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Mac Theme

The Ultimate Guide for the rest of us

Mac Theme

Postby nankura » Sun Mar 24, 2013 6:40 am

hey guys

I've been after for a long time a decent distro that offer's out of the box mac look alike theme's ( yes i understand this has been a topic of discussion for year's ), but ever since gnome 3 and unity, all the old mac theme scripts simply just dont work anymore

And alot of the Mac "look alike" distro's have alot of work to do. Pear OS, Elementary etc. have some pretty ground breaking bugs from my experience. but are great projects nonetheless

so im wondering if ultimate edition offers a mac theme
U.E. Newbie
U.E. Newbie
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Re: Mac Theme

Postby Micro » Sun Mar 24, 2013 5:27 pm

Why hello nancura :P You may like Cairo Dock mac theme or even other cairo-dock themes and you can make them "Ultimate" by editing its looks and default icons. ;)

If the repo isn't already enabled:
1. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cairo-dock-team/ppa
2. sudo apt-get update
3. sudo apt-get install cairo-dock

Cairo dock will get installed to your system. Now it has two versions

Cairo dock with OpenGL: For computers with higher RAM and processor speed and graphics drive enabled
Cairo dock with no OpenGL: For older computers

To enable the first one at start up, just go to Applications - System Tools - GLX Dock. Then at the Ubuntu sign, right click and choose Cairo Dock to click an option there to enable at start up. However, you can't enable the lighter dock with no OpenGL from there - you have to go to System - Preferences - Startup Applications. From there click on Add to type in the following:
Cairo Dock StartUp in Name Field
cairo-dock -c in Command Field

Hope this helps..
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Re: Mac Theme

Postby nankura » Sun Mar 24, 2013 6:34 pm

thankyou for taking the time to reply :3 i appreciate it

well getting the dock is fine. thats not my issue, my issue is actually getting a bar at the top of the screen that acts like the mac top bar. with finder on the left hand side, etc
U.E. Newbie
U.E. Newbie
Posts: 2
Joined: Sun Mar 24, 2013 6:36 am
Operating System: Other Linux

Re: Mac Theme

Postby pam » Sun Mar 24, 2013 10:56 pm

Ultimate Edition 3.5 has everthing in it to make it look like a Mac.
Ultimate Edition 3.4 lite is a lightweight version which is even more more stable, but does not have all the need to download only a few..
If you really want a Mac theme then experiment..there are 2 choices:
1> Install Macbuntu..
Its pretty old, BUT it works!! if it doesn't you can uninstall(im sure it wont cause problems)

2>try these links: ... ecise.html ... buntu.html

Ultimate Edition 3.4 lite x64 :downthere
what i installed:
sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator
sudo apt-get install cairo-clock

font used is bellota
Download Ultimate Edition and Oz Unity 3.0 from copy:-
Download Ultimate Edition from sourceforge:- ... rce=navbar
Download Oz Unity 3.0 from sourceforge:-
Download Ultimate Edition torrents from linuxtracker:- ... 0&active=1
Download Oz Unity 3.0 torrents from linuxtracker:- ... 0&active=1
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