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Can I install Ultimate Edition on my Older System?

The Ultimate Guide for the rest of us

Can I install Ultimate Edition on my Older System?

Postby starlight » Tue Sep 04, 2012 11:08 am

Hi Members,

I just joined today. I hope all are well.

Stay with me on this as it makes a turn. I am a long time computer user and have finally decided to get involved in the Linux community. My biggest hurdle is finding a GNU/Linux distro to install. I wanted to stay witha distro that is based in the USA. Thus I went to and they have a search engine with filters that allow you to input certain criteria and it searches for all available distros that match your request. Pretty cool but they say it's not 100% functional yet. But it does work. This is how I found Ultimate Edition. What I like right off the bat is the professional looking website, support and the step-by-step guidethey offer on how to check your iso image to make sure it's not corrupted using MD5SUM . I could not figure out how to check my iso image on my initial Ubuntu downloaded iso image and went thru many CD's with no luck. Hope this is easier.

Initially I was introduced to Ubuntu 12.04. I was amazed to finally see something other than Windows on a computer and attempted to install it. The install repeatedly failed resulting in a consistent error message that basically said, "Unrecoverable Error". I attempted to burn additional bootable CD's from the iso image but none worked. A friend gave me a bootable DVD that successfully installed Ubuntu on his system but it did not work on my system. Funny though.....the Ubuntu Live CD (try before you install) worked fine.

I have been a computer user since 1991 starting primarily with DOS and Windows 3.1 I am currently running three systems that utilize three different windows OS’s. They are:

1) Win2k
2) WinXP
3) Win7

My main system is the win2k computer that I personally constructed back in 2001. I would like to install a dual boot GNU/Linux distribution to this computer. I will leave windows 2000 untouched on the 1st hard drive set to "master" and install ultimate edition on the second hard drive set to "slave" (both on the same 80 wirev 40 pin cable. Why am I still running win2k? It works, it’s fast, and it accomplishes all the tasks I need it to do. Kind of like an old car that looks great and keeps going. That’s all. As the saying goes, “If it still works – use it”!

Sure XP and Win7 are available but I have so many of my personalized programs installed on win2k that switching over to a newer OS is something I never felt the need to do (at this point in time). I use Firefox an my main browser for years in addition MS bailed on IE6 (the last supported browser for win2k) which really upset and thus the move to explore linux.

My Win2k System Specs.:

-IWill DVD266 R Motherboard
-Two (2) Coppermine Pentium III CPU’s total 2 GHz
-1 gig DDR RAM Memory (max memory storage 4 gigs)
-CD-R, CD-RW Drive
-DVD-R, DVD RW Drive
-Floppy Drive
-2 USB Ports
-Matrox G-450 Dual-Screen Video Card (I don’t need to run two screens for a Linux distro)
-Onboard Audio and a separate M-Audio Delta 192 Audio Card installed for my Digital Audio Workstation aka DAW).
-2 hard drives on the same 80 wire ribbon cable
Hard Drive IDE Maxtor 40 gig HHD 0 or –as in linux-sda (jumper set to master)
Hard Drive EIDE Western Digital 80 gig HHD 1 or –as in linux-sdb(jumper set to slave)

Questions please:

Is Ultimate Edition based in the USA?

Can Ultimate Edition install successfully based on my system specs above?

Thank you
U.E. Newbie
U.E. Newbie
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