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Printer installation

PostPosted: Fri Aug 01, 2014 4:53 pm
by Red Ryder
I am running 4.2 and cannot find the printers or even the place to install them. How do I find and install my printers? Thanks in advance for any help given.

Re: Printer installation

PostPosted: Sat Aug 02, 2014 9:21 pm
by Red Ryder
I am running Ultimate 4.2 and at this point I cannot find where to add my printers or how to get sound to work. I get a "print to file" message when I try to print something and when I use VLC to play my music, I get no sound at all. Even with YouTube and the net. I am trying to find a Linux platform that stays connected to the net, doesn't have stacktrace problems with Mono and that I can do all the other things we do with our systems, (play games, surf the web, Etc.)
Now my system: I run a MSI 970A-G43 motherboard in an Alienware case with 32gb RAM. Seagate 2tbHD,AMD Athlon II cpu, Radeon 1gb Video card, a HP officejet 4630 and Photosmart D110 printers web connected.
I have tried other flavors of Linux. Debian, Ubuntu, Mint17, Fedora, Vector, etc. and I have had problems with each. With most it was a problem with Mono and with the rest (like Mint) keep dropping the network. I run several OpenSim grids 24/7 and dropping the net is embarrassing when there are other guests on my grid and it goes down. This is the first flavor that stays up on the net and keeps my grids up. If someone can help me get my printers to work with this and also get my sound up so I can listen to my music, I will continue to use Ultimate 4.2.
On a side note if someone knows how to get VLC to stream my music to my grids, I would be eternally grateful.