. There will be a DVD version however, sorry people without a DVD burner, I am sure it will be available for purchase when it goes hot.

12/27/07 Just a bit of a spoiler for you all, this will take a long time to complete, but has been initiated...
The attachment Screenshot-2.png is no longer available

Naturally subject to change, I will be watching the Your art section prior to release. I am however more interested in the software that will be provided to you then "Just the pretty Graphics", please bare with me.

12/17/07 Ultimate Christmas Edition 2007 has been released for download, thanks to ccal, mirrors coming.

12/16/07 I am behind editing this section I intended this to be the #1 edited post, however views are heavier in the Ultimate Edition 1.6 section then this post Let me catch you up to date, Ultimate Christmas Edition - 2007 is on its way up read more here.

12/04/07 Shut the download server down re-opened under a free account until I can refill it. Why?
Code: Select all
Bandwidth:    4852955.53 MB of 1000000.00 MB (485.30%)

~5 Terabytes for a month is low, have seen 10 TB just 1 server, 6 are there not including mirrors (ccal is about to feel it). Requiring user registration has lowered consumption. Take care of family first, after all we are family. You ladies and gents will have Ultimate Gamers Edition 1.6 before the rest, please bare with me (want to make sure you get a good copy).

12/03/07 Downloading to verify it passes MD5SUM Check:
Code: Select all
RETR /************/Ultimate-Edition-1.6-Gamers.iso

150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for /***********/Ultimate-Edition-1.6-Gamers.iso (4099997696 bytes).

Failed CRC will upload while I work this eve... On a lighter note I have created a new theme for the board, feel free to post some feedback.

12/02/07 Ultimate Edition 1.6 Gamers is uploading... You can read more about it & see screenshots here.

11/25/07 New site design across all six servers is in progress, removing Ubuntu and logos across the board. You can learn more about why here.

11/22/07 Happy Turkey day from the Ultimate Edition staff ;)

11/20/07 Problem solved but not for free ;) Went to upgrade the repo today and it said I did not have enough money in my cart to warrant checkout. So I did some shopping...

Code: Select all
Available: is available as a Premium Domain Name!
This Premium Domain Name can be purchased for $5,000.00.

Yeah, fat chance my name is not Gates lol.
so I bought, currently not setup all my other sites but one are .info I will sever ubuntusoftware to only have software for ubuntu (similar to, Ultimate Edition will be removed from that site renamed as Ultimate Edition perhaps a redirection url will replace all incoming traffic same as I did with the forum ;) eventually all six sites will be intertwined.

Code: Select all
156-1    Deluxe Hosting - Linux - 1 Month

201-1    .INFO Domain Name Registration - 1 Year

Seems like all I ever see is $ flowing out of my wallet ;) The new domain will contain Ultimate Edition err now called Ultimate Edition or Ultimate Edition. Will not say Ubuntu anything, but still the same great distro... Site design will be totally different and will contain our new logo.

11/10/07 Still no word from below post, I have started writing an alternative theme for this forum (dark & beautiful, plenty of work to go including the current login problem that plagues some users), I have extended the F.A.Q. Dabbled a bit in howto section (raid howto coming), could have already released the "Gamers Edition" but await a reply from ©anonical Ltd.

11/04/07 We may have a problem. It will be rectified.

11/01/07 Working on the webpage for Ultimate Edition 1.6, I'm going to bring a bunch of users on board our soon to be mighty forum ;) Will test Ultimate Edition Gamers hopefully today quite loaded 3.7 GB (4,003,538,944 bytes). So much to do so little time. 350,000 page views last month not too shabby; 25 Million+ hits and rising at a rate of greater then a million a week. Please excuse me if I don't respond to each post, a moderator or other admin will message me if it is a problem they don't have a solution to. We have a great staff here at your service. Edit: Ultimate Edition Gamers is installed took 1 hour 6 minutes to install (maybe because dvd-rw) but boy is loaded with games. Theme etc. is subject to change. Just thought a screencast of progress was appropriate. I just paid for another domain (not setup yet), this forum has been bleeding off pagerank from my main server, so I now have to pay for 4 servers PR6 to a 4 in short order once moved will actually increase page rank, look for some more growing pains over the next few days. When you see this board go down it is to lock the database as I transfer it to the new server. Those that have accounts will lose nothing. Did I say register?

10/30/07 Happy Halloween from the Ubuntu Software Team, funny Halloween was the initial s3m tune played as it downloaded your software as far as the script. jfg69 has made a wallpaper for you Halloween fans :twisted: Feel free to post some of your art there as well. I have burnt (untested) Ultimate Edition Gamers the script has been updated as well. Your icon will change on your desktop for users of 1.4 / 1.5 will be the first indication it upgraded (far from done believe that). Questions / problems with the new script please post. Seems like we have new users coming in by the minute, this will be a large board with many educated people to help you, please register.

10/28/08 Nothing like a screencast for your viewing pleasure:

High res screencasts:
Cast 1 ogg format, Cast 2 ogg format
Cast 1 avi format, Cast 2 avi format

10/27/07 As promised; Ultimate 1.6 has been released for registered forum members only. Webpage to follow in a few days. Enjoy!!!

10/26/07 Ultimate Edition 1.6 has been uploaded & CRC checked, Admin / Mods & mirrors have received their links, it will be posted for registered users to download in the hidden post when I get home from work in the morning. Sorry for the delay, Enjoy!!!

10/25/07 It just keeps getting worse probably because I resumed it 9 or 10 times. I will have to re-upload it. It is corrupted...
Code: Select all
theemahn@SledgeHammer:/media/BigMac/Now Junk$ md5sum ubuntu-ultimate-1.6-dvd.iso
7626e710f6aebf1b8c92a0cf855ac5bb  ubuntu-ultimate-1.6-dvd.iso
theemahn@SledgeHammer:/media/BigMac/Now Junk$ cd ..
theemahn@SledgeHammer:/media/BigMac$ md5sum ubuntu-ultimate-1.6-dvd.iso
873b8f077d268d376854ee38923ad602  ubuntu-ultimate-1.6-dvd.iso

10/24/07 Good news or Bad news first? Here we go bad. Godaddy our hosting provider just gave me a call, I pay for 3 separate hosting accounts, obviously not good enough, I payed and upgraded my download server and I assured him still not good enough, I think they are going to try and trap me into the bandwidth exceeded situation. This month I am sorry it will be the mirrors that get the punch I will once again look into alternatives. Good news if you want to call it that it is uploaded, 2TB of bandwidth, probably gone in a day. You people were downloading it as I uploaded it. I may be giving dreamhost a holler, please post an alternative if for nothing else to take the blunt off the download server. The repo has felt greater then 2 TB so once again problems arise. Please don't think TB think unlimited that is where we are going, preferably with a high speed connection. I am sorry to have to post things such as this should be do you want the bad news or the bad news?

10/23/07 Welcome aboard ccal our new Admin give him a holler ;) I lost my net last night resuming the upload of Ultimate Edition 1.6 1 GB is uploaded about a gig to go. Admins / Moderators / mirrors will get it first. Then a post will be updated on the hidden thread to allow "Registered users" of this forum to download it.

10/22/07 Repo is back up, paid for and in full motion. I thought I would add an attachment of a thread a guest can not see but registered users can, If you have not registered yet I suggest you get on it.

10/21/07 Building what I hope to be a complete 1.6 see screenshot, 1.8 GB, will post results later.

10/20/07 Work on Ultimate 1.6 is going slow however I am posting from the Live DVD, which works perfectly thus far about 300MB of nothing but updates. Thought I would toss down a few screenshots. Wallpaper login etc. are subject to change based on your vote. Once again we have a problem however a different server...
Code: Select all
Billing Date:      10/22/2007
Server IP Address:
Dedicated Hosting IP:
Status:    Setup
Disk Space:    4695.00 MB of 200000.00 MB (2.35%)
Bandwidth:    2081712.72 MB of 2000000.00 MB (104.09%)

16.   Total data transferred    5.995 TB
17.   Total data transferred in last 7 days    403.261 GB

You guys are bandwidth hoggs :P They do not offer a larger acct then 2 TB a month. I will have to shut it down and re-pay cheaper then paying per gig, I will do my best to ensure it will not interrupt your service. Where is ccal when I need him?

10/16/07 Our forum is now online and open for registration and posts, please bare in mind there will be some initial growing pains... Enjoy !!!

10/06/07 Got talent? Graphic artists wanted, would you like to have your work seen by 100's of thousands of people? I have set up a poll read more about that here.

10/04/07 I know it has been a long time since I posted, got a job takes up alot of my time not that I have not been busy pre-building what will be 1.6 (Gusty Gibson based), I have made a new grub splash, Usplash theme, GDM theme, wallpaper and theme for it, you can read more about that here. Been setting up our own forum as well not ready for mainstream traffic yet, will keep you informed.

09/22/07 1.5 has been released!!! I will not post it internally until torrent is brought online, so as it sits right now a ubuntuforum exclusive enjoy. Funny an admin moved my thread today, an admin told me to post it where it was (this is why I opened my own forum).

09/20/06 WOW an idiot I am.. . I may have openly said so as far as corruption jfg69, brought it to my attention (Think that is his nick). Perhaps as I indeed have said in the past, the upload is corrupted seen it first 2nd hand, sorry I will now name snaple he took the "Pepsi challenge" and is no new comer to traffic. I am re-uploading it as I type this. Did not want you to think I wasB.S. ing you.

09/18/06 It simply blows my mind the pounding going on across the board, I have spoken with a gentleman this eve (no names mentioned) he holds the "key" on the release of 1.5, currently all servers including mine are at max capacity with 1.4 (2.6 TB this week), this guy if he is up to the "Pepsi" challenge wiill feel a huge punch from the snap. Even if he does not accept, we will still have a release but it will be slow (Irregardless I suggest you torrent to help others).
1 of 10 *can you imagine what ccal has seen, or other mirrors?:
Code: Select all
6135179.23 MB of 250000.00 MB (2454.07%)

09/15/07 Due to the many repeated questions I have decided to create a Forum based F.A.Q. This will take some time to complete perhaps your question is already answered there. I should be spending my time writing a webpage for 1.5 it is uploaded and ready for release.

09/14/07 I have discussed it with ccal and he does not care (he has unlimited bandwidth and pays the same no matter how many people "hit" him") there will be a 1.5 release (uploading it now), however I will be unable to host my own release, a lot of weight will be on his shoulders. Ccal deserves a huge thanks, he is about to be at max capacity for a long time to come, I will adjust the script to remove his repo from your list 200 people at a time is more then anyone should ask for. After traffic calms down I will update the script and put it back in, the script update will be no time soon, obviously I have "bigger fish to fry", I wish people could see what I do.

09/12/07 I have completed and am currently running Ultimate Edition 1.5 (Gnome, KDE, Enlightenment, Window Maker & XFCE included) each environment 9 in all are selectable from the login window. I have made a short screencast of the KDE environment & posted a few screenshots of Gnome environment. With the current amount of traffic it is unknown when / if it will even be released the servers are at maximum capacity, if traffic slows down perhaps we will have a release; those of you that run 1.4+ will want to wait for the script update, this will allow you to upgrade to 1.5 w/o having to download the 2.2 Gig 1.5 release. Will post more info as it becomes available.

09/07/07 Updated Super Tweaking Ultimate page, now have Ultimate Edition 1.4 Gamers booting into gnome in 15 secs ;) Bonus tip added for those with dual core CPU's. If and only if you like the end results, please provide me a few kudos.. Probably by the time you read it fully a thing of the past, a large webpage ;)

09/04/07 Paid for the repo & download server to be put back online, repo problems should now be a thing of the past. The download server however will take at least 24 hours to refill (unless ccal helps me out).

08/30/07 Due to the great work of Ccal as always. Ultimate 1.4 Gamers is now available for download, screencast. Enjoy!!! His repo is now online as well downloading from it now ;) If you have time I'd appreciate a few diggs. Lets see if ccal can handle the digg effect ;)

08/29/07 Ultimate 1.4 Gamers edition (64 Bit) is now uploaded, 18 hours to upload 1.4 Gamers X86 (16 1/2 left).

08/28/07 Repo is now mirrored via ccal, 2 standard repo mirrors and one on the way ;) Will be set in motion in a few days. Ultimate Edition 1.4 Gamers Edition (AMD64 or EM64T architecture (e.g., Athlon64, Opteron, EM64T Xeon) has been built and is uploading as I type this for those of you with 64 bit CPU's. There is also a standard X86 release (already done and ready for upload) for those with intel or don't want to run a 64 bit O/S, a huge download most games are integrated on the DVD. You can read more about it here. If you would like to see the list of games included you can read more about that from my website please note this page is under construction as of time of this post, don't expect the download links to work yet, screenshots and screencast are from 1.4 DVD not Gamers yet.

08/21/07 Repo and download server are down here is why, please don't click on the upgrade Icon until they are back up, will take days in just re-uploading, thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.

08/18/07 Even though a re-built Ultimate Gamers 1.4 (smaller & windows users happy), I will not release anything that cant be downloaded, no matter the OS you run; release has been uploaded to main server, there will be no "official" release until ccal comes back from Italy (1 week and & 5 days), or someone PM's me with unlimited bandwidth and ability to serve a hungry crowd.

Code: Select all
Bandwidth:      4579333.41 MB of 2000000.00 MB (228.97%)

This release will exceed that manifold... Not just in size (4GB) but demand. If you have 4GB of space and unlimited bandwidth (what you see above is Terabytes not Gigabytes of bandwidth, thought I would shut down the PM's before started), please message me.

08/14/07 I have written a How to Super Tweak Ultimate page, even though it is written specifically with Ultimate in mind I see no reason why a Feisty Fawn user can't use it as well. Enjoy!!!

08/12/07 Sorry to inform you that we may not have a release exempt a ubuntuforum exclusive. You most likely will not be able to download Gamers unless you run linux. Due to the limitation in Windows
this is the best case situation, I may have to re-build it all.

08/10/07 Gamers Edition is done!!! You can read more about it that here. Will probably be 2 days before you can download it between uploading & mirroring a release of this size.

08/07/07 I wrote a brief howto covering installation of Ultimate Edition DVD & Nvidia Driver installation. Testing a build of Gamers Edition a bit over 4GB!!! Download server has exceed it's bandwidth limits after almost 400,000 downloads of Ultimate Edition 1.4 DVD and almost 200,000 of 1.4 CD, simply crazy and done in short order.

08/04/07 I thought I would share with you all the making of Ultimate Edition 1.4 Gamers, most wont be able to view it unless you run Ultimate Edition 1.4 or have the codecs installed, first beginning, and midstride along. Please note no extension *nix doesn't need them ;) Going quite well thus far. 245,517 downloads of 1.4 DVD from main download server only. Not bad for 2 days ;) Massive traffic. Progress on Ultimate Edition 1.4 Gamers Edition. We really could use some mirrors, post if you can help.

08/03/07 Mirror & torrent now setup. Please feel free to give me a few "diggs", I dugg my own website I want to see if it remains up, the propose of having 3 to begin with. Thanks.

08/02/07 Ultimate 1.4 DVD is available for download enjoy!!!. Screencast. Mirrors & torrents will be set up tomorrow.

07/31/07 Ultimate Edition 1.4 DVD is now uploading ~2GB will take nothing short of 9 hours to upload, mirrors please stand by. Many wireless issues have been addressed and integrated onto the DVD (screenshots).

I would like to apologize if I do not immediately get back with you, I hope you can understand I am a very busy Mahn :), I do try and respond to each and every post.

Looking for help or answers please view our old thread. Still can't find an answer? Please feel free to post.

Below are screen shots of 1.4 DVD version... And a screencast, a bit choppy sorry about that happened when converted from oog / vorbis to avi..
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