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2 Things to Consider

The Ultimate Guide for the rest of us

2 Things to Consider

Postby LeadFingers » Thu Apr 03, 2008 7:10 am

1) Windows has a 2Gb limit on downloads. Use a download manager, many are free.
In windows, my favorite was Go!Zilla. In Ultimate Edition I use Downloader for X.

2) If you use a dial-up, try to download from a torrent.
You wont see any decrease in speed and your chances of getting interrupted are much less.

3) When downloading a large Linux file, copy the MD5sum to a file, so you can verify
that your download isn't corrupted. ALWAYS MD5SUM CHECK BEFORE BURNING.
For a how-to

4) Always burn DVDs at 4x or slower. your chance of burning a coaster is MUCH less.

5) Google should now be your best friend & first resource.
For all things Linux, Google is the all seeing Oracle. Use it before you ask for help and save yourself some time.

6) Every forum has a search button, ours is no exception.
Unlike windows, in the Linux world everything is documented and easily searchable,
More often than not someone else has had the same problem and found a solution already.
Using the search function can often find you the answer in minutes, not hours or days.

7) With over 4,000,000 registered users, the main Ubuntu forums are a wealth of information.
Want to know about compatibility, configuring that monster software that has you all twisted up,
or what Linux software takes the place of my old windows (insert favorite application name here) software? Chances are real good their search button find it for you.

8) So you have a favorite Windows app but haven't yet found a suitable Linux replacement.
Before the pet kicking festivities begin, you have a few alternatives.

9) One of the strong-points of Linux is the ability to configure nearly anything.
The next best thing to rewriting the code yourself, is plugins & addons.
Most major applications have a variety available, googling "app name addons" will normally find them for you.

10) You don't need to be a Linux Guru to install apps & plugins.
The most complete instillation tool with a GUI is Synaptic. See Synaptic Guide
The easiest, with a smaller number of items, also with a GUI is Add/Remove...
Best for installing Codecs, with even less items, is Automatix
for those higher up on the learning curve, a command line tool, Apt. See Apt Guide
Often a package (app) is available in a .deb which is self installing with a double click.

11) While Ultimate Edition supports nearly all hardware, most out of the box, there are still a few that absolutely will not work in any linux OS. before buying that new must have item, do a little research to see if it fits in the Naughty or Nice category. While no one likes to return Tech-Toys
It's even worse, doing so after spending to many hours trying to get it to work.

12) although it's difficult to mess-up Ultimate Edition, it is possible (usually this requires real work)
but should not cause panic. One of the shining points of Linux is the ability to fix nearly anything. Do a little research and if that gets you no where, ask for help. Reinstalling should not be your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd option. In the end, the fix is usually something fairly easy.

12a.) Addition via TheeMahn Install Ultimate Edition, at the same time browse the internet, watch tv, listen to music, etc, as it installs... Try that one next time you install windows.

13) Backup your data often. Need I say why?
Ultimate Edition has good back-up tools. If you need something different it's probably listed in synaptic.
Some can be configured to automatically back-up what you want, when you want, to where you want.
See the back-up guide

14) Linux can read & write windows much better than Windows can read Linux, forget about write. Need to play with a NTFS drive, or removable drive? Ultimate Edition has the tools, no need to format and loose all your data. See the external drives & NTFS guide (coming soon)******************************

15) If you need to duel-boot, it's generally best to install Linux last.
Grub (GRand Unified Bootloader) does a fine job of booting to either system.
If you installed windows last or somehow botched Grub, you don't need to go shopping for a really big hammer. SuperGrub will quickly & easily fix a broken Grub. See the SuperGrub Guide

16) This isn't your Mama's computer. You don't need to plug into a windows box anymore just to load your iPod, watch a movie, or listen to music. (in any format)
Ultimate Edition again lives up to it's name by installing some of the finest apps available for all your media needs
See the All things Music & Video Guide

17) So you think you're a musician.
While Linux hasn't quite reached the standard set by Cubase & Nuendo or Cakewalk, you will be surprised at the quantity & quality of Linux Studio Tools. Many names you will probably be familiar with. A little research to find which ones are for you, and once again Synaptic will have most of them listed.
1st Box: Ultimate Edition 2.0 x64/ 1.8 x64
2nd Box: XP (dusty)
3rd Box: Stable Media box Ultimate Edition 1.8 x64 with XBMC

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