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1 Myth busters

PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 7:12 am
by LeadFingers
Ultimate Edition Myth-Busters

1) Any computer is wide open to Viruses & Spyware
No... Ultimate Edition is built differently than Windows,so viruses and spyware don't affect it the same way.
While Windows has over 2000 identified viruses, since Linux was first built only 5 have ever been detected. It is possible for a windows virus to creep-in while you are using Wine (Windows emulator) but it can't effect your core system. No you don't need to get a AntiVirus program to protect the programs you use with wine. Ultimate Edition has one that works in the background and uses almost no system resources

2) Since Ultimate Edition is a Linux OS (operating system) it runs slower than Windows.
No... Unless your computer is really loaded with a lot of programs running every time you start up, you will find Ultimate Edition runs much faster than Windows.

3) Someone told me I need to create another user account to keep from messing up my system.
No... By default Ultimate Edition creates a user account with permissions set up, so that you must use your root password (or Begin a terminal command with sudo) to make any changes to your system.

4) Ultimate Edition is harder to learn than Windows because of the use of the command line or terminal.
No... Ultimate Edition has a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for nearly every function or program.
The most difficult part of using Linux is finding which programs take the place of your old windows applications

5) Ultimate Edition is harder to install than windows because it doesn't have any Wizards
No... Ultimate Edition automates every step of the installation, all you have to do is answer a few questions.

6) After I install Ultimate Edition I'm going to have a hard time finding & installing Flash and Adobe.
No... The first window after the install, a wizard pops up and asks if you want to install drivers, Flash, and Adobe. All you have to do is get on the net and answer yes.
**Note** It is best not to install your drivers at the same time.
The creator of Ultimate Edition, TheeMahn, has made a Upgrade Icon (on your desktop), if you install drivers before you do the Upgrade you will have to do them over again.

7) Ultimate Edition is an inferior OS because it's free.
No... Ultimate Edition is built with Linux, and Linux was and is developed by more software programmers than Microsoft could ever dream of. Each developer has access to all the source code, can modify any program any way they see fit and is working on the project because they want to.

8) Because Ultimate Edition doesn't have service patches or a phone # to call, it has worse support than Windows
No... Most issues can be resolved the same day, either with a "Bug Patch", Wiki, Docs, or support from online forums. Rather than release service patches, Ultimate Edition releases a whole new OS

9) Ultimate Edition is crippled, because it only has a limited number of programs.
No... With very few exceptions, for every windows program, there are a number of linux programs that do the same thing, many working better than their Windows counterpart, (With very few exceptions, the best of the best are preinstalled) and many windows programs work well in Ultimate Edition, using the windows Emulator (Wine).

10) You just can't game in Linux.
Not true... Because of the vast number of users, Windows is still the Gaming King,
But more games are being added to the linux list, and more games are running respectable FPS under Wine. Games List ***********************************************************

11) Since Ultimate Edition is Linux, it's hard to install Applications or games
No... Chances are pretty good what you are looking for is just a few mouse clicks and a cup of coffee away. Ultimate Edition comes with several programs that automate looking for programs, downloading, installing, and updating.

12) I saw Linux one time, it's just so plain it look worse than my Mama's computer!
No... This is one area where Ultimate Edition is truly the king!
With custom apps, 3D effects, custom themes, and a ton of plug-ins, all fully customizable,
your limited only by your imagination and the time you are willing to put into it.
The standard out of the box install has more eye-candy than any other OS.

13) If I switch to Ultimate Edition I will have to give up Bluetooth & Wifi.
No... While it's best to research compatibly before buying, Ultimate Edition supports most Bluetooth & Wifi out of the box.

14) I was told Linux doesn't have any good web-tools, I want to do more than browse.
No... you don't have to settle for a crippled Internet experience.
Ultimate Edition has nearly every web tool you can think of, already installed.