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Mouse "Jumping" Issue after upgrading

PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2007 12:23 am
by TooLmaN
Hey Guys,

I have a KVM switch for all my systems. I've had no problems on 3 different OSes. After upgrading to UU1.5, my mouse jumps all over the screen uncontrollably. This is on my HP tc4400 laptop. When I undock it, it works just fine with no problems. I only jumps around when it's docked and using the KVM. I have a second HP desktop with UU1.5 running through the same KVM and it has no issues.

Has anyone had a similiar issue?

Re: Mouse "Jumping" Issue after upgrading

PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2008 12:33 pm
by TexasMike
I had a similar problem on a Compaq 8-port "KVM" type switch. Had 5 systems connected: 2 SUN Enterprise systems (older 420R and 220R), 2 P4 systems with Ubuntu 7.10 and Redhat Enterprise 4.x, and 1 Core2Duo running Ultimate Edition 1.6 and XP (dual boot). My problem system was the Ultimate Edition 1.6 machine. Every time I switched to another system and returned to the Ultimate Edition 1.6 it was necessary to press a "reset" button on my switch to even get the mouse to move, then it jumped around opening menus and windows, etc... I tried connecting this system directly with a discreet Kb/Mouse/Monitor and every thing worked fine. But when reconnected to the switch, the problem was always there, even when moved to new cables and a different port - even one that was working fine with one of the other systems. I had hoped it was just an internal problem in the switch on that particular port and that a different port would correct it - no joy there. I must point out that this mouse was a USB Wireless mouse (logitech), and the USB "dongle" is located on the actual switch with an adapter to the PS2 mouse port. I did try connecting a "wired" mouse to the switch, but this made no difference at all.
I have a very similar configuration at home, with a 4-port KVM switch, and have never had this problem, there.
The only reliable solution, for me, was to disconnect the switch's mouse optput to the problem PC, and add another wireless mouse that is directly connected to the "problem" pc. Since this change, my mouse problems have disappeared. Now I have 2 wireless mice on my desk, but it's better than the "jumpy mouse" syndrome any day!!
Hope this gives some insight, even if it is not a "solution" you'd prefer....