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Tip for users of the site

PostPosted: Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:32 am
by Admin-Amir
Tip for users of the site.

When there is a feeling of heaviness in the system,
And not because of activation or 3D affects.
but with your normal activities with the system.
you are all Advice to check updates to the system.
First with the Update Manager, and then with Synaptic.
My Advice to you all that you start the computer,
Updates every Day at the beginning of work with computer.
In such a way you will save yourself extra tests on the subject.
And the system work better.
If you will work in this way the system will always be update.
You will receive updated, updated security and software update.
From what I can see on the Forums,
that is to be the first thing that user have to look first.

Thank you.
good luck.