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7 Which ATI driver do I use

The Ultimate Guide for the rest of us

7 Which ATI driver do I use

Postby LeadFingers » Thu Apr 03, 2008 6:43 am

In an E-Mail from the creator of Envy, Alberto Milone had this to say
ATI Workstation Product Support, ATI Mobilityâ„¢ and Integrated Product
Family Support, ATI Desktop and Integrated Product Family Support
include all the cards which are supported by the latest driver.

As the website explains, "Software driver support for ATI FireGLâ„¢,
Integrated, Mobilityâ„¢ and Desktop products prior to the Radeonâ„¢ 9500" is
only available in the old driver which no longer works on modern
systems, therefore the owners of such cards will have to use the open
source driver "ati".

Version 8.40.4 (which doesn't work with the Composite Extension) should
be used only if there are regressions in driver 8-3 (which is more

Furthermore version 8.40.4 of the ATI driver is not available in


I can only presume from his statement, (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong)
That unlike Nvidia, Ati doesn't have three distinct ranges of Video cards
that each match-up to a specific driver.
It would appear, If you have one of the cards listed below

Your first driver choice should be
Version 8.3 (Which is the newest)

Your second driver choice should be
Version 8.28.8

Your Last driver choice should be
Version 8.40.4
(because this driver doesn't work with the Composite Extension it should only be used as a last resort)

If your card is not on the list below
The only driver available is the generic driver provided in the default instillation.
(listed in xorg as Ati)
Sadly enough this legacy driver will not provide you with any video acceleration for 3D effects.

_______________________ATI Workstation Product Support______________________

Mobilityâ„¢ FireGLâ„¢ T2
Mobilityâ„¢ FireGLâ„¢ V5000
FireMVâ„¢ 2200 (Single card PCI-e configuration)
FireGLâ„¢ X1-256p
FireGLâ„¢ X1-128
FireGLâ„¢ T2-128
FireGLâ„¢ Z1-128
FireGLâ„¢ X2-256
FireGLâ„¢ X3
FireGLâ„¢ X3-256
FireGLâ„¢ V3100
FireGLâ„¢ V3200
FireGLâ„¢ V3300
FireGLâ„¢ V3400
FireGLâ„¢ V3600
FireGLâ„¢ V5000
FireGLâ„¢ V5100
FireGLâ„¢ V5200
FireGLâ„¢ V5600
FireGLâ„¢ V7100
FireGLâ„¢ V7200
FireGLâ„¢ V7300
FireGLâ„¢ V7350
FireGLâ„¢ V7600
FireGLâ„¢ V8600
FireGLâ„¢ V8650

______________ATI Mobilityâ„¢ and Integrated Product Family Support_______________

Mobilityâ„¢ Radeonâ„¢ 9500
Mobilityâ„¢ Radeonâ„¢ 9550
Mobilityâ„¢ Radeonâ„¢ 9600
Mobilityâ„¢ Radeonâ„¢ 9800
Mobilityâ„¢ Radeonâ„¢ Xpress 200 series
Mobilityâ„¢ Radeonâ„¢ Xpress 1100 series
Mobilityâ„¢ Radeonâ„¢ Xpress 1200 series
Mobilityâ„¢ Radeonâ„¢ X200
Mobilityâ„¢ Radeonâ„¢ X300
Mobilityâ„¢ Radeonâ„¢ X700
Mobilityâ„¢ Radeonâ„¢ X800
Mobilityâ„¢ Radeonâ„¢ X1100
Mobilityâ„¢ Radeonâ„¢ X1200
Mobilityâ„¢ Radeonâ„¢ X1300
Mobilityâ„¢ Radeonâ„¢ X1400
Mobilityâ„¢ Radeonâ„¢ X1600
Mobilityâ„¢ Radeonâ„¢ X1800

__________ATI Desktop and Integrated Product Family Support_______________

Radeonâ„¢ 9500 series
Radeonâ„¢ 9550 series
Radeonâ„¢ 9600 series
Radeonâ„¢ 9700 series
Radeonâ„¢ 9800 series
Radeonâ„¢ Xpress 200 series
Radeonâ„¢ Xpress 1100 series
Radeonâ„¢ Xpress1200 series
Radeonâ„¢ X550/X300 series
Radeonâ„¢ X600 series
Radeonâ„¢ X700 series
Radeonâ„¢ X800 series
Radeonâ„¢ X850 series
Radeonâ„¢ X1300 series
Radeonâ„¢ X1600 series
Radeonâ„¢ X1800 series
Radeonâ„¢ X1900 series
Radeonâ„¢ HD 2600 series
Radeonâ„¢ HD 2900 series
Radeonâ„¢ HD 2400 series

All-In-Wonderâ„¢ variants based on the above are also supported. Video capture however is not supported.

Software driver support for ATI FireGLâ„¢, Integrated, Mobilityâ„¢ and Desktop products prior to the Radeonâ„¢ 9500 is available from
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