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"Having a problem with the Repo look no further..."

Older versions of Ultimate Edition

Re: "Having a problem with the Repo look no further..."

Postby tuxsax » Mon Oct 20, 2008 6:02 pm

Baphomet wrote:
smuggly wrote:... And WHALAH Everything Is In Line Again...


Voila. It's French; "There it is." Granting you probation since this is your first offense.


WALLAH is an Arab word (used alot in Israel as well) representing a sense of wonder. The real meaning of it is "I swear to God" (Allah).
Most of the times it is used as a question.
Person A: I saw your mother last night
Person B: Really?
Person A: Really!

Person A: I saw your mother last night.
Person B: Wallah?
Person A: Wallah!

Some more examples:
" Did she really say that?!"

"omg that was awesome!"
"Walla mate!"

Hassan: Who Scored first in the game?
Hamoody:I did, walla i did!
Ahmed: Yea walla he did.
Hassan: Thats bull****! Walla u didn't
Hamoody: Walla i did, cuz ill kill you in b-ball too!

Taken from Urban Dictionary
There are some other funny descriptions there I prefer you to see by yourself...


Baph, be nice and stay inside your flame room :lol:

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Reason: Play nice, and curb the language please ;)
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Re: "Having a problem with the Repo look no further..."

Postby smuggly » Mon Oct 20, 2008 7:23 pm

Cant Help It Its The Peckerwood In Me.....smuggly :P
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